Halloween Costumes

    October 31 do not surprise when little Casper or Spiderman knock on your door. Bravely open the door and welcome guests. Because that’s Halloween!!!

    October 31 the streets filled with monsters, witches and other fantastic characters. If you want to join the celebration, you need to prepare thoroughly.

    The tradition to dress on this day was born in medieval England. It was believed that souls of dead people return to their houses and with them evil spirits visit this houses too. Therefore, in order to scare evil spirits away, people wore costumes of witches, demons and the undead. Time passed, and the holiday has evolved from a ceremony in comic entertainment for children. Tradition to dress costumes remained.

    People often hold themed parties that day. Often, they are preparing for this day more carefully than children. Night clubs annually arrange a special program for Halloween, and the guests try to match the theme.

    When will you have an opportunity to become a fairy character and not to look foolish?

    Of course, the main elements of the image are clothes. In internet and shops you can find a big variety of costumes at affordable prices. You can also rent it for one night. But if you have skills and imagination, you can make it by your hands. In this case you spend not much money and it will stay a good memory for you in future.

    Every year in the world of costumes for Halloween there are new trends appear. But some of the images have already become a sort of classic. The skeletons, mummies, ghosts are still relevant, but gender differences still play a key role.

    Scary images - the main condition for the party, but the girls often prefer to wear beautiful clothes that accentuate their figure and beauty, but also comply with the dress code. Also girls like to wear frank dresses that they will never wear in usual life.

    So, in general we can propose such popular images.

    Dolls. Here you can unleash the imagination, because there are a lot of dolls in the world and you can choose to your taste. For example, it can be popular beauty Barbie. Also you can try on the image of the porcelain doll, ragdoll or broken doll.




   Corpse Bride. As you understand we are talking about a cartoon character "Corpse Bride". It’s very easy to make this costume. You will need any white dress. It would be great to take long dress. Second important detail – veil.



    Catwoman. This image has many variations. Also it’s the simplest image for Halloween – black tight pants, black top, ears and makeup and your character is ready.




    Witch. Withes can be evil and good. You can dress up like an old scary witch or like a pale pretty witch. Depends on your mood.



    Vampire. Oddly enough, but the images of girls vampires can also be different. For example, vampires from the movie “Van Helsing”.



    May be you like more Salma Hayek vampire character from the movie “From Dusk Till Dawn”, or the image of Olga Kurylenko vampire from “Paris, je t'aime”.




    Maid, stewardess or bloody nurse.



    Playboy Rabbit.



    Black or White Angel.



    It would be interesting to wear men’s suite too.

    For guys, classic examples are:

    Cowboy. Perhaps, the most widespread image because you can do it easily by yourself. For this you need wide-brimmed cowboy hat, pants, shirt and boots.






    Angry clown. Do you remember Stephen King’s character? We are sure that this clown is not the only one clown that makes you crazy of fear.



    Freddy Krueger.



    Vampire. Vampire theme was always very popular. The image of Count Dracula, is perhaps the most famous and demanded. After the release of the movie Twilight the vampire theme has a new wave of popularity. But now black mantle and fangs faded into the background. Now the image of the vampire is associated with a pale face, crazy cold eyes and a kind of unusual hairdo.




    Also there are popular images of favorite characters from movies or cartoons: zombies, Joker, the characters from the Addams Family, Superman, Spiderman, Flash, Arrow, Han Solo, Princess Leia and Chewbacca, Edward Scissorhands, Frankenstein.



    Also, very often people imitate the images of their favorite celebrities like Lady Gaga, Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe, etc.



    If you go to a party together, a great option will be to dress in the same style. For example, a nurse and a doctor, Alice and the Mad Hatter, Red Riding Hood and the Wolf, smurfs, etc.



    Bright addition will be a horrible make-up. Professionals can make it with the help of aqua paint. But you easily can make it at home with the help of your cosmetics.




    For children you can make an image of kitten, tiger, vampire.




    Besides make-up fashionable women can also make a Halloween nail art.




    Masks will also help you too create an interesting image. Even without costume you will have a great look. But be ready to buy it in advance because there will be many buyers before holiday who will want to buy the best mask. In the result you will have to choose from the remaining goods.



    Bright accessories will help you to finish your costume. It can be gloves, hats, colorful wigs, ears, jewelry, handbags, horns, wings, diadem, tights, stockings, etc.

    If you want to impress everyone with your charming glance, try contact lenses. The lenses can transmit a specific color or even pattern.



    Gadgets convey the individuality of its owner, so you can "dress up" and your smartphone too in a festive case. This will bring the diversity in everyday life, so do not worry that you are wasting your money.




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