Top 16 most bizarre heroic acts in the history of mankind, which do not leave anyone indifferent

    If you had ever fell in love, then you know that love can be just as dangerous as heroin or alcohol dependence. Here you behave perfectly normal, but in the next moment - wham! - And you're jumping on the couch of Oprah as a stoned kid who just found out about Pop Rocks (candy, effervescent in the mouth). But no matter how much you may love or hate another person, you will likely never cross the line that separates the insanely romantic and heroic deeds of insane patients. This cannot be said about these 16 people.

    People often make the really crazy things. Some do it because of their inherent courage, the others - under the influence of alcohol, and the actions of the third ones do not have reasonable explanations. In our review of 16 cases, when people in a variety of situations behave unexpectedly: some heroic, some ridiculous and some of them have become hostages of the situation.

1. Yellow Snow

    The driver Richard Kral was hit in a snowdrift during an avalanche. The method to attract attention he chose was rather unusual. Richard drank 30 liters of beer and was writing on the snow, as long as it is not became a huge inscription painted yellow "Never eat yellow snow!”, and was discernible even from helicopters. Rescuers found him drunk on a mountain trail in 4 days.

2. The Ripper

    Vance Florence was resting on the beach in Florida with his nephew, when an 8-year-old boy was attacked by a shark, which bit off his hand. Vance came into such a rage that threw the shark out of the water and beat her to death, taking the boy's hand from the throat of a predator. Doctors were able to sew the arm of a boy back.

3. The Steadfast tin peddler

    Josh Lewis, a pizza deliveryman, demonstrated a phenomenal and heroic commitment to their work. During the next delivery he was stopped by robbers, which grabbed a scooter, and had stabbed Josh. But the peddler on his two, bleeding, executed the order, the pizza at halfway. Only after that he went to the hospital.

4. Starved tourist

    Chinese named Poon Lim was able to survive for 133 days on a life raft in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. He even managed to kill the shark using a drinking water tank, which was provided in the raft.

5. Surgeon

    Australian Withrow cut himself by a chainsaw. But he sewed up his wounds, drank a bottle of gin, and sat behind the wheel to get to the hospital. As a result, he was stopped by police and fined for drunk driving.

6. The power of the stereotype

    Apparently, having re-read of medieval romance and pseudo-fiction, the legendary Jack Churchill fought in the Second World War, using only the long sword and bow.

7. Possible damage

    Michael Moylan's wife from Florida tried to kill her husband by shooting him in the head during sleep. As a result, he woke up in the morning with a bad headache.

8. The priorities had been set

    Once during a robbery of a liquor store Dotterer Thomas was shot in the eye, he told reporters that the worst event of the week was his performance at the competition in wrestling.

9. The desire to speak

    During a campaign speech in 1912, heroic candidate for the post of US President Theodore Roosevelt was shot by someone named John Shrenk.  Despite the fact that Roosevelt was shot in the chest, he insisted to finish his 90-minute speech.

10. Underage veteran

    Jacqueline Lucas entered illegally into the Marine Corps at age 14, after which he took part in the assault on Iwo Jima, without even rifles. However, he came under the simultaneous explosion of the two grenades, but survived.

11. Iron Man

    Walter Summerford was struck by lightning three times during his life. However, he survived. After Walter's death his grave was struck by lightning also twice.

12. Death at work

    When the husband of Susan Kunhauzen hired a killer to kill his wife in 2006, he did not expect what will happen in the end. Wife strangled killer with her bare hands. What a heroic woman!

13. Desire to live

    In 1823, Hugh Glass survived (with a crippled leg) after a fight with a bear. The rest of his group thought that Hugh was missing and had returned to the base without him. Hugh got to the nearest town, situated at a distance of 360 kilometers after six weeks.

14. Unbroken perseverance

    Homeless, known as "Mike Hardy," for the sake of the insurance had drunk antifreeze, but when that did not work, threw him under a taxi.

15. Lead hangover

    35-year-old Pole was shot in the head while he was drunk, he did not even notice it. As a result, the bullet was accidentally discovered five years later.

16. Swim or binge

    In 2007, 55-year-old Martin Strel swam 5,268 kilometers up the Amazon for more than 66 days.  He was drinking two bottles of wine a day in order to warm during his swim.

    Heroic acts are rare today, so we should not only remember the heroes of our time, but also reward them for their courage, determination, activity and the desire to live. Let each of these actions, as described in our list has a share of humor, but all these people are really selfless heroes. The man who saved his nephew, the girl who killed her own killer - all these people really deserve our gratitude for their extraordinary actions.


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