Magic food

    In the past when the computer, Internet, TV and other attributes of the present world did not exist, man was much closer to the outside world. Then man could see and notice what is hidden inside of everyday life, he tried to understand the essence of things. Before, people had very special attitude to food. Modern man does not face such concepts as sacred food, a ritual meal, the food offered as a gift, a magical food and so on.

    Man has to eat every day during all his life. Food gives energy and can influence on health in different ways. So that is why it is so important to know rules of eating, people should choose products very carefully. Especially if you pay attention to the fact that two identically prepared meals or the same products can have different effects on human.

Does magic food exist?

    Yes, it is.

    Magic food is a food, that has special abilities, it can not only to satiate man, but also can have an impact on his physical and mental condition, his thoughts and feelings. All this is possible thanks to the energy.

    A person can put energy in the food, that will work for good or harm: a sick one will recover, to the enemy it will bring failure, make someone fall in love, attract luck, conciliate or quarrel, and so on.



    To make it easier to understand, here is an example:

    “Probably everyone has heard a story that took place with friends or friends of friends, in these stories, the man had a good family and everything was perfect, after meanwhile the man began to meet with other woman, then this person became constant in his life, then she was the only one in priority, and then he left the family. Wife does not know why all this happened, how good husband could change her for another woman, especially, if everything was really ok. After she call former husband donkey and another woman witch, that had charmed her man.

    The recipe for a love potion

    Yes, it is a very common situation. But if to look deeper and try to understand what happened, very interesting things will become apparent. Mistress could charm him indeed.



    In fact, man does not need to live with his mistress, for him it is enough to satisfy the passion and then he goes home to his family. This passion is not everything, it will not take care, it will not feed, make life full.

    Food can be a strong influencing factor, which mistress used intentionally. Both women, wife and mistress, were cooking for the same man. But mistress was doing it in a special way: she was filling it with her love and passion, repeating words how he will love her, imagining them together. This woman was cooking food full with her energy, magic food that was making her more attractive. And wife, that was busy and had no time for cooking, was preparing empty meals, just to feed a family, or ordered it in delivery center. So in this way the man was receiving spiritual messages. Bewitched food did its work quietly.”

    Mothers, who love too much their sons, act in the same way to adhere men to them forever.



    Secret of cooking magic food.

    1. What products to choose.

    Food can be divided into animal products and vegetable origin.

    Vegetables, fruits, herbs can be used for any kind of magic. Best of all take those ones that were grown up in a wild place, without help of people. Such products carry energy of nature. If there is no such possibility, greens can be taken from garden. Mass production food is very weak, lot of chemicals are used while it is growing, and then they are collected green and have to ripen in the way.

    Meat can be used only in black magic. Milk and eggs are used in different divinations.

    It is very important to understand that food acts as a container that you will fill with energy. Synthetic food does not suit us, we need only natural products. Products that were processed and are ready for use are useless (cheese, sausage), because magic happens during cooking.



    2. How to full it with energy.

    Magic food gets its power during cooking.

    First of all it is very important clearly to understand aim of sorcery. Doubts and uncertainty will equate every effort to zero. Before to start you have to concentrate on the subject of magic, imagine him, and feel it like he is near and hearing everything. After you must talk to the food and ask to complete plans. Then start cooking, in the process you must not lose the concentration. You have to pronounce words during cooking, express your desires and thoughts. Add imagination, feel that the goal is reached, and believe in it. Try to fill thoughts with emotions, create a vortex of energy (each time the imagination should be brighter, stronger confidence, the belief that this will happen is to be steadfast). Send it all to the food, fill it with energy.

    Contact with food is very necessary. During cooking we touch it and the main flow of energy passes through out palms, there are special areas in the center of them.




    3. Factors enhancing the effect

    To enhance the effect, you can use the forces of nature.

    The presence of fire helps to increase the concentration of energy for this you have to light candles.



    Water is an excellent conductor; it is good if it is used in a dish or cooking process.

    If your magic has good nature, holy water can be used (for good luck, get well, or to make peace).



    The strongest magic food can be prepared at night in full moon.

    In order to attract a person is good to cook his favorite food that would cause positive associations, so you will get the additional advantage.

    The strongest dishes are: any kind of pastry, soups, jam, various drinks - welded compotes, home-made wine.



    What products are widely used in magic?

    The following products in the list can be attributed to a magic food, but they are not always used as meal.

    1. Apple

    This is one of the most famous items of magic food. This fruit is used in love-potions, divinations, curses and the evil eye. Sorcerers used it to treat various ailments, to get rid of warts, to take off evil eye from person.

    Eve tempted Adam's apple; wicked stepmother gave poisoned apple to Snow White.

    As an example we present the simplest spell.

    “Take one big red apple, cut in half, remove core with seeds, in one half put a leaf with the name of a loved one, cover it with the second half of apple and tie a woolen thread. During the process, repeat these words: As these two halves of the apple, you, Name, and I, Name, will be always linked to each other. You have to put this apple on the sun, to make it dry.”



    2. Eggs

    Row eggs are used for divination or to make an evil eye.

    You have to break the row egg and put it in a jar with clean water, after several minutes you can look at it and analyze the picture. If it is clean then person is in ok, if there are any pictures, images, darkening or smell then it might be evil eye or illness, someone’s anger or jealously, bad gossips and so on.



   3. Salt

    Salt is a strong magic item. It protects from evil force.

    During some magic rituals, causing demons is good to make circle of salt around person for his protect.



    4. Onion and garlic

    This magic food protects against demons and evil spirits.

    If you put dry onion or garlic in kitchen or at the entrance they will not let the bad energy to get in the house.



    5. Wine

    This drink is perfect for love potion.



   6. Potatoes

    Witches use potatoes to break an evil eye.

    The easiest way: take one round potato, cut it in a half, put 7 matches in one half and fire them up. When they stop burning, burry this potato, and say this words: “Let the potatoes rot in the ground and me to be healthy”.



    7. Bread

    Bread is one the most powerful products of the magic food. It can bring good fortune health success, but also he can carry strong curse.



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