Mysterious phenomena of the humanity

    Despite an active development of science, innovation and modern design, scientists still cannot find an explanation to certain phenomena that occur with the people almost every day. Why do people have dreams, or sometimes have a premonition? Why do people possess supernatural powers and can see ghosts? In fact, is getting more questions than answers and here are some of them.

Taos hum

    Some residents and visitors of the small town of Taos that is situated in New Mexico, for years were annoyed and concerned about mysterious and faint low sound which had an unknown origin. It is strange that only 2% of the residents can hear this strange sound. Some people and scientists believe that it is caused by an unusual acoustic. Others suspect the mass hysteria or some mysterious secret, perhaps malice.



    No matter how qualified the cause of the sound - psychological background, natural or mysterious phenomenon - no one can give a scientific explanation of its real and actual origin.


    No matter how we call this feeling or phenomenon – “sixth” or in some other way, we must confess that we all feel it from time to time, mostly during some unexpected situations in our life. Of course, the intuitive feeling leads us often, but not always.



    In what cases it works? Psychologists say that people unknowingly gather information about what is happening around, which leads to the unconscious possession of the information, and the person cannot fully understood how this knowledge has appeared.



    Intuition is difficult to explain, to prove or disprove, this is even more difficult subject to study, so it is hoped to psychology.

Deja Vu

    Deja Vu in French means - is already been seen. It is a mental condition in which a person feels that he had already been in a similar or the same situation, or in some place.



    Causes of Deja Vu certainly not established, this phenomenon is continued to be study scientists around the world. Today there are many different hypotheses, but until the cause and nature of the phenomenon itself remains a total mystery.

    Clinical death and life after death

    Another mystery and unexplained phenomenon of our life - is a clinical death and life after death. We all know, heard, read, and seen in the movies testimonies of different people who have survived the stage of clinical death. Typically, they describe their condition quite the same way: a long tunnel, intolerably bright light at the end of this tunnel, a sense of calm, peace, the desire to be reunited with departed loved ones.



    This is suggestive of the existence of the other world or maybe even parallel world, but does not prove its existence. Scientists have been given the scientific explanation of the state of clinical death - this is the transition period between life and death, which lasts no more than 3-4 minutes, maximum 5-6 minutes. 3-5 minutes - this is the time during which the higher brain regions retain their viability. All visions during clinical death – are natural and predictable hallucinations that occur in the affected brain. Currently, there are hundreds of people who survived clinical death, but not a single witness who have been in the afterlife, and then returned back.

Mental abilities and psychic abilities of the people

    The mental capabilities of people, their supernatural and psychic abilities are in the top 10 phenomena that modern science cannot explain until now.



    Some parapsychologists and scientists believe that intuition is a form of supernatural mental possibilities of each person, one of the many ways of understanding of the various mystical secrets of the future.



    The results of studies involving people who claim to have special mental abilities generally were negative, and only in very rare cases we can talk about some of   even more ambiguous results.

 Mysterious disappearances of the people

    People nowadays often disappear, everywhere, and for very different reasons. Some of them just run away from home by themselves, while other people become victims of the different accidents, murders or moreover even kidnappings. But most of the missing or disappeared people still are being found. The only exceptions are those people or persons who disappear in a mysterious way.



    Here is just one actual example of the other phenomenon - the mysterious disappearance of the whole crew of the ship named "Mary Celeste" in 1872, 400 miles from Gibraltar.

    The fate of all members and passengers of this strange ship is unknown till today. They put forward different versions: a pirate attack, the impact of the Bermuda Triangle, the intervention of aliens from outer space or who knows what else.


    The topic about the ghosts was long and firmly established not only in literature and folklore, but also became an inherent part of modern culture: cinematography, music, and different types of art and so on. Screens are filled with the different comedy movies or with the horror movies about the ghosts, or with the various shows on television about ghosts that have a great success all over the world, in every known country.



    Many people suggest that they not only saw strange figures, but also have met with the relatives of the deceased. And though still distinct evidence of the existence of ghosts absent witnesses sincerely not only continue to talk about their contacts with the ghosts, but also to show the world their photos.



    Scientists that research this phenomenon do not lose hope that one day (or night) they will be able to prove that the dead can communicate with the living and the puzzle finally gets an explanation.


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