The best illusionists in the world

    Illusion - a mystery that attracts and fascinates. At all times, magicians gathered crowds to their performanes, and some of them left their mark in history. Firstly it was only a kind of circus art, but lately art of illusion separated and became a separate genre of art.

    More easy to judge and appreciate the art of illusion when you see it by your own eyes. That’s why this art became so popular in the XXth century. The development of cinema has made it possible to show the entire world the greatest performances.

    Our article is dedicated to the best magicians of the world, which thanks to its agility, skills and talents conquered the thousands of spectators. So, let us introduce you our Top-10 list of the most famous illusionists of the world.

    Harry Houdini (1874, Budapest) Harry Houdini remains the greatest magician and illusionist who ever lived on our planet, and though so much time has passed, there are still many magicians use Houdini tricks.



    World famous Harry Houdini brought the opportunity to get out of all the shackles and handcuffs. He could get out of any shackles thanks to the ability of his body.

    He loved to expose the tricks of colleagues during their performance. This ability also brought him fame. The only one trick he couldn’t expose. This trick was made by Dai Vernon.



    Houdini opponent Vernon went down in history as the man who confused the legend of the genre: Houdini could not understand how his young colleague making a trick called The Ambitious Card. He publicly stated that solves every trick in three views, but he watched The Ambitious Card eight times in a row and capitulated unable to understand how Vernon makes it.

    Jean Eugene Robert-Houdin (1805, France) is known as the father of the modern style of magic. His most famous trick was called “Second Sight.” He could walk through the audience and touch different items.  A blind assistant would then describe each item in detail.


    The Pendragons. Jonathan and Charlotte Pendragon is a couple that made a sensation in their time. They were the first couple in the illusion world. They have a famous trick where the girl appears through the man's chest. It tooks its place in the "Guinness Book", and they were the first who performed this illusory trick.   Jonathan also came up with a trick where put Charlotte into a transparent box. There audience can see her from the head to the tips of the legs and then he cut it in half. But of course his wife stay alive because it’s just an illusion.



    Penn & Teller. These two magicians combined two genres - humor and illusion and became founders of this new genre.



    Siegfried and Roy. Another one magical duo that attracted the audience by their dangerous tricks with animals. Permanent members of their tricks were wild animals - tigers and lions.



    Criss Angel (1967, New-York). He is not only a magician and illusionist, but also a yogi, a stuntman, a hypnotist, a musician and director. He became famous because of levitation, walking on water and brining animals back to life. Now he has his own television show «Criss Angel: Mind freak» and a few shops and a restaurant.



    Walk Throw Metal Gate.


    Cyril Takayama (1973, Hollywood). This illusionist is very famous in Japan and received worldwide fame thanks to the Internet and in particular videos on YouTube.

    One of the most sensational were his tricks: "Falling head", "Removing objects from the images", "The routine with a cigarette", "Card through glass".



   Look at this miracle!


   David Blaine (1973, New-York). He is the illusionist of new generation. His main tricks David makes for a large number of people on the streets. In 1999 Blaine spent a week in a glass coffin, buried in two meters depth. A year later spent two and a half days inside the ice blocks - without food and water. He has a TV show. David Blaine is an active participant in Guinness Book of Records.



   Another one street trick.


    David Copperfield (1956, New-Jersey). He is may be the most famous and commercially the most successful illusionist of our times. He is also the most winning magician. He repeatedly received the title of “The Wizard of the Year”, also he was awarded the prize “The Wizard of the Century” and “The Wizard of the Millennium”.



    At age 12 he showed focuses professionally and joined the American Society of Magicians. At age 16 David began teaching art at the University of illusion. Since 18 years, he leads his own show on television, and his tricks are becoming increasingly ambitious.

    His tricks are famous all over the world and they still impress us.

    He is the only one who made the train and Statue of Liberty disappear, he walked through the Great Wall of China. Escape from prison Alcatraz and exploding buildings, fall from Niagara Falls, the disappearance from wagon Orient Express, the release from the straitjacket – all these tricks were a sensational events in magical world.



    It was our 10 illusionists but this list isn’t full because there are much more great and talented magicians in the world. If we count all of them, in this case we will need to write a big book.

    We should to mention also such great magicians like Dante, Harry Blackstone Sr., Doug Henning, Max Malini, Lance Burton, Mark Wilson, “Magic Babe” Ning, Harry Anderson, etc.

    The Great Magicians amazed the world, intrigued, fascinated audiences and conquered people’s hearts. They continue to do it today.

    The art of illusion is evolving and new tricks and bright-known names appear from time to time.

    Magicians and illusionists are favorite guests at events; their shows are often fascinating and impressive. If you want to meet some famous illusionist or to visit their performances, go to Las Vegas!

    According to our mind – the art of illusion will always have a success because at all times people believe in miracle and even the most skeptical people want to be charmed for a moment.


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