Behind the scenes - the most tragic filming of the movies

    We often see dangers in the movies that await the heroes. Shooting movies has become so complex that, of course, cannot be avoided and injuries in the workplace, behind the scenes. Using powerful techniques and explosions can lead not only to the injury, but also loss of life. But the shooting is continued, the films are removed, and we are remaining in the dark as to what can happen.

"The Crow" (1994) - Brandon Lee died

    "The Crow" - is the film which from the start of filming had brought nothing but trouble with a lot of tragedies behind the scenes. On the first day carpenter suffered burns - he has got under the electrical wires, while he has run the lift. After a while the storm destroyed part of the scenery. The truck of the movie crew has burned. There was another carpenter who has injured his hand using a screwdriver.  But the worst was to come.

    There were shooting a scene where actor Michael Massee in a role of Fan boy was to shoot in the protagonist of the Crow played by Brandon Lee. Weapon was serious, 44 caliber magnum. This gun was loaded with a real bullet and the bullet hit right in the stomach. The actor died under the spotlights and without waiting for professional assistance. At that point, Brandon Lee was only 28 years old.

"The Expendables 2" (2012) - the death of a stuntman

    The incident occurred on the reservoir Ognyanovo, 15 miles from the capital Sofia. There is a scene where the explosion should have occurred in an inflatable boat with two characters. The Explosion was arranged by specially hired pyrotechnics, but the system had failed, which led to the disaster.

    As a result, killing one stuntman, two others were taken to hospital in critical condition. Sylvester Stallone, who plays in the film leading role, was in this time in a different place, as filmed in another scene. You never know what can happen behind the scenes.

"The Exorcist" (1973) - mystical events

    There is still no accurate data on the number of deaths that occurred during the filming of the movie "The Exorcist." Different sources indicate different numbers: from 4 to 9 people. Jack McGauran died soon after he played a role. He had a heart attack. Generally, the process of shooting the film was accompanied by mystical events.

    The crew of the movie "Exorcist" even invited a real exorcist to exorcise the demons. Son of an actress Mercedes Mac-Cambridge, who had voiced a demon in the film, in 1987, killed his wife and child and then killed himself. At the premiere in Spain lightning struck the cross that was standing near the church. This cross was 400 years old.

"Poltergeist" (1982-1988) - the death of the actors

    In the six years of shooting the movie 6 people dead. The most memorable event was the death of 12-year-old Heather O'Rourke, who was in the hospital. There were suspicions that this was flu. The next day she was gone.

    Dominique Dunne, who was 22 years, died at the hands of her fiancé, who was a terrible jealous. Julian Beck (60 years old) died of stomach cancer. Will Sampson, who played a medic, a year after the shooting the movie has died of kidney failure. He was 53 years old. The movie crew alleges that it happened due to the fact that during the filming as props were used real human bones and so the spirits of the dead were angry.

"Superman" (1951 onwards) - damn movie

    Other mystical events take place behind the scenes of this movie. It is believed that after the filming of the movie "Superman" the actor necessarily overtakes disaster. In 1950, George Reeves played Superman. In 1959, he was found murdered with a firearm eight days before his wedding. Christopher Reeve in 1995 fell from his horse and was paralyzed. In 2004, of a heart attack, he died. Margot Kidder is suffering from bipolar disorder. Marlon Bardot went to prison, and then the death has come to his son Christian. Richard Pryor suffers from multiple sclerosis. Kirk Allen's and Dean Kane's career went down.

"The Twilight Zone" (1983) - Vic Morrow died

    It is one more movie that was accompanied with mystical events and an awful tragedy behind the scenes.  The most terrible tragedy that happened on the set is the death of Vic Morrow. The film "The Twilight Zone" consists of small mystical stories. Actor Vic Morrow in one scene runs through the shallow lake. In his hands he holds two children (a girl - Mick Dean Lee, who was 7 years old and a boy - Rene Chen, who was 6 years old). In the background, explosions thundered, helicopter circled over the lake.  The tragedy had happened due to the helicopter.

    The explosion of pyrotechnics has damaged tail rotor. The pilot tried to keep the helicopter in the air, but he did not succeed, and he began to fall directly into the lake. Screw blades of the helicopter struck the actors. Girl Dean Lee and actor Vic Morrow were beheaded. The boy also died on the spot from a terrible blow.

    Terrible tragedies occur every day. And life is not a fairy tale and not a movie or TV series in which most of the heroes expect a happy ending. However, not all the films end up the same way, even shooting the film may bring to death or terrible disease. The terrible, tragic events accompany many films, and often behind the scenes live the mystic.


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