The most favorite Christmas songs of all times

    Before Christmas and New Year there are not so much time left. But unfortunately, the festive mood for some reason is coming not in a hurry. Despite the fact that all the streets are already decorated with New Year and Christmas decorations. To make this mood appeared (and not just for a fun-filled holiday, but also because with a good mood things are going easier), let's cheer up - with the help of Christmas songs. There are a lot of well-known Christmas and New Year festive songs and carols, but we choose the best ones and the most famous, so let's see which Christmas songs are in our list.

1. Andy Williams – “The most wonderful time of the year”

    One of the most beautiful songs of the Christmas holidays was written back in 1963. Its first performer was Andy Williams. And the authors are right. Christmas is definitely the most wonderful and happy time of the year.

2. Bill Nighy – “Christmas is all around”

    Many people still think that the song which has sounded in the film "Love Actually", original that was written for the movie. But no, exactly the same text, but not about Christmas, but about Love, has sung the band “Wet Wet Wet”. The composition was a hit, but in a Christmas version, it has become even more popular. It was performed by an actor Bill Nighy, who played in the film ageless soul musician.

3. Mariah Carey – “All I want for Christmas is you”

    The composition, which is called "The best present for me - it's you", was first released in 1994, but still occasionally falls into the world music charts and restarts as a single. One of the latest versions of Mariah sang with a young singer Justin Bieber. The song also has sounded in the film "Love Actually".

4. Melanie Thornton – “Wonderful Dream”

    The Song "Wonderful Dream" is easy to learn already from the first notes. This is because the composition of the singer Melanie Thornton has become the main track of the advertising campaign of a famous brand. And when every December we hear on TV "Holidays are coming  ..." Christmas mood appears by itself.

5. Wham – “Last Christmas”

    In 1984, this song was in the first places of the charts. It was written by George Michael, who was part of the duo "Wham" at that time. He was who performed it. The plot of the song is not really festive - because it is sung about unrequited love, which ended on Christmas Day.

6. Elvis Presley – “Blue Christmas”

    Song of the King of Rock 'n' roll was published in winter 1958. This is a story about unrequited love during the holidays. The composition has entered the collection of Elvis "Christmas Album" with other Christmas songs. Later was done a lot of covers on this song in a variety of genres - from pop to punk.

7. Bobby Helms - "Jingle Bell Rock" / "Rock Christmas"

    The song was published by Bobby Helms in 1957, the first song which was released on 7-inch vinyl. Original words to the song were written by Joseph and Bill James Bute in the early 60s. Many of the performers have sung and performed this song, but the version of the Helms became the most famous.

8. John Williams – “Home Alone” OST

    John Williams has included in music to the film "Home Alone," a few well-known Christmas songs and psalms. In addition, all ringtones created by Williams were also arranged in an appropriate style, he has added to the musical fabric special colors: the gentle chime of bells and pure children's voices (children's choir).

9. Dean Martin – “Let It Snow”

    For the first time this song was played in 1945 by one of the popular singers from USA Vaughn Monroe. Since then, this song had been performed many times by different singers. It is noteworthy that the song is strongly associated with Christmas, although in the song is not even a hint of Christmas, it is a love song. The most famous version is still version of Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin. Sinatra's version is jazz version, so the version of Martin increasingly found on the radio.

10. “We Wish You a Merry Christmas”

    This popular carol is known in England since the 16th century. This is one of the few traditional Christmas carols, which refers to the celebration of the New Year.

11. “Jingle Bells” / “Sleigh Bells”

    This song was written in 1857 year by an American composer named James Lord Pierpont. It was called "One Horse Open Sleigh" (open sleigh pulled by a horse) and its melody was harder, more reminiscent of classical pieces by Mozart. Since then, the melody and the lyrics of the song have been slightly modified.

12. Brenda Lee – “Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree”


    This TV song was first performed by young singer Brenda Lee from USA in 1958 and since then the song has got a lot of cover-versions, which were played by different performers, becoming one of the most popular and beautiful and well-known Christmas songs in the United States.

13. “Winter Wonderland”

    Richard Himber was first, who performed this song in 1934 with his Hotel Ritz-Carlton Orchestra. Already for eight decades this song is performed by different authors, that is why, it has become amazingly popular and well-known Christmas songs in the United States, even though there are no words about Christmas in the song, there are only references to the sleigh bells.


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