The best TV shows about time travel you've ever seen

    Have you ever dreamed of traveling through time, moving between the times, eras, worlds, in order to experience different historical events that changed the course of history, to die and resurrect into other time? Every person at least once in all his life would like to change your past or a glimpse into their future. Heroes of these serials in our collection such the maneuvers use very regularly, but, alas, such things do not always end only with the happy ending. TV shows, whose heroes in one moment are overcoming the decades and even centuries are in our top list. You have to spend a great evening in the company of one of the TV shows. Enjoy watching!

 “Doctor Who” 1963 – 1989



    Doctor Who, a cult series about time travel. Lord of time or Doctor Who - is a humanoid with two hearts that has the ability to regenerate and to move between countries, the planets, and the Solar system. He can change his appearance and use your mind a hundred percent. During the show, he changes the satellites, friends, gets into various complex and the unsolvable situations, saves the world.



    Initially the show was conceived as an educational project, but later he became a cult TV series, as an integral part of British cinema. Each of the 12 actors who played for 20 years the main character of Doctor Who, have their fans, and the soundtrack to the TV series performed at least once by every self-respecting British band. Without TV show “Doctor Who” English television would be very different.

 “Life on Mars” 2006 – 2007



    Detective from Manchester was hit by a car, and after the falling into a coma he dies. However, after a while he wakes up is no longer in 2006 but in 1973. Analysis of DNA has not yet been developed, the treatment of women is more than just a consumerist, but rather disrespectful. Heroin and other hard drugs only started to appear in the streets. Marc Bolan is still alive, and the Kennedy assassination still is on hearing between people. Trying to figure out how he jumped into 70's, the Detective opens a new world for himself.



    In fact, this episode, which was filmed only for 2 years, is a free-style adaptation of "Yankee at the court of Arthur." Directed and writers decided to show in detail how all the same United Kingdom has changed for the last quarter of a century, and when there were the global changes. The main hero is trying to penetrate into the 70s and at the same time looking for an opportunity to return home.

 “Quantum leap” 1989 – 1993



    Physicist and genius Sam Beckett during his researches of jumps in time had distorted the course of his life and was lost somewhere in the depths of years, eras and events. Sam hopes that the every next jump will lead to the fact that he will return to the present, and will no longer has to find ways out of the different situations, because this is what he has to do every time in order to jump into another historical moment. Another main hero is Al, who is invisible for another people. Al gives to Sam the strange but meaningful advices on how to get out of every situation.



    Naive enough, but a very good TV show that shows how Sam is changing the world for the better, shows to Donald Trump that real estate is an interesting and profitable way of earning money, becomes the bodyguard of Marilyn Monroe, involved in Watergate. Each new series shows us a new Sam, who passes from one year to another, from one era to another, hoping to return home.

 “Lost” 2004 – 2010



    The cult TV show of the first decade of the 20th century, that tells us the story of American liner that was flying from Australia to Los Angeles, and crashed on one of the very mysterious islands. The passengers of the aircraft, who had survived and got to the island are gradually beginning to find out that what is happened to them is not quite by accident and they all relate to each other, as well as they all linked to the island, which has its effect on each member of the crew. For many years, the island serves as an arena, the battlefield of good and evil, and who eventually is going to win is unknown.



    The concept of the serial, namely the details of the life of every member of the team, their relationship with each other quickly and securely has tied viewers to TV screens, making every person to look forward to each new series. Despite the runaway success, the show ended, predictably, because apparently the writers do not fully understand how to bind in a result every separate storyline into a single.

 “Red dwarf” 1988 – 2009



    The serial moves us are not just to the future but the few million years ahead. An incredible release of the radiation happens on a spaceship. Of all the spacecraft crew survives only junior mechanic and a cat. After a few million years, they are still alive, but the cat has passed all stages of evolution, almost turned into a human with some habits of Michael Jackson. The company of a junior mechanics consists of a hologram of his best friend who died in the emission of radiation, and a computer.



    The classic story of how the disparate things in this world with the help of humor can become indispensable to each other. Another TV show about the time travel, which saw the world through the British television. Humor of a high quality, classic British actors and unusual story is waiting for everyone who wants to spend time in the company of a crew from the spaceship of the future.


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