Halloween Candies

    It’s October now and it means that scary and cheerful holiday is coming! From day to day it’s closer and closer.

    To create a festive atmosphere is necessary not only to decorate the house with pumpkin but to prepare presents, candies and dishes for fest table. And everything must be in particular style.

    One of the most important parts of Halloween is candies! Actually, we cannot imagine any holiday without sweets. But on Halloween they play special role because this evening it’s the main object of kid’s hunting for sweets. Statistic says that more than 2 billion dollars people spend on candies.

    This evening kids come from house to house and ask for sweets by telling magical phrase “trick-or-treat!”. And adults must be generous for sweets.


    Trick-or-treating is one of the Halloween’s traditions in many English-speaking countries.

    At the end of the 20th century, parties for children and adults on Halloween has become very popular. They were held with costumes, games and treats with seasonal foods that were served in every home. By the 1950s, Halloween became positioned as the only children's festival. Trick-or-treating  was encouraged to share this holiday with children - in the hope that the children will not misbehave when grab the goodies and small gifts. For many years, children were given a variety of gifts and goodies. Hosts can treat guests with different delicious things like biscuits, chocolates, cake, homemade baking. The main condition is that it must be tasty. But by far the most popular treat are sweets - children are waiting for them the most.

orange cupcakes

    That’s great when you are a child and for happy celebration you need just to wear a costume and go for candy hunting. For adults it’s a great opportunity to come back into childhood and to go for trick-or-treating too. Also they can to organize a horror party for friends.

    Even if you are not going to celebrate it and want to spend this day in family circle, you should be ready to welcome guests.

    For this you need CANDIES!

    So what should you prepare for kids?

    Firstly, it’s chocolate. Kids adore chocolate. It can be KitKat, Aero, Snickers, Milky Way, Twix, chocolate coins, etc.

 chocolate coins

    Candy corn cooked from sugar and corn syrup. It is also one of the most popular Halloween sweet.

candy corn

    Chewy sweets. That’s a great idea special for Halloween because confectionery factories make chewy sweets with special shapes – bat, pumpkin, teeth, parts of the body, gummy bears, pumpkins, worms, etc. Children will be delighted by this.


    Snacks like Skittles, M&M’s, Nerds, etc.

    Lollipops are also a brilliant idea because unlike chocolates and sweets they do not melt and you can store it for a long time. So they will remind you about Halloween after a week or even month.


    Bubble gum. Children are very fond of chewing gum, so it will be a great addition to sweets. Furthermore, adults do not often allow kids to chew bubblegum and Halloween is a good opportunity to violate this prohibition a little;)

    Biscuits. It’s not necessary to say anything because biscuits are sweet, tasty and have funny shapes. What do you need more for Halloween?


    Tasty homemade Halloween baking is not worse than sweets. Its main advantage is that you can use your fantasy and decorate it according to your taste. And it doesn’t need high culinary skills. Many recipes are very easy to prepare.

    For example, candy apple.

    Traditionally, celebration of Halloween coincides with the period of apple harvest. Therefore, a variety of apple dishes on the table are very relevant. If you add food coloring into caramel, you can create unique dish.

    Cupcakes. Children adore these small muffins with cream and no one will refuse these treats.

    Chocolate silhouettes of cats, large and small spiders, bats, skulls and skeletons are ideally suited as decor.


    Are your guests thirsty? Make some beverages. Beverages should have weird and unusual color. It should looks like a witch’s potion. Inside you can add some frightening decoration.

    Some can say “too much sweet for one day”. And he will be right. Actually, the main aim of this evening – to take as much candies as you can. But too much sugar is bad for health and some people who have problems with health or with excess weigh just can’t to enjoy this holiday for 100 %.

    But even Halloween candies can be healthy. For example, you can replace sweets with fruits and other products. Correct decoration and your Halloween will be saved.

    Fruits and citrus fruits can make a worthy replacement for sweets. They can also be decorated in interesting way. Bananas, oranges, mandarins, apples, pears, kiwi, strawberry, etc.


    Some of them you can bake in the oven or to cook with chocolate.


    Some people also buy some small toys, temporary tattoos, pens, pencils, etc. Children like it very much.

    Crockery for treats play important role. Kids usually take special bags or backets. And you can make crockery for sweets and other small Halloween presents by yourself. Take the orange bowl or small bucket, black adhesive tape or dark paper and glue. Cut out the funny faces or silhouettes and stick them on the crocket.

    If you decide to go for trick-or treating, you should remember one unspoken rule: do not ring the doorbell if the house is not decorated and the light is not lit on the porch. It means that people do not celebrate Halloween due to certain reasons.

    At what age should children stop trick-or-treating? There are a lot of debates. Some people prefer to stop at the age of 18, some – at 20, and some prefer not to stop it at all. Seems to be there is no definitive answer. Every person should to decide it by himself and not to judge people who think differently.

    Happy sweet Halloween!


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