Esoteric meaning of the Lunar Eclipse

    What to do during an eclipse to come to a new level? How to find a right solution to the entire problem? What if on the day of the eclipse you have already planned an important event?



    Lunar eclipse – it is the time of the highest period of illumination, manifestation of the different issues and all our biggest problems. This is a kind of a crisis, in which something can totally be changed because the circumstances actually do not stay and remain the same. At this moment of our life to the fore are coming out all the questions of personal and also mutual relations, legal disputes and of course opened and unsolved conflicts. It is the most public and transparent period of time, revealing information that could stay hidden for a long time.



    Information is disseminated almost instantaneously, becoming truly a public knowledge. Your personal secrets can be revealed. If you have been busy looking the last time for someone new or something new in your life, you can find it during the Lunar Eclipse. It leads to the execution of the long-term projects and tasks.

    It can bring a long-awaited meeting or ending of the long-brewing relationships. This is a time of the real and hard scandals, termination of different contracts or, on the contrary, the merger and consolidation of the parties. Although during the conflict clarifies the positions of the parties, this is often a way to solve the problem, nevertheless, it should be remembered - at this time emotional intensity can be too strong, so beware of taking any spontaneous decisions. What will be destroyed at this time, hardly can be recovered.



    On the day of the full moon eclipse you should make a ritual that will help you completely change your life: you can get rid of everything that prevents, from the negative, which has become an obstacle on the path to harmony and happiness.

    On the day of the eclipse, you need carefully to watch the outside world and to notice the signs, look closely to the people who appear around you on this day, and analyze all the events happening with you. Total Lunar Eclipse – it is the time of manifestations fateful events, so that all around you right now points to some important processes that will occur in your life, not only in the present but in the future also.



    Lunar eclipses violate the peace of mind and affect the mind, but most of all they affect our emotional side. On the foreground can escape the shadow side of our inner personality that is usually hidden. Full Moon in Aries causes fiery reaction, impulsive, that makes us forgetting to be careful. It is very important to step back and not act hastily.

    If you were feeling all this week the impact of the eclipse probably after five days after, you will feel an increased emotionality, anxiety, and resentment. To avoid this, you have to work on yourself, your emotions, your anger and aggressiveness. Use this time to get rid of the problems in your personal life and at work, and to enhance your energy and the improvement of your health.



    There are certain rituals that can help to solve some certain problems. There are actually few simple ways to change your life for the better using the natural energy of the elements. Practice on the Lunar Eclipse allows you to change your patterns of behavior, emotional responses and thoughts. That entails changes in your life. The first thing you have to do - is to prepare.

Ritual for money attraction



    Full Moon favors prosperity. On the night of the full moon you should put your purse under the light of a full moon, and open it so he will get the lunar energy. You can expect some profit in the near future. If you have in your house a Feng Shui frog, place the symbol on the night of the Lunar Eclipse under the moonlight and on the next morning you have to replace it or put a figure of the frog for a short period of time in front of the main door. The way like this you will attract prosperity and good chances to earn the money.

    Ritual of purification



    Be sure that you going to take a bath or a shower with salt before the eclipse. Is no need to, but you have to drink a glass of water. Prepare sheets of paper and ink, or some different markers. Also, take a box of matches and large ashtray which you will use to burn the paper very convenient. Turn on some relaxing music. This is a good ritual for a full eclipse that was held in isolation.



    Try to relax and mentally concentrate on the external negative factors in your life. Imagine them, and then you have to draw them on the sheets of paper. Like anything - symbolically, in the form of animals, flowers or something real. When you will finish, look closely at the picture and try to understand what or who on this picture reminds you. Crumple the paper and burn it. Just quietly look at the fire while you will be burning the paper and feel yourself cleaner with every second, just feel deep inside you how all your life problems, obstacles and negative factors slowly disappear.



    Relax now again, you have to tune you in to a positive way and to imagine and to draw on the paper the external circumstances, or what kind of people you want to attract into your life. The image of the future will stay in your mind for the rest of the year after the Lunar Eclipse.

    When your image is ready, look at it and think about what steps you are ready to do the next month to start moving towards this happy picture and to improve your life. Drink another glass of water to secure a positive program, and then eat something you like. If you have some problems, better to think positively and start to get rid of them on the night of the eclipse.


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