How to attract fortune into your life: Top 10 Ways

    Erase four-leaf clover into powder, stop scaring black cats and do not believe into the Chinese fortune cookie. We present you the scientific methods, which, according to influential scientists, are attracting luck better than any focus and lilac with five petals.

    Several years ago, the trio of the "luckiest" psychologists from the Edinburgh University - Richard Wiseman, Matthew Smith and Peter Harris - began to study the differences between people, which are regularly being lucky in life and those who are haunted by bad luck. How is it possible that someone is regularly getting "lucky ticket", and others cannot get a "bonus" from the fate - and are always getting the solid fiasco? As a result of a decade of research they came to the conclusion that man is not born with luck, but it is able to "catch fortune by the tail." Moreover this is possible, even regardless of the source data. Think, for example, pupil orphanage Coco Chanel, tramp Edith Piaf or orphan Abramovich. Suffice it to develop the five successful habits. Let’s see our list of the best ways to attract good luck.

    Oh, how many of our mistakes and problems, we write off on a bad luck! And what is "good luck" and from what it depends on? Capricious Lady Fortune comes herself or her presence is the result of a long-term serious work on you? In general, there are many ways to attract good luck into your life, and here we present the list of the most effective of them...

1. Use your strengths



    Each person must not only know their own strengths and weaknesses, but also to apply this knowledge. According to the maximum engage in activity your "muscles" and choose an activity in which you can show them. As for weaknesses, then you need to learn how to overcome them, resist and fight them and with your fears, which often hinder us in pursuit of success.

2. Do your job



    The basic rule of success - it's your job, find it and evolve in that direction. Ideally, your main occupation should bring you money and pleasure at the same time. If you still do not know what it is like to deal with, just think about what activities will make you happy and really inspires you and just try to make progress on this field.

3. Risks



    As they say, nothing ventured, nothing gained. Sometimes it is useful get out of the so-called comfort zone and to try to step on the next level. Do not be afraid to lose: in case of failure you can return to the rhythm of your life, but if you're lucky you will gain a lot.

4. Develop your communication skills



    The successful person should be able to easily keep in touch with any of the people to express themselves clearly and to the point, to win over everyone. Develop your communication skills, speak more often with the strangers, read a smart book “uncles and aunts” and learn how to competently express your thoughts through writing: it is no less important than the verbal speech.

5. Learn how to give to others



    The value of boomerang effect in life cannot be overestimated, because what goes around comes around. In addition, not only art, but also the success requires sacrifice. For example, to surround yourself with successful people, in order to learn from them how to attract the most capricious Lady, you will inevitably have to go to them to make concessions, to help them.

6. Trust the people



    Cease to treat strangers as potential fraudsters and villains: if I do not know of a person, then by defaults it for me - the extremely positive person. Be open and do not hesitate to ask people for help. Independently follow these recommendations difficult, but with the help of friends, relatives and colleagues, your path will be less arduous.

7. You should work over your appearance



    To be a successful person, you first have to look like a successful person: meet on clothes, and you will not have a second chance to make a first impression of you. Make sure that people have never seen you in an impartially way. Your regular clothes attributes should be spectacular appropriate accessories, hair, makeup and, of course, the light from your confident smile.

8. Forget the negative past in order to spare the place for fortune



    If you have the unfortunate experience that badly affects you, whatever the cost you have to get rid of it. Remember good old Carnegie's useful advices, which long ago have become commonplace: at least you can "make lemonade out of lemons!" In addition, you can always start to do auto-training, to master the oriental art of spiritual self-purification (e.g., yoga); finally, seek help from a psychologist or psychotherapist.

9. Break the existing rules



    Do not be afraid to occasionally break the usual rules, to show imagination and creativity in the usual case. This applies to all spheres of your own life. Sometimes it is very helpful to listen to your heart and do what it tells you to do, even if the conduct does not fit into the framework of the established norms.

10. Set goals



    The last rule of fortune - it is the right to formulate and put in front of you specific targets, and then proceed to their implementation in reality. Road overcomes what is going. And no doubt the attainability of goals! No matter how ambitious they may be. If you believe with all my heart in your fortune and luck the Universe itself will help you at every turn!




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