The immortal gods - conductors into the other world

    In the different religions of the world there are gods, which are directly connected with the death. In one case - a conductor of souls into another world, in another - underground deities and rulers of the underworld and the third one – is the one who took away the human soul at the moment of death. Interestingly, all these creatures ruled dead, but could not determine by how much a person will live.

    For a man, death as birth is an essential part of life. That is why the gods of death are an important part of religion and mythology, powerful and imperious. In some cults believers even worship them. Our article is about the most famous immortal gods of death.

Hades and Thanatos

    Ancient Greek mythology is known to many. God of the underworld in it - Hades is the brother of Zeus. He got the underworld after the division of the world, which he guards. Hermes is an immortal conductor into underworld; generally he is quite multifaceted deity. Greeks had even the god of dying - Thanatos. But other inhabitants of Olympus are not particularly respected him, considering indifferent to human victims. Thanatos is the brother of god of sleep, Hypnos. The Greeks often portrayed death and sleep, side by side, both black and white youths. In the hands of Thanatos is an extinguished torch, symbolizing the end of life. And the kingdom of Hades is described as gloomy fields with the pale fields.

Anubis and Osiris

    Anubis in ancient Egypt was considered an immortal guide to the world of the dead. He was depicted as a man with the head of a jackal. And you cannot say that this animal for god symbol was chosen at random. The fact is that the jackal is outwardly a small predator, from which the threat originally is not expected.

    But the animal can actually symbolize death. Jackals eat carrion, the howl reminds desperate cries and they can be very tricky. Before the advent of the cult of Osiris, Anubis was the main deity of Western Egypt. Osiris is also the father of the conductor and the king of the underworld. Together with his son, he judged the dead. Anubis was holding in his hands the scales of truth, in one of the bowls was the human heart, and in the other - a feather of the goddess Maat, symbolizing justice. If the heart was as heavy as the feather, the deceased waited the beautiful and fertile fields of paradise.

    Otherwise, he was devoured by the monstrous monster Amat - lion with a crocodile head. And it has meant the final death. According to one legend, Osiris was the Pharaoh of Egypt, who taught people agriculture, viticulture and horticulture. He was killed by his brother Seth, Osiris was assembled piecemeal and raised Ra. But immortal god has decided not to return to the ground, leaving it to his son Horus. Osiris also chose a kingdom of the dead.


    In the mythology of the ancient Scandinavians, immortal Hel had ruled the Kingdom of the dead. She was the daughter of the cunning god Loki and the giantess Angrobdy. The myth tells that Hel has inherited her mother's high growth. It is no coincidence that she was also called blue-white Hel. Her realm is a sad place, where it is cold and dark. It was thought that Hel had got power over the realm of the dead from Odin. Into the realm of Hel come all the dead except the heroes, which were taking Valkyries into Valhalla.

    There the soldiers are fighting, killing each other and are reviving again and again. So they show the victory over death. The most famous mention of the goddess was found in the myth of Baldur. After his death he was a prisoner of Hel. He was almost able to escape from the realm of the dead, but wily Loki had prevented this. The ancient Scandinavians believed that when will the last battle - Ragnarök, Hel will lead an army of the dead to storm the heavens.

Orcus and Pluto

    The ancient Romans originally had considered a god of death Orcus. Even the Etruscans considered him a small demon, but then his influence had expanded. He was depicted as a bearded and winged substance that takes the souls of the men into his kingdom. Having become ruler beyond the grave, Orcus has incorporated the features of other similar deities. Later he became a part of the image of the god Pluto.

    Pluto is the Roman version of Hades, absorbing many of his features. He was considered as the brother of Jupiter and Neptune.


    In Judaism, Christianity and Islam is the main immortal opponent of the heavenly powers. This God has many names, the most famous are - Lucifer, the Devil, Mephistopheles, Beelzebub, and Shaitan. The Bible tells us that Satan was originally an angel, perfect and wise. But the inhabitant of Eden was too proud and wanted to be equal with God himself. Then he was overthrown on the Earth together with friends who became demons.

    It is Satan, who is guilty in exile people from paradise, seducing Eve into eating the forbidden fruit of knowledge. In Judaism Satan is only angel-accuser, which allows a person to make a choice. This deity identified with the evil inclinations and with angel of death. Mouth of Satan often considered to be the entrance to hell, getting there meant to be devoured by the Devil. It is generally accepted that it was Satan who manages hell, where all sinners have to go. And it takes the life of people with the help of angels sent by God of Death. The most known of them were considered to be Abaddon and Azrael.


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