Hungry anyway - the most disgusting food

    Asia is known for its culinary preferences and can always surprise tourists with variety of delicacies, spicy and fragrant delicious dishes. But we must be prepared for the fact that in some countries or regions, you will be faced with the terrible food that it is not just hardly can be eaten, it is even hardly to be watched, especially to inexperienced Europeans. However, some of the following "scary" foods can still be found in the same Europe or America. Here is our list - the most disgusting food you can ever try!

Eye of tuna

    Gigantic, very ugly and absolutely not contributing to the adoption of food, eye of tuna, opens the list of the most dreaded delicacies which can gratify desire gourmets. It is a miracle of culinary art can only be found in Japan, so isn't a cause for grief. The only possible way to eat the slime-coated glass-like contraption - swallow immediately as soon as it got into your mouth, and try harder not to think about it. Otherwise, the consequences can be very predictable.

Bloody Jelly

    Looking at the plate, you cannot avoid of memories about a scene from a horror movie. But Laotians do not think this way, swallowing portion by portion bloody pieces of Jelly. If you still want to taste bloody terrible food, you should go straight to Phousy market in Luang Prabang.

Pigs brain

    Although this dish is found even in the vast of our country, a particular spread this dish does not received, and it is clear why. However, some companies produce canned food containing the above-mentioned delicacy, soaked in milk: that is to say, for gourmets, who want to feel all palettes of tastes of Asian cuisine. According to the data specified on the label, the product contains 3500 milligrams of cholesterol, what is neither more nor less, and 1170% of the recommended daily dose of nutritionists.

Bovine eggs

    This dish is the worthy replenishment of our list of the most horrible dishes and the disgusting food. Definitely, it is scary for us, but not for the people of the southern part of China, in the butcher shop where you can often see this delicacy which is hanging along with other types of meat.


    In the opinion of the brave who dared to try out one of the most expensive dishes on Fiji, it reminds the taste of a chicken meat. To eat some cooked shriveled carcasses, you must first get rid of the fear of bats. Animals those, to say the least, are not nice.


    For me, if it's not the worst food in the world, then certainly the most vile. Duck's egg with half-formed fetus in it, is boiled and is served to everyone who is ready to try. This exotic food is very popular in Cambodia, especially among men. Cambodian men are sure that this dish is able to increase virility.

Cooked head of a sheep

    It looks really terrible, but you can still get used to it. It is meat, after all. This dish represents a pictorial decoration of the table in Iran, Iraq and even in Kazakhstan. The right of butchering the head is always given to the oldest and the most respected members of the family.

The Seal stuffed with seagulls

    This is one of the most exquisite dishes of subarctic peoples that have ever exhibited at the Christmas table. Kiviak is so called carcass of a seal which is stuffed with the seagulls.

Kutti Pi - the embryo of the goat

    Again, animal embryos are in our list of the most disgusting food for the lovers of terrible food. This time, these are embryos of the goats. The dish is common in India, among the descendants of mixed marriages between the British and Indians. They still do not accept the Indian society and have to be as the separate municipalities, which have developed mixed Indo-British culinary preferences.

Infused on mice wine

    The process of making tincture is this: in a bottle of rice wine are placed three- days mice, and as such wine languish one year, mixing "flavors". Murine wine is popular in Korea, and in some parts of it is even used as a medicine.

Rotten shark meat

    Rotten to the last cellule, the meat of a giant Greenland shark is called "hakarl" - it is the most terrible and disgusting food for the unprepared person. Exudes the aroma of a public toilet, hakarl is of two kinds:  tissue and muscles from the rotten stomach.  This disgusting food is absolutely harmless as a sliced cheese. In Greenland, hakarl is packaged as salted fish or squid to beer. Sharp taste and is very pungent smell does not interfere with the savory meat to be a welcome treat on Christmas table of a modern Viking.

    Thank God, in our latitudes such terrible and disgusting food cannot be found not in the restaurant menus not on the festive receptions. Definitely, these strange and even scary dishes, could have tried only the most courageous representative of gourmets. Interestingly, are there among us such people?


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