Goddesses of Olympus

    They are the most beautiful, fabulous, mighty, and sometimes menacing daughters of the Olympus and are wives of most powerful Gods of myths and legends - Goddesses of Olympus.

Gera - the patroness of a home and family life



    Gera, wife of Zeus, is the mother of all the goddesses, because she represents the image of the mother and a wise woman. In order, to marry Zeus, the supreme God of Olympus, Gera compels Zeus to fall in love with her, but denies him in intimate connection until he swears in his love for her, and not takes her as his wife. That's why Gera is considered the patroness of family life and a home, as she represents the female life wisdom.



    Despite the fact that Zeus gave an oath, and took her as wife, the goddess could not keep Zeus, away from adultery. This way, very quickly, the main job for her, in their family life, became revenge to Zeus's mistresses and to his illegitimately born children. Among illegally born children of Zeus is the Goddess of wisdom and war - Athena, as well as a brave warrior Hercules.

    Hera is coming on help to avenge for the abandoned wives who suffer from hatred to their husbands.



    Son of Gera and Zeus – is a God of war Ares. Zeus hates Ares for his constant desire to kill and what he brings discord and quarrels on Olympus, but he is been loved by his mother and was getting all her favor and assistance. In turn, Hephaestus - God of crafts, husband of Aphrodite - the Goddess of love and beauty, hates his mother for what she when Hephaestus was still an infant threw him from Olympus because he was born with a deformity and deviation.



    According to the legend, because of her desire to become the one of the supreme Goddesses of Olympus and a wife to Zeus, Gera has received the worse punishment - the infidelity of her husband and hatred her children.

    Aphrodite – unearthly beauty and love



    Aphrodite - is the beautiful creation of the last of the mighty Titans - Uranus. According to legend, the blood of Uranus had mixed with sea foam, and then out of her came an amazing, incredible beautiful and sexy young woman of.

    Gera hating Aphrodite for her beauty and for Zeus's propitiousness to her, is forcing her by cheating marry with a strong, brave and courageous, but with not a very handsome Hephaestus.



    However, between her and Hephaestus were friendly relations, so most of the time, Hephaestus was spending in his workshop and Aphrodite has traveled around the world, sharing with the people and gods her grace and love.

    The most famous lover of the windy beauty Aphrodite was Adonis - a beautiful body and spirit hunter, in which Aphrodite falls in love so much that after his tragic death because of the boar's tusks, she rushed down from the Lydian rock.

    Despite the friendship, Hephaestus is jealous his beautiful wife, so one day he forges the chain.



    Aphrodite - the goddess of love and the madness. She is, despite her young appearance, is the one of the first goddesses of Olympus, so Gera - the supreme Goddess of Olympus, is often turning for help to her (especially in those cases when Zeus's hearth with love to his wife begins to fade). Also, Aphrodite is considered to be the goddess of fertility, and also the one of the sea goddesses.

    Favorite son of Aphrodite – is Eros (Cupid), the God of carnal love, always accompanied by his mother.

Athena - warrior of ancient Greece



    She is the daughter of Zeus and his first wife, Metis, the goddess of wisdom, who, according to the prediction of Uranus, was to give birth to a son, and he in turn soon overthrows his father Zeus. Upon learning of the pregnancy of the couple, Zeus swallowed her whole, but soon felt a wild pain in the head. Fortunately, on Olympus at that time was the god Hephaestus, who, at the request of the royal father hit him on the sick part of the body with his hammer, and has opened his skull. From the head of Zeus, came out a woman in a full battle garb, who connected the wisdom of her mother and father's talents, becoming the first god of war in ancient Greece.



    Later, another god was born to wave the sword - Ares, and he tried to assert their rights, but the daughter of Zeus, in numerous battles has forced her brother to respect themselves, to prove to him, that the madness is not enough for fighting to win.

    The name of the city of Athens is dedicated to Athena, which she had seized from the legendary Poseidon, in a dispute over Attica. It was Athena who gave the Athenians a priceless gift - the olive tree.



    Athena – is the first commander of Olympus. During the war with the Giants, the warrior of ancient Greece - Athena has fought on par with Hercules, as long as she hasn't understood what the gods have won.

Then Athena has retreated to Olympus and was holding back a horde of giants, brought on the field of battle the head of Medusa, whose gaze had turned the surviving warriors into a stone, to be exact - into the mountains.



    Athena - is a goddess of wisdom and war. The second name of Athena - Pallas, which was given to her in honor of her sister's breast, which was lost due to an oversight while another girl Athena – she by herself unwillingly, accidentally has killed her girlfriend.

    She is an eternal virgin and rarely comes into a conflict (not counting those in which her father is involved).


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