Totem of 2017 Horoscope for a Rooster: women and men

Features of Roosters

    Oriental Horoscope of 2017 promises for a Rooster a perspective period. This is his year. The Chinese say that the rooster - is a dreamer who has many good qualities:

•           Accuracy

•           Orderliness

•           A responsibility

•           Bravery

•           Self-confidence

    Some aspects of his character in different situations turn into disadvantages. Rooster is too sure of himself, inclined to impose on others his way of thinking. In burst he behaves aggressively, likes to "dissolve" the tail. Rooster - a conservative, but the desire to "show off" the parade, makes him to wear ridiculous, bright clothes and to say ardent speeches. He likes to dream about travel and great battles. But he does it by the fireplace in the cozy slippers.

    Bright plumage of this year’s totem draws people to him, they listen to him. However, in a burst of eloquence, totem of 2017 can hurt his interlocutor, without even noticing. He should control himself; otherwise he is risking losing the audience.

Overall forecast

    2017 - Time for great achievements. Finally Rooster has waited in the wings. He can now more actively reflect on the fates of the world, saying the slogans and demanding changes. The element of Fire intensifies the effect of revolutionary sentiments.

    But this year’s totem is still afraid of open conflict, so the seething passions will be held at a lobby level; the masses will not be affected. Previous years have created tension in society - it is logical to require discharge. Cock like no one better is able to align the situation, giving the appearance of opposition. In fact, everything goes on as usual. It's like boiling porridge: inside is almost ready, and on the surface of another blow bubbles.

    The totem of this year demands from others give more to the case, but he prefers not to bother himself. However, he will have to work in 2017. The activity will bear fruit: Rooster will receive favorable offer. What is happening around him is the only benefit. In 2017, the Rooster will be all right, it's a quiet period for him.

Horoscope for Rooster men in 2017

    The representatives of the strong half of this sign love to command: in the family, at work, everywhere. By manifesting a storm of activity, they try to realize all planned projects simultaneously. If you stop for a moment and concentrate on one thing, the horoscope for 2017 for the male Rooster will be successful.

    He needs to pay attention to the scope of activities which involves close contact with people. It is desirable that the work was related to the production of something. Based on the situation in the country and the world, astrologers recommend paying attention to agriculture.

    The personal life of the Rooster has turbulent period. He loves attention to his person and tries in every way win the most beautiful lady of the evening. He is poser by himself and attracts birds with bright plumage. However, it is necessary to choose a woman that will provide a calm family life, comfort, a delicious dinner and a clean bed. While Rooster is dreaming and making plans, his wife settles a home and is raising children.

    Single Roosters unlikely will formalize the relationship in this year. They are too busy with themselves and work. Their second half needs to exercise maximum tact and patience.

Horoscope for Rooster woman in 2017

    Women of this year’s totem have a bright, memorable appearance. In youth they have a wonderful figure, which is why men constantly pay attention to the fragile girl. Becoming older, she likes to wear expensive clothes, sparkling decorations. All their life ladies of that mark are in the spotlight. East horoscope for 2017 for the Rooster woman ensures a lot of fans.

    She is a strict leader, and she knows how to make the subordinates to work. She uses both: and carrots and sticks. In 2017, she as a boss often will disassemble conflicts. If Rooster - ordinary worker, it is better not to show aggression towards colleagues. Rooster cannot ignore the family problems during the work. She needs to learn   keeping on the verge her personal problems, and vice versa, coming home to forget about work.

    2017 - Time of passions. Single Roosters basking in the attention, this year they often will get gifts: jewelry, branded items, tickets to the south of the country. This year is full of passion, love, tenderness. The ladies love it.

Love Horoscope for Rooster totem for 2017

    In love rooster is active. If he is in love, it will by any means to seek the location of the object of passion. Sometimes even he is using prohibited methods. Ladies of this sign shamelessly are flirting with not free men that bring the most problems. The representatives of the strong half are showered with favorite gifts. Rooster is energetic in achieving the goal.

    In 2017 amorousness of Rooster will bring him some trouble. The period will be intense; it makes no sense to aggravate the conflict situation in the family. In addition to the emotional component, there is financial: Rooster is mindlessly spending money on his hobbies. At times more than he has. Impulsiveness of the Rooster will ruin him. Be careful. Single ladies will meet a strong patron, which will help to solve old problems. Perhaps it is not a great love, but deep attachment takes place.

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