Animals heroes - the most incredible deeds of the animals

    Not only domestic animals, but even wild beasts are sometimes good and valiant. Our list shows the kindest acts of the animals, which can easily be called the real heroes.

Cher Ami

    Cher Ami - is a heroic dove, who saved lives of hundreds of American soldiers during the First World War. During all her services, the bird has made 12 sorties, delivering messages to the destination of special importance. So, in 1918, the dove has saved about 200 lives, thanks to the delivered message. During the flight, Cher Ami was seriously injured, lost a foot and an eye, but the bird was saved. She was awarded the Gold Medal of the American Society of pigeons and the medal of French Croix de Guerre. In 2011, the US dove was included in 10 of the most heroic animals of the history.

The four-legged sergeant

    Stubby - is the only dog in the history, who for his heroic deeds during the Second World War was awarded not only many awards but also the rank of sergeant. The brave and intelligent dog saved hundreds of soldiers during a gas attack. On the battlefield, Sergeant Stubby was dragging the wounded soldiers to a safe place and was calling for a help of medical staff. The dog even recognized a spy in the trenches allies. When an enemy spy tried to escape, Stubby grabbed his leg and would not let go until fellow soldiers had arrived. Subsequently, the animal was wounded by grenade fragments but returned to duty. The four-legged sergeant was involved in the fighting to the end of the war.

Heroic dolphins

    The wild animals sometimes can also be heroes. Surfer Todd Andrews miraculously has managed to survive, thanks to the dolphins which appeared at the time. While surfing, he was attacked by the sharks and was seriously wounded. The young man hardly had a chance to defend himself from the bloodthirsty predators. But then suddenly there were dolphins, which scared the sharks away.  Animals brought wounded Todd to the shore, where he got treated.


    The list of the good and heroic deeds of animals - heroes includes the history of the dog Nanny that saved the child. Once, a fire broke out in the house of a married couple. The firefighters arrived very late, and a living room was already completely covered with flames. The house remained Nanny with her puppies and a small child.

    The parents tried to get inside to save the child, but rescuers have stopped them because it was already too late to do anything. A few minutes later the dog has appeared with a toddler in the teeth. She pulled the child out of the fire and ran back into the house, but she never returned.

Libby and a blind Cashew

    Good deeds of animals are worthy of praise and we have to respect these little heroes. For example, a cat named Libby was a real friend for a blind Labrador Cashew. At the home of an American family, Libby appeared when she was a little kitten at the moment when Cashew was already an adult dog. When Cashew turned 14 years, the dog became blind and deaf.  The mustachioed friend who always accompanied the elderly Cashew became his eyes and ears. With the help of Libby, the Labrador could avoid obstacles and get to the bowl with food. All the time the four-legged friends were together.

Dog Buddy

    Our list of animals - heroes and their kindest deeds include the story of the dog Buddy, who called 911.  American John Stolneker, who suffers from epilepsy, took the dog from a kennel.

    He trained his dog to click on the appropriate phone button to call the rescue service. One day, when John had the next attack, 911 got a strange call, and instead of the human voice in the receiver sounded anxious barking. In the service of salvation, John's number was entered with a note that it may call with a specially trained dog. This was not an isolated case when a devotee Buddy pulled his master's from the other world.

Cat Pudding

    The cat named Pudding in 2012, made a heroic act when he saved from death his new mistress. Amy Young, who suffers from diabetes, took the cat from the shelter. Late in the evening of the same day, the woman became ill, she had a diabetic crisis. Pudding jumped on the hostess and tried to bring her in a sense, and then ran into the room of Amy's son. He woke him up and dragged him to his mother's room. Thanks to Amy's cat, she was able to get medical help in time.

Retriever Toby

    Retriever Toby saved his owner from death. Debbie Parkhurst choked suddenly with an apple. She began to suffocate and die. At this time, her dog Toby jumped over his owner, knocked her to the ground and began to jump on a woman's body. As a result, a piece of food came out of the respiratory tract Debbie and she began to breathe.

Bear rescued a traveler

    Traveler Robert Biggs once during one of his campaigns has experienced a real shock: he was attacked by a cougar, which knocked him down. The rescue arrived suddenly - the bear killed a puma, and thereby saved the man.

    Sometimes help comes unexpectedly. Pets and wild animals can also be heroes, come for help and commit a gratuitous, heroic act.


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