Hobgoblin – the house keeper

    Good and usually cheerful guardian of the house and of everyone who lives in it people call - hobgoblin. Mostly people that saw him say that he looks like a little old man with a long white beard.



    There is a belief that the younger brownie is, the older he looks like, because they born already with the appearance of an old wise men and die when they already look like babies. Hobgoblin exist for thousand years already and from old times till now people were giving him a lot of different names, such as: brownie, bogie, goblin, house-protector, house-spirit, boggart.

Good or bad

    House-spirits like when there is an order in the house. This means that everything should lies on its place; inhabitants are quiet and live in peace with each other. In this case the old man keeps everyone in safe and watches the house. But his behavior can change in case if the owners of the house start to argue and fight with each other or one of the owners do harm to other person.



    Hobgoblin hates disrespect and lies. Angry housekeeper starts to steal things, knocks on the doors and windows in the night, and does a lot of troubles to the house and house owners. In extreme cases, he even capable to throw away things, write bad words on the walls, and make small fires. From time to time brownie can be naughty and play tricks with the inhabitants even without a strong or even existing reason, just to have fun.



    In such situations old people say that there is a way to please the hobgoblin giving him a bit of milk or alcohol and a cookie or a piece of bread.

Abilities of the house keepers

    Such protectors of the house have several abilities, even superpowers like prediction of the future, and healing of people and animals that live in this house. But their most important power is wisdom, which helps to protect owners of the house which they inhabit.



    The very first thing that protectors must do is to watch their house and keep the owners in safe. They also like pets, and most of all, horses. Some people believe that boggart can even transform into other animals. Usually if they did like the pet they will keep it in safe and watch it, but it can happen that if they didn’t like the pet, brownie can even beat him to death. House-spirit has enormous power, so he can resist any bad energy or evil that tries to get into the house.



    Brownie is able to resist both physical power and magical power to keep the house owners from the bad influence and affection of the evil and bad spirits. Sometimes house-spirits can even show the prediction of bad or good things that can happen in future, in dreams of the people.

5 reasons to suggest that house keeper inhabit your house

    It is considered to be that hobgoblin inhabits the house where everything in order and people live in harmony and love. On this point this creatures behave like a good spirit that resist evil eye of other people or spoilage. But not always this spirits can be good with the inhabitants. Sometimes people move to a new place and bring with them new energy and aura that brownie that already lives for a long time in this house doesn’t like or doesn’t want to accept.



    Some strange things can happen in the house and even some troubles with the new owners. People believe that there are few important signs that can help to discover if your house inhabited by a hobgoblin:

    - Pets acting strangely, sometimes staring for a few minutes in space where you don’t see anything, pets can even behave aggressively without any reason. Animals can see or feel presence of other creatures, can locate bad and good energies, some chiropractic’s say that animals feel which creatures are bad and which are good;

    - Strange sounds or noise also can be a reason to suggest that you have a boggart in your house. This spirits sometimes want to show their existence or their dissatisfaction with breaking dishes or stomping. These actions also can be directed to show that owners disrespected brownie with their behavior;



    - Sometimes house-spirit does mess in the house to show that he doesn’t like disorder and that owners should draw their attention on keeping order in things;

    - If spirit liked new inmates they can see dreams in which house keeper show them their good or bad future to warn them acting carefully. In this case residents are accepted with a house-spirit and it’s a good and positive sign;

    - From time to time light can blink or lamps can burn out, what usually means that an old man is dissatisfied with something or someone;

    - But mostly hobgoblin shows his best sides to new inmates, such as protecting from unwanted guests that have bad thoughts about family or its members;



    - Also brownie can be somewhat naughty, playing with new owners or their guests, for example, if some guests come to visit you and they drop a cup of tea on the floor, it can have a meaning that spirit doesn’t like the energy of this persons or he want to warn out the member of the family that this people have bad or even evil thoughts.

    How to make friends with the house keeper?

    House-spirits usually very friendly and it’s easy to make friends with them. Inhabitants of the house just need to be leaded with a few important but easy rules. First of all spirits  hate when there is disorder in the house. So if you will have everything in a mess you for sure will have problems and troublesome. Keep your house or apartments clean; don’t leave dirty dishes or clothes lying around. Love and be loved, means live in peace and harmony with you family. The very last thing is to stay positive and from time to time treat your hobgoblin with milk, candies or bread.



    These are the easiest rules how to male friends and stay friends with your house keeper.



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