The most famous cemeteries of the world

    Many of these cemeteries are quite popular, for some of them there are even walking tours. We are presenting your attention - the most popular and the most interesting cemeteries from around the world.

“La Recoleta” Cemetery in Buenos Aires, Argentina



    On this cemetery you can find the tomb where rests Eva Peron - the first lady of Argentina, her tomb attracts a lot of different tourists from all over the world, however, and the cemetery itself has a monumental, amazing view and appearance. Here gigantic marble different statues and the beautifully carved tombs are guarding the remains of Argentina's most well-known people. Every tourist can visit the cemetery during the walking tour.

National Cemetery “Arlington” in Washington, DC, USA



    This is more than just a usual cemetery where rest in peace different well-known people and celebrities, it is - a memorial to American patriotism: more than 350,000 American soldiers are resting peacefully in this famous American burial place. This cemetery which is fully covered with the tombs is a symbol of American history, which is visited by a lot of people and tourists every year and actually every day, heading straight to the tomb of one of the American presidents - John F. Kennedy. If you decide to visit this place, do not miss the ceremonial changing of the guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

An Old Jewish Cemetery in Prague, Czech Republic



    Unlike many other famous cemeteries of the world, it does not have the graves of the famous people. Instead, it buried 12,000 Jews during the 15th century. This is one of the largest territories in Europe, which is covered with an old tombs and gravestones.

Cemetery “Pierre Lachaise” in Paris, France



    Perhaps this is the most visited cemetery in the world, here are buried many famous people such as Edith Piaf - French well-known singer and actress, Oscar Wilde - an English philosopher, esthetician, writer, and one of the music geniuses  - Jim Morrison, who was the leader of the popular hard-rock band  The Doors. This cemetery is one of the most beautiful. This cemetery is so large that tourists need to have the map, to walk over the cemetery. There are also guided and walking tours for the visitors.

“Tsentralfridhof” Cemetery, in Vienna, Austria



    At the cemetery, you can find the tombs of the most famous, world music geniuses. You can find the grave of Beethoven or Schubert's tombstone and visit the tomb of Johann Strauss. On the most famous cemetery in Vienna, and the largest cemetery in the whole Austria, are resting also other celebrities. In the center between the graves was built a luxurious Catholic Church, despite the fact that on the territory of the cemetery also buried Protestants, Jews and representatives of the Orthodox Church.

“Sao Joao Batista” Cemetery



    The cemetery is known for a large number of tombs of well-known people on its territory, which is why in addition to the original title, this place is also called the "cemetery of the stars". The area of the cemetery and the first burial and graves and tombs were set in the times of the Portuguese colonies.

High gate” Cemetery in London, UK



    Here is the tomb of a famous politician and founder of the "Marxism" - Karl Marx, as well as many other famous people. Despite this, the place is popular not only because it keeps the graves of many famous personalities and celebrities, but also the fact that here were filmed some of the best horror films: "Taste the blood of Dracula" and "From the grave". On this cemetery there are also guided tours to the places where tourists and ordinary people have seen ghosts. Tour impresses the visitors not only with the ancient tombstones, but also with a very large variety of the plants.

“Greyfriars Kirkyard” Cemetery in Edinburgh, Scotland



    Most of the population of Edinburg believes that this place is constantly being haunted by ghosts, spirits and other supernatural creatures. Perhaps this is due to the fact that many tourists are often impressed seeing one of the tomb and the gravestones which are carved with skeletons of the 17th century. Near the cemetery is a prison built in the 17th century. Since 1990, for some reason, strange events are happening here all the time. Edinburgh generally considered being a city of the ghosts, spirits and various paranormal phenomena.

Cemetery “Prazeres” in Lisbon, Portugal



    Most of the tourists, who come to Lisbon for excursions, are ending their basic study of this beautiful city with this cemetery. Often tourists arrive there by accident, because it is the final station quite popular among tourists tram №28, whose route passes through the most interesting sights of the city. The strange name of the cemetery - "Fun" is actually the name of the city district. The cemetery is located on a hill, so there opens with an incredible view of the entire capital of Portugal.

“City of the Dead” in Cairo, Egypt



    City of the Dead in Cairo - is not just a cemetery, where are buried the ancient Egyptians and the modern inhabitants of the capital of Egypt, but also a city where people live. The cemetery has no particular name, the locals’ call it simply "Al Carafa" is translated from the Egyptian - the cemetery. According to legend, in the city there are as many people, as are many graves and tombstones in the cemetery. This area is a place of burial for already thousands of years. Egyptians often call this place - "the birthplace of the poor."


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