Signs of the magic mirror, you need to know

    Magic, fortune telling, palmistry, numerology, astrology - all they have in their arsenal the various rituals: rituals, methods, techniques and spells that allow you to take a look "behind the curtains". Not the last place is occupied by the rites with mirrors. With the help of the magical mirrors magicians, sorcerers, wizards, priests and witches gained allies from other worlds, which confer them the power and magical knowledge. Magee-healers made various rites of healing, and ordinary people have tried by means of the magic mirror see their own past or the future.



    Since ancient times, a legend is walking among the people that breaking a mirror can bring 7 years of bad luck. True or not, there are several ways to protect you from the manifestation of magical powers of this sign:

    • If you broke a mirror it is necessary to take a pinch of salt and throw it over your left shoulder and a broken mirror accurately collect and to drip into the ground, so that a negative force and energy of the mirror will be swallowed by the earth;



    • As soon as you break the mirror it is necessary turn around three times counterclockwise, so that all the negative and black charms of the broken mirror you will leave in the past and will not let the evil spirits to come out of the mirror in our world.



    Western magic believes that the large number of mirrors in the house or apartment can bring a good luck, happiness and wealth, because the magic mirror has the ability to attract the good and to reflect the evil at the same time. In addition, the mirror is also a symbol of prosperity and wealth. Therefore it is very important that in the living room and near to the dining room table should be a mirror that will attract money and luck into the house.



    One of the signs, which are observed in the Christian religion - is a need to hang mirrors with the cloth when in the house someone has died. It is believed that a dead soul can enter the mirror and to remain in it, because a deceased soul can’t find the way back and can just get lost in the mirror.

    Accidentally concluded soul of the deceased in the mirror can bring troubles and misery, so you should be careful also with ancient magic mirror that can keep the soul of a dead person already for a long time. Also often in the old mirrors can be kept the souls of the evil and powerful dead witches. Dark souls of witches or warlocks cannot be taken to heaven or to hell, that’s why in order not to let these souls moved in into another person they should be kept into the magic mirror.



    How to find out that in the mirror is enclosed the soul of man? To find out whether a soul of a person or a witch is enclosed in the mirror you need to bring a lighted candle in front of the mirror and if the candle’s flame will begin to go out this means that in the mirror is someone's soul and a mirror should not hang in the house or apartment, especially in the bedroom. It is even better destroying this mirror, because then you free the soul.



    Do not install the mirror in the bedroom on the ceiling or in front of the bed when you're sleeping and reflecting in it. These will inevitably lead to discord between spouses or to the appearance of an opponent, as well as to diseases “from the pleasures of love” and even to the divorce.

    Mystics say that the magic mirror is able to reflect the dangerous energy of the so-called lower astral and if it is turned to the bed, the power to which man is most sensitive during the sleep, actively irradiates dormant. Nightmares, chronic sleep deprivation, fatigue, fatigue – are the usual result of such a neighborhood. It is recommended outweigh the mirror, and if this is not possible just to close it with something for the night.



    There are other useful tips, which came to us from the ancient East. Do not hang a mirror too low - it should not “cut” the head of the highest member of the family: his power weakens and he will suffer from headaches. For this same reason magic mirror shouldn’t hang too high.



    And finally, last recommendations. It is impossible for a long time to look in the mirror with your own eyes - this leads to an enormous loss of energy. Do not look at yourself in the mirror on the street - it is fraught with cosmic energy radiation which can act overwhelming, and also has a chance to receive a charge of negative energy of others. It is correct to use your own mirror, but look into it only in a good mood, and then the reflection will enhance and multiply the power of the host.

    Slavic traditions prescribe for a woman not to look in the mirror during menstruation, pregnancy and the postpartum period. At this time a woman is considered “unclean” and according to popular notions, “tomb” is open in front of her.



    All Slavs have known the prohibition to bring a child under the age of one year (sometimes up to six months) to the mirror. He has plenty of motivations, reflecting the different symbolic understanding of the main features and functions of the magic mirror - reflection and doubling its “luminosity”, its marginal areas with respect to two worlds, etc. The most common in the old days were afraid that the child will be frightened (some reflection sitting in the mirror of evil spirits, and so on) will not sleep, will see bad dreams.

    Not just so the mirror is considered to be a magic object, tool of witches, sorcerers, wizards, priests and sages, with which you can bring good luck and to impose on the people the evil spell.


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