The most unusual beliefs and superstitions, prevalent in various parts of the world

    Millions of people around the world believe into Superstitions and omens. Someone goes home using another way, if they see that the road has crossed a black cat. And someone spits three times over your left shoulder and three times knocking on wood, if accidentally drop the salt. We are familiar with dozens of superstition and beliefs. But there are also omens that are only distributed in some parts of our planet. To your attention – there are 10 unusual superstitions from around the world.

An awkward silence

    Have you ever wondered why there are awkward pause in the conversation?

    Have you been in a situation where there was an awkward pause during intercourse? Then it seems as if no one wants break this silence.

    American superstition and beliefs claim that most of these awkward pauses occur at a time when the minute hand of the clock shows exactly 20 minutes. Some believe that this is happening for the reason that Abraham Lincoln died at 7 hours and 20 minutes, then there is silence - a manifestation of respect for the former head of the United States.

    Other people believe that awkward silence falls exactly 20 minutes of every hour, because at this time angels begin their singing. Therefore, people stop to talk and are listening to the sounds of this wonderful belief. Even if the angels sing, awkward pauses in conversation can also mean that the creatures of heaven fly next to humans.

Carlos Menem

    Do not say the name of Carlos Menem among Argentines

    This is interesting: Argentina residents try not to pronounce the name of former President Carlos Menem, because it is considered to be something akin to a curse. If suddenly someone mentions his name in the conversation, the man should touch his left testicle, and the fair sex - the left breast.

    Why these parts of the body? Ask Argentines. It is believed that if you do not, the person will suffer from misfortune.

    What is so guilty about Carlos Menem? That he is the main culprit of the crisis in 2001, which turned Argentina into economic abyss. Menem took a few large loans from the International Monetary Fund, he has repeatedly accused of corruption and even the illegal sale of weapons. In addition, it is actually granted amnesty to all military leaders, the fault which killed at least 30 thousand people.

    Carlos Menem brought bad luck literally everyone. Shortly after assuming the post of President Miguel Roig, he was appointed to the post of Minister of Economy. Less than a week Roig died of a heart attack while sitting behind the wheel of his car.  In 2 months crashed the plane which was carrying the other appointed minister. And it's just two examples of dozens of similar cases that forced many Argentines believe that the mere mention of the name of Carlos Menem can really cause terrible trouble.

One of the unusual Thai beliefs - houses for spirits

    Thais try to appease the spirits by putting in such houses gifts and food

    Many owners of homes or office buildings in Thailand are putting on the lawns in front of him or in the backyard a small "house of spirits." The meaning of this small design - symbolic: it must protect the construction from all sorts of misfortunes. Homeowners regularly bring different gifts - souvenirs, figurines, water and food in tiny houses, hoping to attract their spirits and appease them. If the spirits would react favorably to the gifts, the Thais are hoping that if they will be erected to protect nearby house.

    During any building demolition, residents of Thailand prefer not to dispose of houses for the spirit, and install them on the street under the trees so as not to incur the wrath of the spirits.

Wedding Veil

    In ancient Rome, there were beliefs that the veil protects the bride from evil spirits

    It is believed that the wedding veil - a symbol of the purity of the bride. But this accessory had to go a long way to go until any such associations. Earlier the bride wore the veil only in order to hide his face from her spouse. It most often occurred at the conclusion of arranged marriage, because the bridegroom could escape marriage right in the wedding day, if he did not like the bride.

    And the ancient Romans believed that the wedding veil scares off evil spirits. Fatou, by the way, for the first time started to produce in Rome. It completely hid the bride's face, so the demons could not find her. After a few centuries veil had covered all the body of the bride, she looked like a thick linen cloth on which was depicted a flame - a symbol was designed to bring down the evil spirits off the track.

Elves: Superstitions, beliefs or Reality?

    Icelanders believe in the existence of elves

    In early 2015 in one of the Icelandic areas, government decided to build a new road. Such projects often encounter difficulties in the implementation phase, for example, a budget or the presence of historic buildings on the path designed roads. But the project had to be suspended in Iceland for more interesting reason: the people were greatly concerned that the new road will prevent the elves that live nearby. Definitely these are unusual beliefs.

    Fortunately, one of the local witches intervened: she "talked" with the elves and reached agreements with them. The implementation of the road project continued after Icelanders established the Church for Elves elsewhere agreed in advance with the invisible people.


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