Top Movies about Leprechauns and Dwarfs

    Leprechaun in Irish folklore is a small creature, who lived in the hills of Ireland, most of them were shoemakers. We know that leprechauns are not averse to drink, so they are often can be found in the vine cellars. They also adore tobacco and do not let out of the mouth of the tube.

    It is said that every dwarf has a pot of gold, or if there is no gold, leprechaun has to fulfill three wishes. If a person is lucky and he caught this little creature, he can push him to show where his gold is. Gnome is described as a small man from a magic kingdom, who's wearing an emerald green coat and green three-cornered hats. Has knowledge of the location of buried treasure. Leprechauns are very stingy and greedy; often look like the poor, even though they have a lot of gold. Lots of legends about these small mystical creatures say that not all of them are good; some shoemakers can be even dangerous and evil. If you are interested in this topic, here we have for you top best movies about leprechauns.

Jumping Elves (1995)

    Learning that on their quiet earth are going to build a bustling amusement park, several Irish leprechauns, gnomes and fairies decide to go to America and convince the initiator of the project that the fairy world exists and it should not be destroyed by the construction.

Legend (2015)

    In ancient times, leprechaun avenged to the witch, who has tempted and robbed him by branding her a symbol of eternal damnation. But the witch was able to turn this into her advantage, called on a gnome-killer, who had defended her, the bearer of the stigma from the enemies. The symbol was transmitted through the centuries. Eventually it came to a young girl, whose friends started to die one by one.

Leprechaun 6: Home (2003)

    Ghetto... The gang of young penniless niggaz plies petty theft. The event brings them together with a small jug of gold. Gold does not end, despite the expenditure of the gang.  Carefree life started ... until the owner of the gold found it.

Part 5: Neighbor (2000)

    Four rappers decide to take revenge the influential impresario Mack Daddy, who refused to take them into the world of the gangster music and robbing his office. As a result, in their hands it is a magical golden flute, owned once Leprechaun.

    But the worst was different: they accidentally removed the spell from this evil little monster, which was in a daze past 25 years. Now, only a miracle can save them from retaliation insidious monster.

Part 3: Adventure in Las Vegas (1995)

    The city that worships gold, may erect a monument to the evil dwarf, an eternal guardian of the yellow metal. In the pawnshop in Vegas a dwarf again comes to life, wreaking death on his way, and horror, and one day, in search of a dropped golden shilling, enters the casino, where they feel at home. Schilling meanwhile starts to pass from hand to hand, and every new owner should only to say the word "want".

Part 2: One wedding and a lot of the funeral (1994)

    Angry keeper gold again goes on the warpath. Now his goal is heir of his enemy. Leprechaun never forgives offenses and insults. Until his abuser or his relative is alive, this means that there is work for a little evil creature. In addition, he also thought up to get married ... Who would be this lucky one ...?!

Part (1992)

    Mr. O`Grady unexpectedly arrives from Ireland richest man. Wife of O 'Grady thinks he's just drunk out of his mind when O "Grady said that he had stolen gold from the Leprechaun and now they begin to live in a new way.

    However, he did not consider the small details: Dwarf himself somehow came together with him in one of the suitcases and is obsessed with revenge to those who coveted his riches.


Milo / Bad Milo (2013)

    Milo has always considered him a most ordinary man and could not imagine that he is severely mistaken. He feels that his body is changing, and after a medical examination finds out the awful truth. It turns out that in his body lives  some terrible creature that in stressful situations is coming out of his body and takes a revenge on all offenders - a terrible creature, which is a strange hybrid of whether a demon with a dwarf, or an alien insect.

    Whatever it was, the creature is extremely dangerous, and is not possible to get rid of it - it is settled in the abdomen Milo and accompanies him everywhere, looking for the people, which can direct their fury. Milo realizes that now all his friends, and just random passers-by, are threatened: if they intentionally or accidentally hurt the hero, they cannot avoid the vengeance. Milo has to learn to cope with stress, and it is oh so easy: he has problems with everything: his parents, his girlfriend and his job.

Red Clover (2012)

    Going deep into the forest during the hunt, the main heroine of a horror movie "Red Clover", Karen, had no idea, what this could turn into.  The girl tears the red clover, which leads to the release of the terrible evil Leprechaun.

    Seeing what there was, a girl decides to shot him with a gun, but he heard a shot, little dwarf escapes, but the worst thing is that Karen is now imposed a terrible curse of the Red Clover. To stay alive, the girl has only four days, and now she needs to remove the terrible curse and she has quickly find a way out, but how to destroy it, she does not know.


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