Incredible Stories

Our planet has many secrets. Unexplained incidents are happening in different places all over the world. Scientists confirm that these anomalous zones occurring magnetic storms, pressure drops, various anomalies. When a man gets into such area, he begins to feel bad, depending on the time of stay headaches, dizziness and even hallucinations may begin to disturb the person.



    You may here thousand of incredible stories. Technology gets out of control, the radio is not working, compasses get lost, even wristwatches are beginning to make mistakes and many other strange things.

    These are incredible stories of my friend’s brother.



    “I have several years of experience in the search and rescue service (SRS), and for that time I have seen something interesting. In my track record there are many successful cases of rescue missing persons. Mostly they just go off the path or slide down from a small cliff and then could not find a way back. Most of them had heard about the advice "to stay at the place and wait," so they do not wander far. But in my memory, there were some cases with incredible stories where it did not work out. And this one and the other highly disturb me. I think about them when I am about to give up during the regular search operations.

    The first was a little boy, with his family he came to gather berries. He went with his sister little aside, and they disappeared together. Parents lost sight of them just for a moment, and that moment was enough for children to disappear. When parents were unable to find them, they called us. The daughter we found pretty quickly, but on our questions about her brother, she replied that he was taken by "man-bear."



    This girl added that he gave her the berries and told to be quiet - the "man-bear" wanted brother to play around with him. Last time, when she saw boy, he was riding a "man-bear." Naturally, our first guess was a kidnapping, but we did not find trails of anyone at the place. The girl insisted that it was an unusual person: he was tall and covered with hair almost like a bear, and had "a strange face." We were searching threw the area during the week, but found nothing.



    In another case, the girl went for a picnic on the nature with her mother and grandmother. As it was told by mother, her daughter climbed a tree to explore the local area, but never went down. They were waiting near a tree for a few hours, calling for her until grandmother guessed to call us. Again, we explore the area, but have not found a trace of the girl. I have no idea where she could have got to go, because, neither her mother nor the grandmother did not see her getting down.

    Several times had to go for searching with dogs, and they took me right to the cliffs. Not to the mountains, even in high rocks. Those were just straight cliffs without projections, for which it would be possible to catch. It is always confusing me. In such cases, mostly we find people on the other side of a cliff or a few kilometers away from the tracks. I'm sure there must be some explanation, but it is certainly strange.




    Goose bumps are going from these incredible stories, but I will continue telling them…

    Another case involves finding a dead body. The nine-year girl fell from a tree and stabbed in the dry tree. By itself, the incident is terrible, but I will never forget the cry of her mother when she found out what had happened. She watched how the bag with a corpse was put in a car, and made the most bloodcurdling scream I have ever heard. It was as if her whole life was falling apart piece by piece, if part of her pass away with her daughter. I heard from another officer from our search and rescue service that a few weeks later she committed suicide. She could not live without her daughter.

    That time I went together with another officer of the SRS because in that part of the forest zone bears have been seen. Nick knows all there incredible stories but prefer not to take them seriously. We were looking for a man who did not return after climbing the mountain, and we had to climb up, too, to find him. My partner came upon him in a small crevice with a broken leg. He stayed there for almost two days, and it was clear that his leg is infected. We put him into the helicopter, and later I heard from one of the doctors that the man was restless.



    He talked incessantly that everything was good, but when he reached the top, there was a man. The man had no climbing equipment, but he was dressed in the park and ski pants. He walked over to the man, but when the man turned around, there was no the face. His face was blank. The man lost control and started running down the mountain so quickly that he had fallen down. According to him, he could hear the man all night; he came down from the mountains and uttered terrible muffle cries. This story scared me out to the hell. I'm glad I did not hear it from the first hand.

    One of the worst things that happened to me - was occurred during the search of a girl, who fell behind the group on footway. We had to work late at night because the dog took the trail. When we found her, she was laying bunched up under the big rotten log. Shoes and handbags were not there. She was in shock. Girl had no wound, so we could walk on their own to get to the base. As we walked, she was looking around constantly and after asked us, "why the big man with black eyes" haunts us.



    We did not see anyone, so attribute it to a symptom of a scary symptom of shock. But we were coming closer to our base, and more troubled she became. She asked us to do so that the person stopped to "make faces". At some point she stopped, turned around, then suddenly started to scream somewhere into the wood, asking to leave her alone. She did not want to go with the man and did not want to give us to him. Then we made her to continue to walk, but all around us strange noises started to be heard.

    Almost it was like a cough, but more rhythmically and deeply. As if it was an insect ... I do not know how to describe it. When we were on the border of the base, she turned to me, her eyes were as big as they could be in humans. She touched my shoulder and said: "He asked me to tell you that you have to go faster. He did not like the look of scratches on your neck. "I had a very small scratch below the neck, but it was not visible under the collar, so I have no idea how she saw it. Immediately after that, there was a strange coughing next to me. I had my heart gone into throat. I hurried the girl, trying not to show how scared I was.

    And finally, one of the most incredible stories that I have. I do not know whether it is found everywhere among SRS stations, but in my case, this is what occurs constantly. Now we are so used to it that it does not believed to be anything unusual. Every time we have been very deep in the forest, for example, at a distance of 50-60 kilometers from the base, at some point, we find the stairs in the middle of the forest. As if someone took the stairs from a normal house, cut it out and pasted into the wood. First time I saw it, I had many questions, but I was told that it is okay. Now I just ignore the stairs, when I meet them, it happens very often.

    I hope you will sleep good after my incredible stories and if you want you can tell me yours…”

    I do not know if stories impressed you, but as for me I do not want to have a drink anymore with that guy))))






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