The Magic of Fire

    The element of “Fire” is a major - and thus one of the most powerful elements. It, perhaps, was the first element who was mastered by people.

    It is with the help of this element people warmed themselves, had prepared the food... this element helped them to survive in the harsh environment of the planet, helped to scare away animals and insects, warned of the danger, but it also caused them a lot of trouble, and the most important of which are global wildfires.

    Magic of this element also can be different: this can be combat magic, which includes fireballs (fighting pulsars), and household, by using which we kindle a fire in the fireplace or in the oven. It can help and can kill - just like its element.

    This special element, as well as any element of, protects magicians, choosing people with certain character traits. First of all, people are brave, bold, sometimes recklessly. "Hot Shots" - this is about the people of this element.

    This unique magic is everywhere; you only need to pay attention to it. With the flame and candles are related a large number of esoteric practices and rituals, as well as legends and myths too. The history of use by humans the power of the flame in magic and witchcraft is longer than one millennium. This kind of magic arose with the advent of the first rites and rituals.

    Fire, first of all, it's the element, and each element is controlled by spirits. Spirits of this element are considered to be the salamanders. In ancient writings they are presented in the form of small lizards or dragons that live in a flame. They rule over volcanoes, lightning’s and explosions, cause in humans a strong spiritual and emotional currents. It is believed that salamanders are promoting actively doctoring, strength and stimulate the human aura and are promoting the highest manifestation of the spiritual forces.

    For the first time getting acquainted with this type of magic in humans raises the question: How can I control this power, how I can learn this magic - the answer to such questions is unambiguous, we must learn to be connected with the fire, becoming essentially a single entity on a spiritual level? Below we present few ways of mastering of this magic.

The Flame

    The essence of the method - the identification of the elements that allows a person to quickly enter into a special state, necessary for the effective implementation of an action, for the acquisition of certain qualities. Imagine that you are the flames, the raging flames of fire. Bright as possible, imagine this feeling. You are "cocked", impetuous and rapid, as the element itself. You, too, are spreading, not knowing barriers, just moving with lightning speed, as the flames rise.

    In daily life, every person felt himself many times under the impact of this very powerful destructive element. However, it also has healing, soothing properties, for example while looking on a burning candle, you can slowly think about life, to dream of a happy future, calm your nerves, talk frankly with friends and relatives, and finally create an enchanted and romantic atmosphere.

    As you can see the magic of this powerful element is very versatile, it can not only destroy but also to serve man. All the problems, troubles and failures as if are retreating and this is because the human soul is cleansed and calms down.

The Fire ball

    This practice of magic assumes creation of an energy ball. To do this you should be placed in a comfortable position. Put your hands on your knees in front of you - your hands should be placed so that they look at each other and are parallel to each other. Between the palms should be a distance of 20-25 centimeters. Now you can start slowly, steadily and deeply breathe. Into the rhythm of inhalation and exhalation it is required to move the palm of your hand slowly, while focusing on the feelings that you sense between them.

    Imagine that you have a small ball between the palms. You have to be fully focused on the fact what your palms feel. As the distance between your hands will decrease, you will feel some resistance - as if really in the hands clamped balloon.

Obtaining information through the element

    The practice of obtaining information from this element is what we need to light a candle and place it in front of us concentrating on the flame. Its flame will fluctuate, even if there is no wind in the room. Now, out loud or mentally start asking questions - answers you will receive, will be in the form of flame fluctuations.

    Flames can move left and right, back and forth. For every single person value of these oscillations will fire an individually: one movement to the right would mean "yes", another - "no." It is easily identified by the events that take place after a certain period of time.

    Let's suppose, that you ask about your planned business? The candle significantly deviated to the right or left? On the day when the actual event will take place, remember, what was the response of the flame, whether it is right? Sometimes it is necessary to establish the magic of an element for a longer time, but it is necessary for a true warrior or a sorcerer. Even though initially the information will not be uniquely correct, gradually its reliability will become increasingly fixed.


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