Ancient people were more close to the nature. They knew about the properties of plants and had many secrets of how to use them for different purposes. Sexual life was not an exception. In ancient Greece, Egypt and other countries women used special natural substances that helped to extend and diversify sex life. Nowadays we call such substances aphrodisiacs.

    This word came from the ancient Greece. From the Greek language aphrodisiakon is translated as “pleasures of love” that in its turn is originates of the word Aphrodite – the Greek goodness of love.



    It increases the body’s life vitality including excitement. Contrary to popular belief, aphrodisiacs don’t cause strong stimulative effect. They can’t make excitement on empty place. It can just strengthen attraction and excitement. So if you wait for quick result, you will be disappointed.

    Nowadays we can distinguish 4 types:

    1. Fruits and vegetables.

    2. Herbs and spices.

    3. Essential oils.

    4. Perfumes.

    We eat fruits almost every day but never pay attention on its useful properties. And actually fruits and spices have a great influence on our sexual life. The list of products that can increase sexual desire is very long.

    Fruits and vegetables: apricots, avocados, quince, orange, artichoke, aubergine, banana, beans, broccoli, pomegranate, grapefruit, walnuts, strawberries, cabbage, potatoes, chestnuts, raspberries, coconut, sesame, lime, lettuce, lemon, green onion, mango, almonds, nutmeg, olive, tomato, beetroot.




    Herbs and spices: ajwain, aloe, anise, basil, vanilla, cloves, mustard, oregano, jasmine, ginseng, ginger, cardamom, coriander, cinnamon, cumin, lavender, licorice, marjoram, poppy, juniper, mint, parsley, tarragon, rose, rosemary, rue, celery, thyme, dill, fennel, horseradish, endive, savory, sage, saffron, tarragon, echinacea.




    You can be confused by such diversity of products. That’s why you can usually meet in internet articles with Top-10, or Top-15, or 20 lists where the strongest aphrodisiac foods were chosen.

    Let us introduce you our list:

    1. Oysters. It has a reputation of the most exciting product.

    2. Honey. Usually it is called the food of gods. Besides the exciting effect honey restores energy. Very often it’s a part of exciting dishes with nuts, fruits, eggs, etc.

    3. Strawberry. It contains zinc, which increases the level of testosterone - the hormone responsible for sexual arousal. It is believed that 200 g of strawberries daily is sufficient to increase the sexual activity.

    4. Chocolate. It relaxes and due to endorphins, that are produced in the body, your mood rises with sexual desire.

    5. Banana. High concentration of vitamin B guarantees you the strengthening of the sexual hormone production.

    6. Figs. They purify the blood and increase the amount of sperm. They contain sugar, useful during prolonged sex.

    7. Avocado. It contains phytosterol. It arouses sexual desire in both partners, increases sexual activity.

    8. Garlic contains allicin that increases blood flow.

    9. Ginger. It is an arousing product because it contained lysine, essential oils and vitamin C. This set of materials enhances sexual desire and increases the tone of intimate muscles. Tea with honey and ginger mint has a great stimulant properties. You can also add it in soups, rice, desserts.

    10. Chile pepper. It promotes blood flow to organs.




    An important condition – do not expose products to thermal treatment. If you want to reach the result, you need to eat it fresh and raw. In this case all vitamins and nutrients will be saved. You can use it separately or make different interesting combinations according to your interests and tastes. Just be careful because some of them have contraindications and can cause an allergic reaction.

    We can divide aphrodisiacs on female’s and male’s. Men aphrodisiacs enhance sexual desire and blood flow to the genitals, contributing to a good erection and prolong sexual intercourse. Female’s are evoke sensuality and tenderness.

    Another kind of stimulating substance is an essential oil.

    Oils aphrodisiacs perfectly relax the body, relieve symptoms of stress and nervous tension, relieve fatigue and anxiety, and effectively help with frigidity and impotence. You can use it for massages, aromatherapy, and during taking a bath.



    Oils have a certain characteristics. For example:

    - Sandalwood oil increases male potency;

    - Ylang-ylang increase male and female sexual desire;

    - Cinnamon charges energy, enhances sensitivity;

    - Patchouli increases the sensitivity of erogenous zones, liberates;

    - Rosemary extends the male sexual arousal;

    - Neroli (blossom of the orange tree) calms the nervous system and improves mood;

    - Myrrh good for women, enhances femininity and tenderness;

    - Clove prolong orgasm, enhances sensitivity;

    - Jasmine emancipate your feelings;

    - Rose discloses sexuality.

    As herbs and fruits you can also use oils separately and to mix. There are many recipes how to do your evening unforgettable.

    As you see all these products contains a lot of vitamins. They are very good for health in general and most of them are delicious. Use it moderately and your mood will be always on top.

    Perfumes occupy a special place because it’s not a natural product. Perfumes can contain original oils or special pheromones. Such perfumes attract attention. You should have your own unique aroma. But you should also take into account the preferences of your partner. If the person whom you like doesn’t like aroma of your perfume, you will have some problem because it should be pleasant for both.



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