Magic Wand

    It is interesting how much we know about magic, because magic is everywhere. We hear about some special spells, potions, curses, but usually we are not aware about some tools, which may be used for reaching our goals. One of such tools is magic wand. Since our childhood we had an opportunity to see how magic can be done with just one wave of the wand. Witches, fairs, wizards used it for making their spells stronger and directed the wands against the object to make something they wanted a bit much, for example: to turn a person into an animal, to make someone ugly beautiful, to move objects in the room etc. Usually we see it in fairytales, but what about real life? Do they work in real world? Now we try to discover it.

    First of all let’s see what is magic wand?

    Magic wand is a stick made from wood, metal or some natural material, which usually is used to do magic. The origin of this kind of tools is coming from ancient times, when the first and simplest tool for a human was stick. With the time people started to believe that such sticks may have some special properties. So they decorated sticks with draws and gems, colored different ways, to say other words they put in the sticks a part of their souls and used them to make miracles.

    A good proof that magic wands had been used long time ago is history and myths. For example in ancient Egypt Pharaones were buried with the stuff and treasures they had been living for a lifetime. They believed there is a life after death and they would use those stuff and treasures in the afterlife. So the point is that among all those treasures near every Pharaon there was magic wand.

    During the lifetime peoples created a lot of myths, which also make us believe that there is something magical and mysterious in the mentioned tool. For example according to the stories well known Greek Olympian god Hermes (or the Roman Mercury) had a wand. It even had a name – caduceus, the image of this wand is familiar almost for everyone. Now usually this symbol is used for medicine and commerce.

    Also wands were mentioned in Freemasonry. There they had ceremonial appointment for Craft. From the very beginning in Zoroastrianism a stick formed tool was powerful energy channel, which was used in different magical rituals.

    It is not enough to say that now magic wands haven’t lost their popularity. There are a lot of magic in the nowadays world, where people use such kind of tools in order to make themselves protected, healthy and wealthy etc. Of course we have to consider that sometimes the purpose of using this tool can be different. Each of us at least once in our life seen magical show, where magician with the help of wand can put out the rabbit from hat, so in this case it is usually used in order to attract your attention and make a bigger effect on the audience. In real life real magic is usually hidden from people’s eyes, because secret magic is more powerful.

    Now you know what is wand and for what it is needed, so it’s time to share with you some secrets of using it. First of all it is very important to believe in magic to see its real power. Unfortunately not each of us is witch or wizard, so we can’t move object with the mind power, but remember, that magic is inside us and you can use it whenever you want. To make affect stronger we need tools as magic wand. If you look for it in Internet you may see a lot of web-stores, which offer you to buy wands on every taste for a big money, but how can you be sure that they will work? Of course, you can’t. That’s why we have a perfect solution for you, we suggest you to make your own wand by yourself. First of all you don’t need any special tools for it, second it will be made with soul and charged with your energy and energy of nature.

    Your tool can be made from wood, metal or stone, so you have a chance to choose which one you would like to make, of course, the wooden one is more common and easier to be made.

       1. You need to walk around some natural place, look around near trees and see if there are some sticks on the ground. It is very important to choose a stick, which you feel is right for you, maybe it even whispers you to take it. It doesn’t have to be really long or thin, it’s enough of middle size;

       2. Scrape off the stick bark with blade, but be careful, do not cut yourself accidentally. We do it to make our wand smooth.

       3. Carve your stick with special signs for you. It may be even simple draw, but it will be meaningful for you.

       4. You may use for to make a special affect, to change the color of your wand and to enhance its power, because fire gives its energy to any object.

       5. The last thing is personalization. You need to create unique magic wand, reflect yourself on it, add some signs – it may be runes, zodiac, plants, or anything that may bring power to you. Use your thoughts to charge it with energy of your heart and soul and believe me it will work for a good.

    As you already familiar with the secrets of making your special magic wand, we would like you to know how to energize it with power of nature. There is a very dimple way to do it. Start with cleaning your mind from thoughts, especially bad ones, you have to imagine some beautiful place full of natural energy – it may be some forest or field, or river cost, anything you like. Imagine yourself in that place, concentrate. Take your magic wand in the hand you use for writing and make a circle above you, imagine there is a stream of energy is going through your body and charge you and your tool. Sit like this at least ten minutes and do this procedure every time you feel that your energy level is getting down. Also it is good if there is a candle beside you, because fire gives charge as well.

    Good luck!


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