Top best movies about mysterious events

    How often in your life, you notice something strange? How often mysterious events happen in your life? Do you believe in premonition?The most unusual and interesting films which are filled with mysterious events in our list. Enjoy watching!

“Premonition” (2007)

    American dramatic thriller "Premonition" - this is an unusual tragic story, the main role in which played by Sandra Bullock. This film about mysterious events, shot in just 45 days is not a remake of a Japanese movie, which bears the same name.

    Each of us in life, at least once had a premonition and, unfortunately, is not always good. Sometimes, in some mysterious, inexplicable way, you know that today something bad will happen. Housewife Linda lost all hope and faith in his happiness.

    She begins to wake up on the days of the week that do not follow each other, as usual, and move in a chaotic manner. Waking up in one of those days, she learns from the town sheriff terrible news - her husband no more, he was killed in a car accident. But waking up the next day, she meets her husband unharmed. What happens to Linda, you can learn by watching the "Premonition".

“The SkeletonKey” (2005)

    Ben Devereaux recently suffered a stroke, and now he cannot move or speak. His wife, Violet Caroline hires a young girl as a nurse for her sickhusband. Spouses Devereaux lives in a huge mansion, so Violet gives Caroline a key that opens all the doors in the house.  Studying the house, Caroline gets to the attic, where discovers a secret room, completely cluttered with mystical objects.

    Mistress tells her that these things owned the former owners, who are fond of black magic. The frightened woman initially wanted to escape, but later because of the helpless old man, a sense of duty and care overcomes fear and Caroline stays into the mansion, into which begin to occurmysterious events, strange and inexplicable things. The heroine decides to unravel all the secrets which this mysterious room hides.

“Constantine” (2005)

    Exorcist and medium John Constantine - is able to see the world beyond. Even in the childhood, he could not stand the burden of this gift that is why, he committed suicide, but was resuscitated. Ever since he decided to fight on the side of good and fight the demons to escape hell, because of the suicide. Over the years, Constantine became the strongest exorcist but he never received forgiveness for his sin, and he was destined soon to die because of the last stage of lung cancer.

    At this time, Angela, a police officer, asks John for help. She is trying to find the person responsible for the murder of his twin sister Isabelle. John decides to show the girl on the door, but soon after that she was attacked by the demons, and he saves her. Angela opens the truth aboutmysterious events, the world around, about angels and demons, surrounding the human world.

“El laberinto Del Fauno” (2006)

    The main action takes place in a military camp in Spain in 1944, where comes the girl Ophelia with her pregnant mom. Captain Vidal - the head of a fascist squad, whose mission - to eliminate the rebel group which is fighting against the dictatorship. He is also Ophelia's stepfather. This man is cruel and merciless.

    On arrival, the girl met with Mercedes, a housekeeper, and then detects the ruins of the ancient labyrinth near the camp. At night, the magic and mysterious events start to happen: Ophelia is visited by the fairy, which leads the girl at the center of the maze. Here, Ofelia meets Faun - ancient being who informs her that she really is a princess in a fairy country, and that it was her last birth in this reality. At Princess has a chance to return to his king-father, but first, she must do the test.

    The first test –is to save a fig tree from a huge toad, which is settled in its roots and destroys it. The girl passes it and in the result, she gets a key, purpose of which she discovers during the second test. It requires that Ophelia entered the cave, which is located between the worlds, and found a cache.

“Interview with the Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles” (1994)

    A year has passed since that day when Louis had lost his wife in childbirth. The young man lost all will to live, had fallen into a deep depression from which there was no escape. One day he meets a vampire Lestat, who invites him to become the creature of the night, like him. The man agrees to it, but soon regrets his actions.

    Louis could not bring himself to eat people. In order to survive, he kills the rats and drinks their blood. Vampires roam from town to town and come to New Orleans. Louis breaks and drinks the blood of the little orphan Claudia, who is sick with the plague. To the girl has not died, Lestat drew it, he realizes that in this way he will be able to keep his friend nearby. Baby starts with great pleasure to kill people for a couple with a teacher.

    After a while, Claudia asks why she doesn't grow up if even her cut hair grows back immediately. She did not like the prospect of remaining the child. Pissed at Lestat, she plans to kill him. Louis helps carry out her plan.


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