Christmas crew: What's the name of Santa Claus's reindeer?

    Among the features that distinguish our domestic magician and his Western counterpart of Santa Claus, there is also "transport problem". Our Santa Claus travels on what comes into his hand, without making specific reference to the type of transport. If Santa Claus travels on a Russian troika, the horse, drawn by into it, is remaining nameless.

    Santa Claus regulates all significantly tougher. A sleigh pulled by the reindeer is his main mode of transport. In contrast to the Russian horses, Santa's reindeer are not anonymous. Each of the members of the "Christmas crew" has their own biography and their own habits.

"The visit of St. Nicholas"

    For the first time, Santa Claus's deer have appeared in a poem by Clement Clark Moore's "The visit of St. Nicholas." This work not only mentions the sled pulled by eight reindeer, but also its names.

    Over time, the reindeer of Santa Claus have become not less popular among North American children than the Christmas fairy. In deference to the wishes of the children, the writers were writing more and more stories about the deer, leaving each of them became a separate identity with their own advantages and disadvantages.

Big Eight

    Dasher, or Swift, is always very busy. In his spare, from the Christmas flights time, Dasher cleans the sled. He was born at the North Pole and always loved to compete in speed with other deer.  The competitive character which is inherent to Dasher is not welcomed by his colleagues.

    Dancer, as is clear from the name, keen on dancing. He was born at the North Pole and all his free time devoted to working out dance steps. Dancer could make a career, but he prefers to remain a member of the "Christmas crew." The deer implements his passion for dancing by giving concerts before working in the workshops of Santa's elves.

    Prenser is one of the most important in the crew of merry Santa. He loves the game of "hide and seek" and is the unsurpassed master in it. Prenser is responsible for the spare time - prepares popcorn, hot chocolate, and selects movies which deer can all watch together.

    Vixen - is the main advocate of cleanliness in the carriage. As any girl, this doe carefully is watching her appearance, as well as the appearance of her comrades than the latter delivers a lot of unpleasant moments, exposing them to washing and cleaning brush. Vixen is a kind of romantic and she is in love with a colleague on the crew - Cupid. Santa Claus pretends not to notice "Office Romance", in any case, there are no sanctions.

    Cupid, whose name, of course, does not require the translation, is mutually in love with Vixen. This is not surprising because Cupid was born on Valentine's Day. Cupid is trying to arrange a personal life and other deer, even publishes a newspaper at the North Pole, with the ads about dating.

    Comet - this is the name of the deer, who was born at a time when on the sky was a comet Blorius. Comet - is one of the youngest deer in the "Christmas carriage," so he continues to learn the basics of skill. In the future, he wants to become a teacher.

     Donder, or Thunder - is a complete contrast to the Comet. In contrast, Donder has a great experience that allowed him to become an instructor in a special preparing for the reindeer. Donder has to keep the crew in excellent shape and observe for their nutrition.

    Blitzen, or Lightning, is an avid football fan that is why he is very often dirty. Because of this, Vixen most often washes it with a brush that Blitzen really does not like. But Blitzen indispensable in extreme flights - he conducts Santa Claus's sled if it falls into a snowstorm.

Guiding nose of Rudolph

    So, in a classic sleigh of Santa Claus were eight reindeer. But one hundred years later appeared the ninth deer, which quickly became the most famous and popular.

    It owes his origin to the poet Robert L. Mai. In 1939, he worked as a copywriter in Chicago, where one of the largest supermarkets of the city «Montgomery Ward» decided on Christmas Eve to give visitors leaflets containing some funny Christmas story.

    Robert L. May, taking as the basis history of the Santa Claus's reindeer, wrote his Christmas story, in which appeared another deer named Rudolph the Red Nose. Rudolph wasn't in the Christmas carriage, because the other deer mocked on him because of his strange glowing nose, and the life of the poor guy was full of disappointments.

    But one day, Santa Claus had to deliver gifts in a thick fog. Team risked getting lost and unable to deliver gifts to children. And then he drew his attention to Rudolph, whose red nose shined in the fog. Rudolph was immediately invited into the sled and quickly became a major figure in it.

    Interestingly, the adult clients of Robert L. May, after reading his story, frowned - they saw in the red nose of Rudolph hint of alcoholism. Children, however, turned out to be smarter and fell in love with the new assistant of Santa. But the real fame came to Rudolph when he appeared in the cartoon.


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