Top 5 best philosophical movies about immortality

    Probably ever since, when a reasonable man has learned to speak and interpret their thoughts, he thinks about immortality. For thousands of years mankind has been trying unsuccessfully to find a way to eternal life, but the Holy Grail still far and still unapproachable.

    Cinema contemplates the theme of immortality and repeatedly has touted audience very different versions - a fantasy past, an alternate future, the deal with the devil, and of course, movies about vampires. We decided to recall the best films about the immortality and the immortal life.

"Youth without Youth" (2007), directed by Francis Ford Coppola

    Less than a year before the outbreak of the Second World War the Bucharest elderly professor-linguist (Tim Roth) is going to kill himself (beloved is dead, scientific work on the search for the Indo-European proto-language at an impasse).

    The lightning which struck the hero heals him from depression, and he starts to look younger. Very confusing and stumbling but touching movie of the titans of the "New Hollywood", shot after decade break, based on the story of the Romanian culturologist, philosopher of religion and writer Mircea Eliade.

The Fountain (2006), by Darren Arronofsky

    The intricate pattern of Darren Arronofsky contains a lot of hidden philosophical meanings, one way or another related to the theme of immortality. The movie of a famous American director can be called a parable, but it leaves more questions than answers, - the film is composed of three different stories that intersect with each other.

    Despite the fact that the movie was booed at the premiere in Venice, "The Fountain" is very popular with many fans of the movie in the first place, for the execution of aesthetics, and Hugh Jackman and Rachel Weisz, who have played major roles, bribe their empathic characters.

Time (2011), directed by Andrew Niccol

    Screenwriter and director of the sci-fi thriller Andrew Niccol decided to base his story on a simple and a very clear truth: "time - money". In the distant future, all people become immortal - on reaching 25 years of age they stop grow old. But if they will not restock their time, they simply die a year later. Now the days and hours have become the currency, and when a young guy by coincidence gets 116 years, someone starts hunting him.

    The film was a success in the international box office, earning $ 174 million. Actors involved in the movie are popular American actors - Justin Timberlake, Amanda Seyfried, Cillian Murphy, Alex Pettyfer and Olivia Wilde.

The Age of Adaline (2015), by Lee Toland Krieger

    After Adaline got into a terrible car accident and her heart stopped she got immortality. Since then, it absolutely does not age - every ten years she moves from place to place in order to change the situation. But now, after almost a century, she has found a person for whom she is ready to become mortal.

    This fantastic romantic movie was directed by Lee Toland Krieger received mixed reviews of film critics and at the box office the film has collected a small amount of $ 43 million dollars. Nevertheless, the audience enjoyed this romantic story, and special praise was awarded the main character played by Blake Lively.

Highlander (1986), by Russell Mulcahy

    British film, which tells about the adventures of a Scottish warrior Connor MacLeod, was truly a cult among the boys in the late 80s. The movie became so popular that on it was based the TV series of the same name and stayed on the screen for six seasons. The TV series became not less popular than the film, making the name of its protagonist Duncan MacLeod well-known.

    The original movie tells the story of immortal warrior who has met his enemy after a few centuries. The main role played by Christopher Lambert, and his screen couple was Sir Sean Connery.

The Man from Earth (2007), by Richard Shenkman

    Professor of a university is going to move to another place, so his friends and colleagues decided to visit him before his departure. During this random party, protagonist opens to his comrades’ his strange mystery - in fact, he lives on our planet fourteen thousand years.

    Chamber fantasy film was shot for a tiny budget of $ 200 thousand. The action of the movie takes place for one night in one place, and the crew which worked on the creation of the painting, consists of a lesser-known filmmakers.

Death Becomes Her (1992), by Robert Zemeckis

    Fantastic wonderful black comedy directed by Robert Zemeckis, could not subdue the critics but is loved by many viewers. The story tells of a love triangle between a plastic surgeon and two women who are obsessed with their appearance. It turns out that the two ladies took the elixir of immortality, which guarantees the preservation of youth, and, therefore, in their lives happen very, very funny events.

    The main roles in satire Zemeckis, mocks modern standards of female beauty, filled with the magnificent trio of Bruce Willis - Meryl Streep - Goldie Hawn, and the painting itself has received "Oscar" for the best visual effects.


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