The mummies, tombs, treasures and curse: 5 exciting movies about Ancient Egypt

    July 5, 1881 by archaeologists from Cairo Museum Luxor found the cemetery of the pharaohs: dozens of mummies, hundreds of luxury items and frescoes. Thus began the craze of ancient Egypt, which had spread a few decades later and to the movies.



    So Egyptologist Emil Brugsch from Cairo's Egyptian Museum has made a sensational discovery: to the east of the famous Valley of the Kings, the cliffs of Deir el-Bahri, he discovered the underground burial chamber with dozens of sarcophagi that hold inside the mummies of the Pharaohs: of Seth I, Amenhotep I, Thutmose III, as well as the legendary conqueror of Ramses II the Great. The sarcophagi were among the utensils and ornaments scattered on the floor.

    It looks like a huge adventure, right? And yet, all this - is the truth. Another thing is that about these things: ancient Egypt, mummies, treasures and archeologists - filmed countless movies. The topic is - a truly golden. Let me introduce you to five of the most popular films, which can be reviewed more than once.

   Pharaoh (1965)



    Love and hate burn the heart of the young pharaoh Ramses XIII, fearless warrior, and ardent lover. The love of two women does not bring him happiness. The son of a Jewess Sarah could not become heir to the throne; the priestess Kama has no right to carnal love.

    His main passion and his curse - is the hatred to the all-powerful caste of the priests. He wants to step on the throat of their power. But death awaits those who go against them. High Priest Herhor is preparing to the double murder of Ramses and to replace true Pharaoh on his throne.



    Facts about the movie:

    • Pharaoh with the name Ramses XIII had never existed.

    • After the death of Pharaoh Ramses XI (XII) Pharaoh Herhor has become the new pharaoh.

    • The film was shot in Egypt, Uzbekistan (Kyzyl-Kum) and Poland.

    • The film is based on the novel by Polish writer Boleslaw Prus.

Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981)



    Well-known archaeologist and a great expert on the different occult sciences Dr. Jones receive a very dangerous mission from the American government. He must go in search of unique and very ancient relics - the Holy Ark. But Dr. Indiana Jones does not suspect the fact that a similar order also had already received secret agents of Hitler.



    The idea of such movie is ripe with well-known George Lucas and Steven Spielberg while on vacation in Hawaii. Once they have built together on the beach a huge sand castle and suddenly decided to make an adventure film based on the television series 40-ies. As a result, they started working on the script with Lawrence Kezdanom. In the list of hundred best American movies of the last century, compiled by the American Film Institute, this amazing movie about the treasures, tombs and a curse has occupied 60th place.

The Mummy (1999)



    In the vast expanses of the Egyptian desert company daredevils’ different nationalities prowling in search of untold treasures of Pharaoh, over which is eerie ancient curse.

    Next to the treasure lies the mummy of the treacherous priest, who was violently executed for the murder of a powerful ruler of Egypt. Gold miners disturbed the peace of the tomb and mummy with her curse rises from the grave to plunge the world into a nightmare realm.



    Facts about the movie:

    • When the tomb of King Tutankhamen was found Nov. 4, 1922, the excavations were led by George Herbert, the Earl of Carnarvon, and with him took part in them his daughter, Lady Evelyn Carnarvon.

     According to the original plan of the main character of the film, she was supposed to be the daughter of the accursed Lord Carnarvon, Evelyn, but later her name was changed to Carnahan, and the only reference to this storyline were the words of Evelyn to Rick that her father was "very famous explorer."

    • To participate in the filming was invited scientist-Egyptologist, who on his example had to prompt and to teach the actors the correct pronunciation of certain ancient Egyptian words and whole phrases.

    • When Imhotep Beni translates words, he makes a mistake in a single word, say "forever" and Evelyn corrects him with the phrase "forever, you idiot”! A similar mistake in deciphering hieroglyphics Dr. Daniel Jackson is happening in the film "Stargate" (1994).

Keepers of the Treasures (2011)



    During excavations archaeologist Victoria Carter has found an ancient map, which is indicating the way to the Seal of Solomon - an ancient amulet, obtained from the King of God! Unwilling to share the discovery, Victoria decides immediately to go in search of. But rumors spread very quickly, because for a long time hunters are looking for the Seal. Also learned about the discovery in the Vatican, and fearing the power and curse of the artifacts stored there, the well-known scholar Teddy Carter was sent Victoria for help. He must do everything in order the Seal not got into the wrong hands!

Legend of the mummy (1998)



    Renowned Egyptologist Abel Trelawney was found in a coma, with a hand mutilated with strange scars. His daughter - beautiful Margaret finds father’s unusual instructions, in which he asks that his body not will be exported outside the house and will be guarded day and night by two men. Here, surrounded by the ancient Egyptian treasures and mysterious deaths, the mystery which lies in the terrible curse of the old treasure.


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