Grimoire, or how to become a magician

    The desire to get something that you cannot have, to go back into the past life, to talk with the dead, to cast a curse, to gain power, to earn a lot of money, to fall in love with someone else – these are all incantations, which are contained in the most unusual books - Grimoire. Grimoire - is a special book in which are kept secrets from the public eye all the most powerful spells, able to fulfill any desire. Today, there are a dozen different Grimoires, but in our list you will find the most unusual and unique grimoire. We do not recommend to try the patience of the universe, as we all know, any magic has its consequences.

The Greek magical papyri



    Greek magical papyruses have been created in the second century BC. These documents collect different spells, charms and also rituals of black and white magic. In the Papyri gathered incantations and rituals which can help summon and call demons and other different creatures of the underworld into this world.



    There are even a few spells which will open the door into the Parallel World. And probably the most desired but hopeless promises of this Grimoire can help to spell a supernatural aide of underworld that will obey all your commands.

Black Pullet

    Grimoire “Black Pullet” was written in the 18th century in France. It provides a detailed explanation of how to use or to create magical talismans. Talisman - is a special facility for spells and rituals with engraved on it magical words, which protect the owner and sometimes even endow his supernatural power. Many believe that this Grimoire and incantations in it have been collected by an unknown soldier from Napoleon's army.




    The soldier received the knowledge of black magic and white magic during a trip to Egypt. The book contains very detailed instructions on how to make talismans made of bronze, silk and special ink. There are also various spells in the Grimoire. You can, for example, summon the genie - a creature of smoke and fire that can give you true love.

    But the most important and interesting of all incantations of the mystical teachings "Black Chicken" - a magic spell create a black hen capable to look for treasures.

Ars Almadel



    “Ars Almadel” - is the fourth book “The Lesser Key of Solomon”, also well known as “Lemegeton”. The book was written in the 17th century and till this day the author is unknown. But Grimoire “Ars Almadel” – is definitely a special manuscript. The book describes the complete instructions for creating Almadel. Almadel – a special magic board made of wax which allows its owner to communicate with angels and use different incantations.



    In the book Grimoire goes about the four heavens. They are called in this Grimoire “choir”. Each sky is being inhabited by angels, endowed with special abilities. The text contains the names of the angels each Choirs (Gelomioris and Afriza) and best calendar dates for their spiritual call. All the angels should only set the appropriate questions, like “just and legitimate”. There are brief descriptions of the angels, for example, angels of the Third Choirs are a “low women in wreaths of laurel leaves, dressed in green and silver.”




    “Picatrix” – is an ancient Grimoire that consist of astrological magic. Originally it was written in the 11th century in the Arabic language and was called “Gayyat al-Hakim”. This Grimoire consists of 400 pages of astrological theory. In it you will find rituals and incantations to send the occult forces of the planets in the acquisition of personal power and wisdom. The Grimoire "Picatrix" is best known for all those interested in esoteric, due to the presence of nasty and obscene rituals and magic spells.



    Terrible and even potentially deadly concoctions should cause an altered state of consciousness and lead to an out of body experience. These recipes are not for the faint of heart, for example, among the main ingredients - blood, body fluids, mixed with a lot of hashish, opium, and psychoactive plants. For example, to create a mirror that allows you to control the dead, you have to take the poisonous fumes.


    Written in the 16th century Icelandic Grimoire called “Galdrabók” is a collection of 47 different incantations and spells, collected by a few powerful magicians. Like most of the Icelandic magical beliefs of the ancient period, “Galdrabók” focuses on different runed symbols with magical properties.



    Runes are a special force if they draw on the body, carved on objects or written on paper. In “Galdrabók” there are instructions for creating wands to attract and retain the favor of the powerful, for fear of invasion of enemies and to make a person fall asleep. Most containment of the Grimoire “Galdrabók” are spells avert troubles, they are designed to protect the adept and treating ailments - fatigue, headaches, insomnia, and severe birth.



    And other spells quite peculiar. Spell number 46 with the funny name “Rune fart” teaches you how to make a special wooden rod, if they hit the enemy, then "he will bring the stomach, it will constantly suffer from bloating and cannot stop."

    Incantation number 27, says, what it is necessary to draw runes on the food of the enemy. This will make him so sick that he will have to stay away from any nutrition. The Wand number 30 is for the killing of an animal that are belonging to another person. There are rods to protect the home from unwanted visitors, and capture the thieves “of obtaining satisfaction in a court case.”


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