Top 10 Great Inventions of Humanity

    It is safe to say that the history of mankind - is the story of inventions. Since the most ancient times, people have sought to facilitate their lives, inventing a variety of devices and finding them all new applications. It is hard to imagine that once people lived without these things familiar to us, such as paper, watches or soap. Every age has contributed to the history of scientific discoveries, but most think that all the great inventions belong to the 20th and 21st centuries.

    Yes, undoubtedly, the scientific and technological revolution was accomplished in the 20th century and thanks to it we can enjoy the delights of the technical achievements of everyday life and everyday life.

    So what the great inventions of mankind serve us to this day?


    In the late 19th century, many scientists have tried to find a way, how to make “pictures moving” and, by the way, some of them have succeeded, but all the laurels belong to the inventors of cinema - Brothers Lumiere. It is known that some viewers, who watched the famous “Train”, were frightened it and even have tried to escape from the room. Now cinema is not only the progress but also powerful commercial industry.


    The first mentions of attempts to transmit sound through the writings were found in the annals of the 9th century AD. In the 19th century, several scientists have worked on the idea of creating the phone, but officially its inventor is considered to be an American Alexander Graham Bell, who patented the device in 1876, which he called “talking telegraph”.


    In 1895, Alexander Popov presented the first radio that worked by trapping electromagnetic waves. The invention of Popov was the basis not only for the development of radio as the media; it opened a new era in the study of physics. Today, radio is increasingly moving to the digital broadcasting.


    Historians disagree about the origin of the glass: some believe that it was invented in Egypt, while others prefer the theory of the Sumerians. Whatever it was, the glass is not only among great inventions, but it is one of the oldest inventions in the history - its age is about 5000 years! Just imagine what the people, who lived thousands of years ago, were able to produce not only transparent glass, but also colored glass and use it for decorative purposes.


    The exact location of the invention of the wheel is not known.  Historians estimate its age within 5-4 millennium BC. Without wheels, there would be not only modern means of transportation such as a bicycle, a car or even a plane but also a variety of mechanisms. The wheel served as a powerful stimulus for the development of science and Crafts: potter's wheel was created on its basis, a spinning wheel, mill, gear, gears and much more.

A computer

    Scientists, working on the creation of a computer in the middle of the 20th century could hardly assume, that their development will completely change the life of all mankind. What was created as a means of computing, is now used in all fields of science and in all spheres of life most people on the planet. We are so used to computers, laptops, and tablets that we simply cannot imagine our life without it.

Printing press

    The invention of Johann Gutenberg, which is belonging to the 15th century, became a revolution in the production of books. Prior to emergence the printing press, books were copied by hand and took several years. Naturally, afford to have at home at least one book could only very rich people. The printing press gave mankind the opportunity to get acquainted with the great literary works.


    Historical records say that the paper appeared in China in the 2nd century AD. Originally it was made of silk, then using cheaper materials such as starch and glue. With time paper has become widely used, completely displacing the bark and parchment. It is hard to imagine what we would do without the usual white paper. No comments, paper is among the great inventions of humanity.


    The first mention of soap belongs to the 3rd millennium of BC. The ancient Egyptians used it not only for cleaning but also for washing clothes. In addition, it is the soap is the basis for many cosmetic products (shampoo, skin cleansers, and shower gels) and household products (laundry detergent, dishwashing detergent, and so on.)


    Gunpowder was invented in China, presumably at the beginning of the 9th century AD. According to one version, this invention was an accident. Initially, it was used for fireworks, but soon began to be used for military purposes. The gunpowder became the impetus for the further development of firearms and explosive devices. Who knows, maybe it would be better if it was never invented?

    We all use mobile phones, but they simply would not have existed without the bulky “Bell’s apparatus”, created in the 19th century.

    Mankind does not cease to create great inventions, improving not only the quality but also the duration of our lives.


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