Test - Whether you have a goblin in your house?

    Brownies - are often a good spirits, who live with you to protect your home. Such creatures basically cannot live alone, by themselves, so for a long time  coexist with people, defending their home, protecting tenants from harm and evil creatures and bad spirits.



    However, sometimes it happens that the goblin leave or playing tricks, or not showing themselves at all. How to determine why the housekeeper behaving this way or if it is still in your house? Looking answers for such issues? Then this test – “whether you have the brownie in your house” will help to answer these questions.

    Here are 10 different questions that you need to answer at first. After looking through the each question right down the one of the three letters: a, b or c, that corresponds to your answer. Lets’ start!



Question 1 of 10

    Do you believe in the existence of brownies, goblin or other mystical creatures?

    a) I think this is fiction

    b) Perhaps it's true

    c) Yes I believe in their existence

Question 2 of 10

    Do you often make order in the house?

    a) Rarely

    b) Occasionally

    c) I always have order


Question 3 of 10

    Are you a spender?

    a) Yes. I often spend money for nothing important

    b) Sometimes there are reckless spending

    c) No, I try not to throw money down the drain

Question 4 of 10

    Have your family members ever saw prophetic dreams?

    a) Never

    b) Rarely

    c) Sometimes the dreams are prophetic



Question 5 of 10

    Have you ever noticed the loss of some small items or goodies - for example, cutlery, watches or jewelry?

    a) If only I forgot where I have put

    b) Sometimes it is, but they are quickly coming back there where they usually lie

    c) Disappear, and then appear in unexpected places

Question 6 of 10

    Do you wake up at night because of the strange sounds, especially in the kitchen?

    a) No, just because of the noisy neighbors that are behind the wall

    b) Rarely, but sometimes it happens

    c) Yes, I cannot understand the real nature of these sounds



Question 7 of 10

    Do you have from time to time difficulties with breathing in the night?

    a) Often

    b) Sometimes

    c) No

Question 8 of 10

    Were there in your house fire, flood or burglary?

    a) Yes, disasters happens all the time

    b) Once

    c) Never



Question 9 of 10

    Are your pets and small children scared for no reason, looking or pointing at nothing?

    a) Rarely

    b) Sometimes

    c) Often

Question 10 of 10

    Is it happens that in the morning you cannot brush your hair, because they are very tangled?

    a) No

    b) Rarely

    c) It happens from time to time.

    Once you have answered all the questions about goblin, calculate how much you have the answers to each of the three letters.



    If you have answered mostly “a”

    Happy and Playful Brownie

    Your brownie is quite cheerful and active little friend, so he makes jokes, makes noise, and also produces all kinds of strange sounds and behave himself very naughty. This brownie is rather very young goblin that wants you to play with him and to draw attention to him, to make the owner of the house notice him. By the way, it may be that in your house lives a family of brownies. Children of brownies especially love to be naughty:  tangling your hair in the night, hiding things from the owners, knocking the dishes in the night in the kitchen.

    To cope with bullies you just need to give them something more interesting. You can leave at night candies and various colorful gifts: beads, buttons, candies, wrappers, toys. You don’t have to strongly criticize such goblins because they might be offended. Also, loud sounds can mean that the brownie asks you to make order in the house or to make some repairs.



    If you have answered mostly “b”

   Calm Brownie

    In your home lives a rather very quiet housekeeper - perhaps he is no longer young and he is very experienced. He shows himself only occasionally, very rare, trying not to bother you. Goblin such as yours is your hidden service and help so you should be as much grateful to him for that as you can.

    Always maintain and keep order in your house, do not waste your money for nothing, do not quarrel with your close people, respect the good spirit of your house, and then brownie will always protect your house from all the kinds of adversity. Talk to brownie respectful and always say “thank you” coming back or leaving the house, greet and say goodbye to him. Do not forget to please his “grandfather” taste and treat him with a small goodies or gifts.



    If you have answered mostly “c”

    Forgotten Brownie

    You forgot about your brownie. In such cases, the goblins are offended and they even can leave the house. To check what is actually entailed such behavior is necessary at night to leave on the table a piece of bread, cookies and a glass of milk. This will help to ask the brownie about coming back. Do not ask your brownie immediately about coming back or about protection of the house. Give him time to understand that owners remember about him.

    Brownies do not like too generous people who are not able saving money. Also brownies, especially the forgotten goblin doesn’t like sloppy owners who have dirt and mess in the house all the time. In this case, brownies leave this house and look for another house and the owners that keep the house clean. If your house is being unprotected, it is worth waiting for a disaster, fire, flood, theft.

    To restore protection ask your brownie to come back and be a defender of your home. Do not forget to treat your housekeeper.



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