Wonderful stories of healing

    How often people are faced with serious illness, they find themselves on the brink of life and death. Some of them are strong enough, to fight till the end, some of them are being saved by the friends and relatives, and some are falling into despair and just give up.

    When medicine becomes powerless, even non-religious people rely only on a Higher Power, are praying for healing, promising to be a better, kinder, more compassionate.

    Doctors themselves cannot explain how it happens, but miracles happen on their watch. Physicians, who are guided by the knowledge and scientific facts, in such cases, can only shrug and accept that it is simply inexplicable.

    We have decided to introduce our readers with incredible stories about healing that have bypassed news feeds around the world, to convince all those who have to struggle for their own health or disease of close friends that it is not necessary ever to give up.

The first story: a father's love

    A British boy practically had been resurrected just a few minutes before he was disconnected from the machine. Stephen Thorpe got in a terrible accident, and the chances for life were almost zero.

    He was entered into an artificial coma and after a while the doctors pronounced that his brain is dead. But his father did not believe that his son is dead and did not want to give up. He has invited another independent expert. Julie Piper has investigated teenager for a few minutes before going to disable the device. And suddenly spotted subtle brain waves and has demanded that doctors tried to bring out a young man from an artificial coma. And miraculously the boy woke up. Now he has regained his health, graduated from college and works as an accountant.

The second story: the self-healing

    In 2008, Megan Kershaw was diagnosed a rare form of liver cancer, which led to the fact that the girl lost consciousness at the school. The surgery lasted nine hours and the doctors were able to remove three quarters of the tumor, but it was found out that the cancer had moved onto the spine. This caused a huge damage, and for years the girl was confined to a wheelchair.

    At that moment Professor Nick Bishop, from the Children's Hospital in Sheffield, UK suggested that the spine is needed time to recover from the effects of liver cancer...by itself. While many doctors would argue that it is such a questionable procedure, it gave amazing results. Currently, Megan is completely healthy, and its rate of recovery has surprised doctors.

    "Recovery speed is actually fantastic, it shows us the ability to recover of children's bones into such situations - says Professor Bishop. Megan's spine heals itself without any special treatment from us. Today the girl is enjoying with all those classes that she loved before her illness. These are horseback riding, dancing, skiing and roller coaster. What a miracle healing!

The third story: mother's faith

    Cancer - is a terrible disease of our age, which is causing a lot of people's deaths, but examples of miraculous healing are encouraging. Mother and 4 year old daughter cured of cancer together.

    When a little girl Eve was 8 months old, she was diagnosed - a cancer. When her mom Jill Duckworth has found out about it, she did her best to help her daughter survive. But after a while she has felt bad and went to the doctor. There it was waited another blow of fate, she also was diagnosed - a cancer. The only thing she could think about - is that she has to live, to take care of her baby Eve.

    Together they began to walk on all the procedures, and experienced all the difficulties of the disease by supporting each other. The little daughter was her mom's biggest support in the world. Together they went through hell ... but the disease has receded, apparently it wasn't expecting such a strong resistance.

    It is a miracle which confirms that sometimes the power of desire and love of life can conquer all!

The fourth story: magical touch

    Sometimes people get a miracle, such as a priest, who has put a disabled on his feet by miracle touch. In her 25 years, Maya Joseph had stopped going because of the curvature of the spine and the doctors said that she is unlikely to ever be able to walk. She spent in a wheelchair 10 years, so that was a surprise for her family and friends when she suddenly got up and went.

    This miracle healing happened during the service of the local church, when the priest in prayer put her head into his hands. He did not expect that this will happen, because he spent just a normal service.

The fifth story: dolphin savior

    There are situations when people and animals help in the fight with terrible diseases. Girl Yana - a long-awaited child in the family, but she was born prematurely and after six months had received the terrible diagnosis: blindness and cerebral palsy. Parents have tried various treatments, visited many clinics and they had been appealed to the different doctors looking for a healing, but they all shrugged their shoulders and have said that it is impossible to cure. But once, her parents were advised a dolphin therapy, and without hesitation, they had moved with their daughter to Yevpatoriya. According to the parents, they had been led by fortune, because the dolphin's name was Ian.

    But the miracles just began for this family. When the girl was put into the water, she took the dolphin over fins. On the third day after the game, and Ian's treatment the girl took two steps. Herself!  A few months later, Yana's parents and the ophthalmologists were shocked - the girl first described pictures of the table. Now her vision improved from zero to -7!


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