Lucky talismans in different parts of the world

    In every corner of our planet people believe in something. Their faith, habits, and beliefs originated many centuries ago, but one thing has remained unchanged - the symbols and the desire to be lucky. We often do not know, what meaning they have, but we always discover. Amulets, charms, and symbols came to us since ancient times.

    They protect, cherish, assist, and teach us something. Each thing can be an amulet but the most powerful one is that contains special characters. This is a conversation in one language with the gods - old and new.  If you are interested in one or another tradition of magic, then you are already faced with the need to buy or to make yourself some relevant amulets.

Charms, amulets, talismans

    These three classes of objects are different. Charm – it saves something or preserves from something. This is a strong protective magic that constantly acts as a guardian for you. It is not recommended to wear it all the time, especially if the goal – is a powerful protection. In hazardous situations, this object will help you, and when all is peaceful - will put pressure on you with its energy. Often they carry the force of your entire family. This is a universal protection against all evil.

    The amulet has a variety of functions: love attraction, happiness, wealth, protects you from the interventions of black magic, makes you lucky and cherish possessions. They have a lot of functions. Also, amulets have a defensive power.

    Talisman - a happy thing, which brings plenty energy of luck. They can be worn every day, the mascot - is a soft power. If you do not want - wear it only when you really need to be lucky.

From what material we can make a talisman?

    The best suited friendly materials that nature gave us are:

  • Tree;
  • A rock;
  • Natural fabrics;
  • Dried flowers, plant seeds;
  • Gems;
  • Clay;
  • Earth;
  • Water.

    All of this is used for the manufacture of unique items forces that owners can use for years. Charm is not necessarily only pendant or a ring – you can use different materials, things, shapes, forms, and objects.

Mascots from different countries

    In every country and on every continent of our planet are presented its own signs and symbols of happiness, safety or the one that can make you lucky. They are different, depending on the religious traditions. Almost all amulets, charms, talismans, and symbols are very old and date back to paganism, through which passed almost all world religions.



    East is a delicate matter, and eastern magic is very interesting. Japan is full of beliefs, traditions, and rituals. Among them, the production of talismans, amulets, and charm items occupies a special place. In every Japanese house, you will find a lot of small things, which they cherish. It's just souvenirs and protective amulets, talismans for good luck and family happiness.

    The most popular Japanese mascots that will bring you luck are:

    Magatama – is an amulet in the form of the bob, which is made of jasper.

    Maneki-Neko – is an amulet in the form of a cat. Cat - is a symbol of the successful future changes.

    Hanamusubi - magic laces that make you lucky and happy.

North America

    North America – is an Indian country. They worshiped and worship the forces of nature, animals, powerful gods, who live everywhere. To contact them or ask for protection, traditional symbols are used - parts of an animal or plant.

    The most popular amulets and talismans in North America - bison's tooth, bracelet with the face of God, salamanders.


    We know very little about the beliefs and the culture of Mexico in the ancient times. Their technologies are staggering, and the mysteries remain secrets. Some stories of secret symbols, after all, survived.

    In Mexico, the most popular are pendants with quartz crystal. Hot peppers - drive away evil spirits and demons.


    In this cold region was ruled by the Vikings - mighty warriors, brave men, and women. They totally trusted their fate to the Scandinavian gods. Do not be afraid to go into the battle when Odin and Thor have promised you that for a glorious death you shall have an eternal happiness, and the chance to drink honey in Valhalla with the gods and heroes of antiquity. They had a lot of symbols, denoting courage, strength, various magical abilities - the hammer of Thor, runes.

Slavic territories

    On the territory of modern Russia in ancient times were very many tribes. Many of them worshiped ancient Slavic gods; others have chosen a different path. For the Slavic tribes most common are solar symbols which can make you lucky and bring happiness into the family.

    Kolovrat - is a symbol of the Sun, the Supreme God. Its value – is the help in a difficult situation, protection from black magic. This amulet is a symbol of the unity of all four elements. They unite to protect their people and faith.


    Africa - is a country with amazing culture. You cannot even count how many gods has its pantheon. The fact is that the country is divided, not only by a large number of countries but each country has innumerable tribes. Each tribe has its own gods. There are universal symbols that are common across the continent - chicken paws, tiger tooth.


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