10 most unforgettable movies about love

    What could be more wonderful and memorable than love, passion, feelings and youthfulness? Love adventures, an incredible amount of emotions, unique stories full of splendor, sorrow, disappointment, joy, love and true revival – this all is waiting for you in our list of incredible and unforgettable movies about love that are going to amaze and delight every viewer. Want to see the magic of love and the romanticism, to experience all of the most real emotions with our heroes of romance novels of adventure, so just choose one of 10 of our films and enjoy the show.

"Roman Holiday" by William Wyler



    It is the legendary and beloved even by our parents, romantic comedy with a young actress Audrey Hepburn. A fun girl's attempt at least one day, get out of the role which was imposed on her. Crown Princess arrives in the Italian capital on an official visit, she runs away to look at the people and eventually meets a young reporter with the face of Gregory Peck. Only for twenty-four hours they can have fun and fool each other. But the heart, of course, knows the truth and where love is.

"Lovers" by James Gray



    It is a freestyle unforgettable adaptation of Dostoevsky's novel "White Nights" - one of the best films of the independent American director James Gray. Here is his favorite actor Joaquin Phoenix plays a role of a lost deadhead, who is torn between two women: blonde from the opposite window (Gwyneth Paltrow), to which he feels a real affection , and correct brunette (Vanessa Shaw), which been approved by his family.

"Revolutionary Road" by Sam Mendes



    It is a movie about the 50th and one-story America. For all the neighbors April Wheeler and her husband Frank - is a special couple: they seem to be always better dressed, are funnier joking, are dancing more graceful and are looking dreamier into the distance. In fact, everything is, of course, not a real case. Sam Mendes took "Kate & Leopold" into a movie, about what happens after the words "and they lived happily ever after" - the movie about unfulfilled desires and unfulfilled hopes.

"Manhattan" by Woody Allen



    It is one of the best and unforgettable films in more than extensive filmography of the American director - about love and sex in the big city. Vicissitudes of life and heartache of New York's intellectuals, as well as a ton of self-irony, flavored with misanthropy, - personal identity of Allen, and here it is presented in all its glory.

"Before midnight" by Richard Linklater



    In the mid-90s Linklater has filmed exemplary melodrama "Before the Dawn" about a chance encounter for one night. Out of this melodrama has grown as a result the trilogy about the fate of one pair through the years (both heroes in all films play Julie Delpy and Ethan Hawke). "Before the midnight" - the final part: love - is when you have two children, but you still can spend the whole night talking.

"Enter the Void" of Gaspar Noé



    The film more looks like a psychedelic trip - about the night in Tokyo which is sparkling with the neon glitter, about the afterlife, and about the strange love of brother and sister, whom no one and nothing can separate from each other. By "irreversible" Gaspar Noé constructs a global body and mind a visual experience of the life after death - a desperate movie about that we always love those whom we have ever been loved, and are not ready to let go of the memory of them even under the threat of eternal suffering.

"Broken Flowers" by Jim Jarmusch



    Middle-aged man and in a sports suit learns that twenty years ago, he, without knowing it, gave his seed to one of hundreds of women, with whom he met, and now his 19-year-old son which has a rich imagination and a passion for traveling may appear on the threshold at any moment. Bill Murray regains his best image here an image of confused loner. But it is not the only thing, why it is worthy to love this movie.

"Sex, Lies, and Videotape," Steven Soderbergh



    His first unforgettable film, Steven Soderbergh took on a bold theme - of understanding, the universal obsession with sex, and that he did not mean love. Young James Spader and Andy MacDowell - the central core of this drama, feigning idyll, the couple been destroyed by emancipated bartender and a strange guy with a video camera.

"Birth" by Jonathan Glazer



    It is a heartbreaking drama with Nicole Kidman (and one of her best and unforgettable roles) - about a heroin, which is unable to let go of the past. Anna - is an adult, intelligent, prosperous woman. She has a fiancé, who for years has been asking her hand, and was once a beloved husband, who died suddenly during the run. It seems that life is getting better - until on the threshold does not appear the boy who by a few words would destroy the illusion of well-being and will make her believe in the unbelievable.

"Confidence" by Hal Hartley



    This unforgettable melodrama is one of the best movies of an American independent director Hal Hartley - is a film about the rebellion without a cause, the daring teens and love that has grown on the soil of bitterness and sarcasm. Vulgar young girl with the kitten voice will meet at the crossroads of Matthew - an electrician with excellent taste in literature and with a grenade in his pocket - and together they are going to begin their life, when rock 'n' roll is dead and is nowhere to go.


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