7 Of The Most Famous Ghost Ships

    During its history, mankind witnessed a huge number of unexplained and mysterious phenomena. A separate topic became vehicles without any signs of life on board, which people began to call "ghosts." Among people, there are stories about dozens, if not hundreds of such means. So today we decided to make a list of the seven most famous ghost ships. So, let's get started!

1. “Flying Dutchman”

    “Flying Dutchman” is perhaps the most famous ghost ship. For the first time, this ship was mentioned in the book Journey to the Botanical Gulf by George Barrington. According to legend, in the 1700s the Dutch Captain Philip Van der Decken returned from the East Indies and on board was a young couple. The captain liked the girl and he killed her lover and made her an offer to become his wife, but the girl refused and threw herself overboard. Meanwhile, around the Cape of Good Hope began a storm. Captain Van der Decken, despite the objections of the sailors, was determined to continue the journey.

    He killed one of his assistants, but swore to cross the promontory, even if it takes forever. Despite his efforts, the ship sank, and, according to the legend, Van der Decken along with the ship and his crew are doomed to perpetual wandering on the seas. Now he, immortal, invulnerable, but unable to descend to the shore, is doomed to plow the waves of the world ocean until the second coming. Although, according to the legends, he has a chance to find peace if he finds one that voluntarily agrees to become his wife.

2. “Caleuche”

    The ghost ship from Chile “Caleuche” continues our list. Local residents say that this schooner sometimes appears in the ocean with the dead crew on board. Many witnesses claim that they themselves saw the ship. When a ship appears near the shore, you can hear the music and the sounds of human speech. But after a few minutes, it disappears as suddenly as it appears.

    According to legend, the team of “Caleuche” consists of people who came to the ship because of the magic melody and those who died in the sea. Souls on this ship acquire the life that they had before. Witnesses of the appearance of this famous ghost ship mostly die. If a person really wants to see “Caleuche” and does not want to suffer in any way, has to have a lot of strength and patience not to fall into the sight of the team of “Caleuche”.

3. “Ourang Medan”

    Next on our list is the Dutch ship “Ourang Medan”. He also became a kind of a ghost ship, with which an incredible story is connected, which happened in 1947. In one of the US ports, a signal for help was received. The man who sent him assured that the whole crew of the ship was dead. This message was followed by some illegible Morse code and a short phrase: "I'm dying." He did not have time to say anything else - the connection was interrupted.

    In front of the eyes of the rescuers appeared a terrible picture: an absolutely lifeless ship and the bodies of the crew members, frozen in eerie poses. On the bodies of the deceased crew, there was no visible mutilation found, although it was obvious from the expression on their faces that they died in horror and violent torment. A single-valued explanation for this case was not found.

4. “Bel Amica”

    In the middle of our list is a ship that survived only thanks to the Italian coast guard. In 2006, an unknown ship was discovered in the territorial waters of Italy. Getting on board, the rescuers found that it was empty. Discovered things said that the ship left in a big hurry. Due to the fact that the ship did not give a distress signal, it could not be determined. The name was given to him by the inscription – “Bel Amica”.

5. “Maria Celesta”

    The fifth place of our list is occupied by the ghost ship “Maria Celesta”. The history of this vessel began in 1972 when it was discovered near the Portuguese shore. The rescuers were surprised to see the perfect order on the board of the ship. The provision, which was on the ship, would be enough for another six months of sailing, and the ship itself was without damage. But on the “Mary Celeste” was not found a single crew member. Everyone, who were on the ship, disappeared under mysterious circumstances.

6. “Carroll A. Dirling”

    The ghost ship “Carroll A. Dirling” is penult in our collection.

    It was launched in 1919, but only a few days later a ship without a single passenger was found near the shores of North Carolina. The cause of the disappearance has not yet been established. Some claim that the crew and passengers of the ship were abducted and killed by sea robbers; others say that the anomaly of the Bermuda Triangle was the cause of the disappearance.

7. “Lady Lovibond”

    The story about this ghost ship is another fairy tale, which became a legend. Simon Peel - the captain of this schooner, along with his narrowed, went on a cruise, not paying attention to the fact that with a woman on the ship you should wait for troubles! As a result, his jealous helper sank the ship along with all members of the “Lady Lovibond”. According to the legend, a schooner can be seen near the shores of South-East England every half of a century.


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