Incredible Stories That Have Failed


    In the Internet you can find a huge amount of incredible stories about the various instances of paranormal activity. People share their personal stories on the forums, in social networks, many of them are accompanied with photos and video evidences. The volume of information exchange is enormous and to establish control over it is not possible, so that is why it becomes so difficult to distinguish truth from forgery.

    Everyone knows that YouTube is a leader among similar websites where people can share videos. Here there is a biggest collection of video proofs of existence spirits, monsters, UFOs, demons, witches, incredible stories and so on. These materials can be watched in any part of the world (except countries where this website is forbidden), they can be estimated and shared. Some of them get a great rating and become very famous.

    It is not a secret that the most popular videos on YouTube can earn money for its owners. This fact by itself gives a reason to doubt in truthfulness of incredible stories and incidents.

    Here is Top 5 videos from YouTube that have made a big wave of discussions. Some of them got on TV, they appeared in talk shows and in news.

5. The body of an alien in the Russian village




    This incident happened in Russia. One man took his dog for a walk. They went little bit far away from village, suddenly the dog slipped the leash and run to some mound of snow. He started digging and barking. When the owner went up to the animal he got shocked of what was found by the dog. In the snow there was body of alien.

    The guy decided to make video and show alien to a person that was passing by not far from that place.

    This guy was from village that is close to very famous anomalous zone in Russia. There are lots of incredible stories about alien appearances and flying UFOs. So this accident sounded as rather familiar.


    But this guy decided to create more noise and attract more public attention. It was not enough to put the video material in Internet for him. He decided to invite production team from TV. To do this he had to invite police to document everything.

    After everything was done, the day of television team’s arrival was appointed. They had to be in five days. Before this date, in the evening one of policeman came to man’s house for a talk and check.

    Policeman was thirsty and without permission decided to take a drink from a fridge. Mistakenly he opened freezer. Policeman stiffened for a few seconds and then burst out laughing. There were one and a half of similar alien’s bodies, one body was not finished, and near by it some skin and additional materials were placed.

    This guy created excellent dolls from chickens. Due to the natural material aliens looked very convincing. He rigged the case and took a fake video.

Nevertheless, the truth came to light much later. Either a police officer decided to delay the exposure or the sensation is much more interesting then the truth. Whatever for few years this video amazed millions of people and was in top among other incredible stories.

4. Iraqi children met headless ghost



    This video was filmed by four Iraqi teenagers who went to an abandoned school. They decided to search for ghost, rumors about it have long existed among the local people. For some time children were walking threw corridors and stairs, looking into empty classrooms and shooting everything that comes on their way. Nothing was happening until in a frame started to materialize some dark shadow. The ghost began to take more clear shape and after started moving to teenagers. All this was coming with additional sounds, the camera captured the groans and howls. Such incredible stories are very common and get millions of likes.

    Experienced video fitters said that creation of such videos is not a problem. It is enough to impose one image on the other. The effect of ghost appearance could be done while shooting a man in front of the window with bright sunlight. And the sounds behind the scenes even easier to explain - it is a sound of prayer from a nearby mosque.

3. Incredible stories about angels



    This video is from security camera that was installed on one of the squares in Jakarta (Indonesia). At the beginning of the video deserted area is in a frame and some time later, unexpectedly, in the picture something big falls down from above, it looks luminous and with wings. Then in few seconds it bounces as a ball and disappears from sight. After, group of people hurry up to this place to check what has happened.

    This video material looks truthful and impressive. At the first look the main argument in favor of reliability is camera, it looks like government one. Some volunteers decided to check it, they went to that square and tried to find video equipment on the supposed site. In fact there was no camera that could shoot picture in that angle, more over in that square there are no government cameras at all. So for sure it was put there for a moment and the whole scene is under suspicion.

2. Phantom from Disneyland




    There are lots of incredible stories that can be confirmed with security cameras.

    This video appeared on YouTube several years ago and made lot of noise. It was made by security guard who was on the night shift, guy was watching cameras all night when suddenly saw some moving highlights. He took his phone and shot it on camera.

    On video you can see four screens from Disneyland Park. On one of them some light appears and then it forms into human body. This ghost moves from one place to another and is filmed by all cameras, on some screens this phantom appears at the same time. He runs threw closed gates and disappears.



    Many people gave the suggestion that it is a ghost of Walt Disney.

    There is another suggestion. Video experts say that it is a fake material. Security man could make two versions of video, still films and work with them at home.

    To create such video effect you need to impose one picture on another (scene with “ghost” is put on same scene without it). Ghost effect can appear because of person dressed in all white, camera illuminates this color that is why you can see light lines from top to down. If to bring the top layer to ten percent it will give flowing effect and translucency.

1. Fallen angel from Spain



    This video was made in forest of Catalonia. Two persons were having a walk lately at night. They started to pay attention to huge white plumes on their way. It seemed the swan was killed near by. After guys heard some noise and decided to film everything they would see.



    As guys approached the source of the sound, they experienced a strong shock. In the bushes there was something looking mankind. It was squatting and searching something on the earth. After a second it turned to camera it’s face - ugly, bold and grey. Eyes of creature flashed with blue color.

    It is possible to see some growths on the back of creature, that could be wings in past. This assumption gave a reason to name it “fallen angel”.

    This is one of the most famous videos among incredible stories. It is rather old, round seven years disputes did not cease. There was lot of suggestions, this video appeared on television for many times. Even psychics and mediums had tried to give an explanation.

    Authors of this video put the point in this story. After almost ten years they admitted that it was their production. This creature was a friend with good greasepaint, for greater effect, he put the lens.

    There are still lots of incredible stories that are waiting to be confirmed or exposed.



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