Mexican fortune telling cards

    Mexican fortune telling cards – usually called as the Spanish deck, or a Mexican Tarot, Mexicans or Spanish call as the “La Barajas Española”. The Spanish deck mostly consist of forty-eight cards that are divided into four suits, that Mexicans call – the “Palos”. The suits actually correspond to the American deck: Cups or Hearts, Coins or Diamonds, Clubs, Swords or Spades.



    Mexicans basically use the short deck of the Mexican fortune telling cards. The short deck consists of the forty cards, by throwing out the eights cards and the nines cards. Sometimes you can even buy already the short deck as Spanish and Mexicans substantially use this deck for fortune telling, divination, and gambling.



    If you are trying to tell fortune or to do some sort of divination you can initially use the easiest way. You just need to ask your question and them take one card from the deck and turn it. If this card doesn’t give you the full answer you can take another card from the Spanish deck to clarify the first card you took.



    Such easy method even can help you to make an everyday fortune telling. You just can ask which way your day will go, and how it will go and you will get an answer:

    • taking out the Hearts from the deck means that this day will be full with emotions but you should be on the lookout to get a nice and positive emotions and not a negative one;

    • taking out the Diamonds from the deck can mean that this day will have something important with work and relationships outside of the house;

    • taking out the Clubs from the deck means that there will be something going on with the money issues and that you should be on the lookout about everything that takes place today with this question;

    • taking out the Spades from the deck means that problems and difficulties today will be very important and especially hard.



    To get the full information out of the spreads using the Mexican fortune telling cards it’s very important to know and to understand the definition of the each card. After doing a huge research we got the full definitions of the each card.




    • Ace – the house, stability, very import present events and events that takes place at this moment;

    • Two – means a lover or a friend and also have the basic meaning of friendship;

    • Three – nice and very pleasant surprise, stable relationships between two people: relatives, lovers or friends;

    • Four – conversation between two persons, reaching an agreement, giving a good commenters;

    • Five – someone is jealous, greed;

    • Six – start of a love affair, someone is in love with you;

    • Seven – something very happy will happen with you, everything is working out very well, despite you were waiting for another ending;

    • Ten – a woman with the dark hair, can be a good friend, an artist, mother or a woman with sportive complexion;

    • Eleven – be on a lookout of a womanizer;

    • Twelve – a young man with the light and sportive complexion, very intelligent and responsible.




    • Ace – a great success, can be a letter or a message or a phone call;

    • Two – difficulties, something disappointing;

    • Three – quiet a short journey, an exit from the difficult situation, strange visitors;

    • Four – pour money;

    • Five – a working place or a meeting place, hotel, can be even hospital;

    • Six – intimate relationships, night, problems;

    • Seven – large sum of money, gains, prosperity, good health;

    • Ten – a young woman with the blond hair that have magic powers, fortune teller, can happen that she also knows the Mexican fortune telling cards or use the Spanish deck;

    • Eleven – traveler or stranger, intelligent, good friend;

    • Twelve – an old man with the grey hair, medical man or can be a law man, priest, not very young businessman.




    • Ace – deceit, lies,  bad faith, can be intrigues,  someone’s death;

    • Two – little child, new ideas, new projects, new start;

    • Three – magical activity, religion;

    • Four – be on the lookout of the disasters at home and on the working place;

    • Five – corruption, something illegal; is around you, problems and troubles;

    • Six – great life changes, long and short trips, voyage, move to a new home;

    • Seven – small city or a small town;

    • Ten – a woman with the dark hair, sometimes divorced woman, responsible, well- educated woman ;

    • Eleven – spiritual matters, someone who is very far away;

    • Twelve – a man with the dark hair, divorced man, well-educated man.




    • Two – total security, no room for doubt, justice, victory;

    • Three – you are leaving someone or something, can also mean a divorce;

    • Four - small suffering, someone or something by your side;

    • Five – loss, difficulties, pour health:

    • Six – chronicle worries, being insecure;

    • Seven – tears, chagrin, great heartache, real anger, arguments, disagreements with relatives

    • Ten – a woman with the very dark hair, a woman with the strong will, maybe a sorcerer or a witch that also can do the Mexican fortune telling, can be a sister;

    • Eleven - sociable man, drinker, can be a husband.

    These cards, the Spanish deck are not so well-known in the magical society, but we should say that this deck is one of the oldest card decks on the planet. Best Mexican soothsayers, sorcerers and magicians use this deck of cards in their magical rituals and ceremonies. Mexican fortune telling is not an easy ritual and a ceremony as usually Mexican magicians use strong and powerful items for them. Mexican Tarot or the Spanish deck considered to be a powerful magical item.


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