Top 5 movies about Count Dracula: powerful and bloodthirsty

     Vampires are present in the mythology and legends almost every civilization: from the ancient Babylonians to the medieval educated Europeans. Over the ages, people believed in the existence of the blood-sucking parasites, transmitting from one generation to another the different legends about these mystical beings. Such a large layer of culture, which exists on every continent, could not get around the cinema. 

“Van Helsing” (USA, 2004)

    Well-known Count Dracula - the first of the vampires - is trying to revive his stillborn offspring, since vampires cannot have children. To do this, he needs to find the Frankenstein's monster, which disappeared a few years ago. To his misfortune, Count Dracula slew of Frankenstein, who knew a way to resurrect the dead.

    At the same time, Knight of the Holy Order of Van Helsing hunts around the world on the different evil creatures. It comes and to Transylvania, where he gets a new job - he has to kill Dracula. After arriving in Transylvania, Van Helsing and met Anna Valerie, which is the last descendant of King Valeria, except her son Velkan, which currently is a werewolf. Van Helsing must kill Dracula, as King Valery swore that none of his ancestors will appear in paradise until they kill Dracula. Van Helsing, immediately, sends heartfelt greetings to Count Dracula, killing one of his daughters.

    But despite this, Van Helsing is useful to Dracula, because he finds Frankenstein and a vampire discovers this. When Dracula finally got Frankenstein, he tries to revive his immortal seed, by which he will be able to rule everywhere. What can and have to prevent the eminent Van Helsing.

“Dracula Untold” (USA, 2014)

    This name is familiar even to a small child who loves horror movies. This history says precisely that Dracula existed in reality. But whether he was a monster or just a mighty ruler? It is possible because there is evidence which confirms the existence of this creature.

    The movie about "Dracula" will show us a historical path of this man, and slightly open the veil of secrecy over it, though mysticism and fantasy will be also enough. Vlad Dracula - is, first of all, one of the great rulers who could hold in their hands the whole state. This man was a great warrior and a passionate lover. However, the days of his reign are nearing to sunset, because he is threatened by a new and unbeaten opponent.

    Now Count Draculahas only two choices: either he will surrender his entire kingdom, or he will sign a contract with the dark creature that promises him an incredible strength. Of course, the hero chooses the second option, the only thing is, that he will pay for his superhuman strength his immortal soul.

“Dracula” (USA, 1992)

    “Dracula” – is the film adaptation of the famous novel by Bram Stoker about the incredible destiny of the dark count, who gave his soul to the devil.

    Actions in the film begin in the distant 1462 in the castle honorable soldier and nobleman Vlad Dracula. After returning from the Turkish war, he learns that his beloved wife Elizabeth committed suicide. Church repudiates and condemns the suicide of Elizabeth. Dracula renounces God, plunging his sword into the heart of a huge cross.

    Then, events are transferred to several centuries ahead, into London. A young real estate agent Jonathan Harker is sent to Transylvania, at the invitation of a certain Count Dracula, who wants to buy a land in the area of the British capital. In the strange gloomy palace, Jonathan becomes a victim of sexual girls, which are drinking human blood. And the count at this time urgently sent to London in search of Harker's bride, who like two drops of water is similar to his dead wife.

“Dracula: Prince of Darkness” (UK, 1965)

    The picture tells the story about unwary travelers who have fallen into the hands of the Prince of Darkness himself. In the role of the immortal Count Dracula starred wonderful Christopher Lee (“Lord of the Rings”) - an icon of the genre.

    Siblings - Alan and Charles decided to travel in connection with the coming holidays. As a destination for some reason, they choose unexplored Carpathian Mountains. After catching their favorite wives, Diana and Helen, they hit the road. After some time, the travelers decide to stay for the night at the inn, where they meet the local priest.

    The church minister is trying to convince couples not to move forward, as here, he said, everything is under the power of evil. Young people do not take seriously the pastor's teachings and the next day, continue their dangerous journey. But at one point the driver refuses to drive them and leaves the middle of the forest.

Dracula 3D (Italy, 2012)

    From the creator of spectacular horror movies the famous Dario Argento - mysterious story about the life of two lovers separated by the most mysterious way. Tania and Milos love each other, but in the forests of Transylvania, death is waiting for them.

    No one knows for sure how and what killed Tanya. Later her body mysteriously disappears from the cemetery. Harker wants to investigate this story, but Count Dracula has his own plans. And it is better not to stand in his way.

    This was our list of the top 5 movies about Dracula, vampires, and adventures. Enjoy!


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