Top Movies and Serials about Afterlife

    On whether there is life after death, no one knows - those who had a chance to look behind the scene, as we know, cannot be returned in the most of the cases. Perhaps this is why we love movies and TV series on this subject - we want to know what awaits us there, in the other world.




    "Ghost" with Jerry Zucker, Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore in the lead roles, perhaps, is the most moving and melodramatic film about afterlife. The main character, which was killed in a skirmish with a street robber Sam Wheat, becomes invisible to all humans, including for his wife Molly. Taking this opportunity to penetrate freely everywhere, he knows that his death is not accidental - it is connected with the working papers in which Sam shortly before his death reveals discrepancies in the calculations.



    Moreover, he knows that Molly is in danger too, and now his task - is to keep alive his beloved. In this he is helped by the medium Oda Mae Brown (played by Whoopi Goldberg) and the ghost of the subway, which teaches Sam the ability to move objects. After making sure that Molly is no longer in danger, Sam realizes that he can finally leave this world.

"City of Angels"



    "City of Angels" in the definition of the genre pictures of Brad’ Silberling, "City of Angels" (a remake of the famous film by Wim Wenders' "Wings of the Desire") critics at a loss: someone thinks that it is a fantastic thriller about afterlife, someone - that it is a melodrama. The love story of an earthly woman Maggie (Meg Ryan) and the angel Seth (Nicolas Cage), and plenty of both, and at his final can shed a huge amount of tears even the hardened skeptics.

"Just like Heaven"



    Protagonist of Mark Waters "Just like Heaven", David (Mark Ruffalo), is in a very difficult situation, he moves to the new apartment, and discovers that there is already living a young woman named Elizabeth (Reese Witherspoon).



    Soon, David realizes with horror that his charming neighbor, who is able to pass through the walls, - is the spirit, which is for some reason doesn't want to leave the earth after death. Trying to help Elizabeth find a solace, David, and doesn't notice how he falls in love with her.

"American Horror History"



    "American Horror History" - is a TV series which today consists of three seasons (the fourth is under work). The first season which is dedicated to the afterlife - is called a "House of the Dead." Because of the betrayal with a young student, a well-known psychiatrist Ben Harmon is forced to move with his family to Los Angeles.



    They removed the old mansion, built in the early twentieth century, and soon they discover that  they are not the only its inhabitants - ghosts of the dead people live in the house, which for a hundred years has accumulated quite a lot of souls. The series was nominated for the "Emmy" for the seventeen positions, and Jessica Lange, who played in the first season Constance Langdon, has received the "Golden Globe" for the "Best Supporting Actress".

"Pet Cemetery"



    “Pet Cemetery” is another story about afterlife. The fact is that to every cemetery - and especially to the old ones - should be treated with due respect, we, of course, heard of, but the film Marie Lambert, loosely based on the eponymous novel of the "King of Horror" by Stephen King, again lucidly explains it to us. The main character, Dr. Louis Creed, instead of burring his downed by a car cat Church (full name - Churchill) on a pet cemetery, buries his cat on an old and abandoned cemetery of Indians Mi'kmaq, and a day later the cat comes back home alive, but he no longer looks like a former pet of the family - Church becomes sluggish and very cruel. Soon, under the wheels of the truck being killed a little boy Creed, and he decides to revive him by burring on an Indian cemetery, but the boy returns already as a zombie.

"I'm staying"



    After an accident which has happened in the bowling club, the protagonist of the film, Dr. Viktor Tyrsa (Andrei Krasko), falls into a coma and finds himself in the afterlife - between life and death. Encountering there the same people like he is, Dr. Tyrsa that before didn't want to hear that there is afterlife, radically changes his views, and simultaneously begins to look differently at life. "I'm staying" - the last film by Andrei Krasko, role in it he did not even have time to voice. Moreover, it is believed that the work which allowed the actor to look over the edge of life and death is "guilty" in the early retirement of Andrew's life. Maybe it's just coincidence, but soon after the release of pictures on the screens died two more actors engaged in it - Alena Bondarchuk and Yevgeny Zharikov.

"Ghost Whisperer"



    The main character of John Gray's TV series "Ghost Whisperer" - Melinda Gordon (Jennifer Love Hewitt) not only sees the ghosts, but also knows how to talk to them. Each episode tells a new separate story about a ghost, in which Melinda plays a specific role in helping to understand the ghost why he cannot get in the afterlife, and to find your light. The series has gone through 5 seasons, but for some reason, it was decided not to renew it for the 6th season. Unfortunately for all the fans, the "Ghost Whisperer" was unconditionally closed.


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