The most well-known phantoms in the world

    Places, in which normally are inhabited by the ghosts, in all of the legends and the horror stories are often repeated. Own ghosts are found in every country of the world including Russia and Europe. Where ghosts and phantoms are living? It is believed that the most likely places for the appearance of ghosts - are cemeteries, old houses, and the castles. Haunted places in the vicinity of where someone was killed.

    According to the parapsychologists, on the cemeteries there are always the phantom of the very first person buried there, the so-called "master". The phantoms often settle in the old castles, for unexplained reasons, often the ghosts choose for "life" the medieval castles of Scotland, Ireland and England. Most likely, this is due to the fact that many aristocratic families keep their terrible family secrets that have caused the appearance of family ghosts. Dwelling center for the ghosts has long been England. London, more than other cities, is rich for the legends about the ghosts.

“Black Nun”



    It is known about the "Black Nun", which is dwelling in the English castle. According to legend, this is Sarah Uayhed, nun who comes to the bank, hoping to find his brother there. Her brother was, at that time, one of the bank employees, but was convicted of check fraud.



    Sarah was shocked after what happened with her brother that is why to this day the phantom of the nun is looking for her brother in the bank's walls.

“The ghost of the house on the Beverly Square”

    One of the most horrible phantoms and ghosts lives in London in a house on the Beverly Square. It is said that several people have died just because they saw this ghost. According to one version, the ghost appears in the image of a young boy, who died of fear in her room. In another version it is the ghost of a young girl, uncle of which, wanted to seduce her.



    To avoid harassment, she allegedly jumped out of the window. The Beverly Square has its own legendary ghosts, and the third version has it that the ghost appears in front of the people in the form of a pale-faced man. Having a desire to see one of the most horrible ghosts of London, tourists turned the house on the Beverly Square, in a place of pilgrimage.

“The ghost of Anne Boleyn”



    According to the legend, the phantom of a headless woman for many years is wandering the stairs of the castle tower. This woman – is Anne Boleyn, who was the second wife of Henry VIII-the Tudor. The King, noting at one time beautiful Boleyn, has erected her on the throne. It was she who has brought Renaissance period and the Reformation into England, and gave birth to the future Queen Elizabeth.



    The ghost of Anne Boleyn – is the legendary British phantom, lives in the castle, after accusations of adultery and witchcraft, Anna was executed and was beheaded. Last time this ghost was seen in the year 1940.

“Ghost Town Arkaim”



    Ghost Town near Chelyabinsk which is called Arkaim is a fortress, which is also called "Russian Stonehenge." Scientists, in addition to the ruins of buildings and streets, have found wells, the remains of metallurgical furnaces, water, and mines. Residents had left the Arkaim almost four thousand years ago, but before leaving, they set fire to the city. It is believed that for this they had good reasons.



    Arkaim - is a mystical place in Russia, and the people who visited Arkaim, talk about ghosts living there. Tourists on the Shaman Mountain are often seen moving shadows. Once, one of the students of archeology during the excavations heard a voice which has called her into the center of the excavation area. She went there alone. When she returned, the student sobbed for a long time, and was talking about the phantom of an ancient inhabitant of the city of Arkaim.

“Sukharev tower”



    A famous place in Moscow - is a Sukharev Tower. There an engineer, astrologer and alchemist James Bruce, who lived in the time of Peter I, had spent all his nights. According to the legend, he kept there the famous "Black Book", which was written by the Prince of Darkness.



    Sukharev Tower - is a place inhabited by the ancient spirits of the ancient Moscow, even after the death of the famous alchemist, the light in the Sukharev Tower continued still light up every night. In the year 1934, the warlock's tower was demolished, but the phantom of a dry old man often appears on that place.

“The most famous ghost in history”



    Most people see a phantom, which is called the "white lady". It is a collective image that would suit for a lady of the past centuries. Witnesses often describe this ghost, like the lady in a white dress, with deep-set eyes and a sad sharpened face. White Lady - is the most famous phantom in the world. White Lady - was a woman who was forcibly given into marriage with an evil old man, who all their lifetime abused her.



    Before his death, he asked his wife's forgiveness, but was refused. Old husband cursed his wife, which is why it still appears in the family possessions in the form of a white lady. White Lady - is Perhta Rožmberk, and her husband is a tyrant - aristocrat Jan Liechtenstein. We know about the portrait, which depicts a White woman. On the picture there is a signature in an unknown language which remains deciphered to this day.


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