Prediction that made big splashes

    Every year we get a new doom's day prediction. But for our luck human civilization is still alive. Among all existing prophecies there are some that have shacked up million minds of people.

    Why this subject is so interesting to us? Life is not eternal. Everything has its beginning and its end, it is called a life cycle that always move in a circle. Dawn of mankind is in the past, we live today, the end is to happen in the future - this is what we know. When the decline of our world is going to be, none of us know that. Environmentalists, physicists, astronomers, historians, and all the community of scientists are working on this issue. As soon as we know what, where, when, and with what probability it is to happen, we will be ready and able to figure the right action for any situation.

    There have been three terrible predictions about the end of the world that we managed to pass through.

    Unfulfilled prophecies had left big footprint in history

    1. Halley’s Comet


     Every 76 years Halley’s Comet passes by our planet, people without problems can follow the movement of celestial body consisting of debris and ice. But when it had to enter in 1910 the expectation of people were changed. In Yerkes Observatory, Chicago, astronomers put forward the suggestion that this comet has cyanogens gas in tail, and it will poison life on earth and lead to widespread death. There was a big panic, in May 18, 1910 many people refused to go to work. Some families have sealed windows and doors, closed the gap with a damp cloth. Churches were filled. Specific tablets and a number of special masks were available in local stores. They expected an apocalypse.

    2. William Miller prediction

    In 1840 William Miller predicted apocalypse in the nearest future. He based his arguments on the big complex of mathematical calculations, he put numbers in system and showed to people. Former farmer proclaimed that Jesus will come back in March, year 1843. Miller held large campaign, for ten years, agitation booklets circulated among residents of towns and villages. The number of followers was more than one million. Believers sold out all there properties and started waiting. In March 1843 big amount of people put on robes of white color and climbed hills and mountains, as higher as they could reach. Miller’s followers were waiting ascension to heaven. But nothing happened… That was named “The Great Disappointment”. Under the influence of his teachings appeared new religious movements the Adventists and Mormons.

    3. Mayan Calendar

    There are a lot of rumors around the ancient Mayan civilization. Until now, many of their secrets are not revealed. Their life is associated with many mystical rites, magic, superhumanity. Their world was in many ways ahead of other nations of that time. The Mayan calendar has caused much disputes and talks, even more it caused huge wave of fear.

    It consists of a Great Circle, which complies with the period of time according to 5125 years. Also Maya left prediction of possible ways how doomsday will happen. They thought that mysterious X planet, Nibiru or some meteor will crash the Earth. One of the prophecies says that the earth will begin to rotate in the opposite direction and the poles change places, that going to cause natural disasters and catastrophes.

    Following the settlement, date of the end of the world has been determined - December 21, 2012. The whole world was waiting with bated breath that date. Hollywood films added more heat in the center of panic. They represented dooms day on screen with big realism. People were prepared for this day, they built special catacombs, fortified cellar in their yards, bought a lot of food, so they could stay under ground for a long time.

    Scientists say that the poles of the planet are really changing, it does happen for a long time - 400,000 years. So we should not afraid of this. And if there was some cosmic body in solar system that had our planet on his way, disaster could happened long time before. And the end of calendar is just a start for a new circle of life.

    Not every prediction is about doom’s day, some of them are about personalities and events that created our history.

    When there is no rational answer, man turns to the irrational. Thus we are trying to analyze the misty prophecies of the past. But how to separate truthful prediction from the empty talk, in this case: the time is overseer. Only after the event from divination happened, it is safe to say it was true or not.

    4.Napoleon Prediction

    In 1794 Josephine de Beauharnais and her friend looked into the interior of the popular fortune teller Marie Lenormand. Josephine received a prediction of what would become the Empress. She laughed at the joke and took the words seriously. Another visitor to the clairvoyant was a small man in a military uniform. He foretold Lenormand six high positions and the title of emperor, saying that destiny will be favorable to him only 40 years, as long as he does not leave the companion, sent by Providence. Two years later, Napoleon and Josephine were married, in 1804, Bonaparte proclaimed himself emperor. But five years later divorced her ... 1812 campaign ended in a fiasco invincible before Napoleon's army.

    5.Battle among Lions

    In 1558 Nostradamus published the first part of his famous book. There was a chapter, dedicated to King Henry II., and this prediction was written there: "The young lion will overcome the old on battlefield in a single duel, he hurt his eye in a golden cage." In April 13, 1559 festival dedicated to the signing of peace between France and Spain took place, Henry II was seriously wounded in a joust with Count Gabriel Montgomery, who was the captain of Scottish Guard. During the battle hot sharp chip from wooden spears of Montgomery got into helmet’s slot and pierced the eye, as a result Henry II fell off his horse. Ten days later he died.

    These are one of the most famous prophecies in history. History knows random prediction also.

    In 1838, Edgar Allan Poe wrote "The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym of Nantucket." In the plot three sailors were drifting on the lifeboat in the South Seas, being maddened by hunger they ate one of them - Jung, Richard Parker. 46 years after the tragedy from the story repeated in life. After the schooner "Lace" was wrecked and all possibilities have been exhausted to satisfy hunger, some starved sailors ate Jung, his name was Richard Parker.


    In 1898, London, journalist Morgan Robertson released his novel "Futility" in rather small addition, it tells the story about huge transatlantic liner "Titan" that did tragic voyage. Cold April night the ship crashed an iceberg and sank, taking with him more than a thousand lives. Robertson’s fantasy turned into nightmare prophecy: on the night of April 14, 1912, in Atlantic, "Titanic" was shipwrecked, the circumstances were same. The most strange, journalist could describe almost identical specifications of the liner.


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