14 Most Interesting Valentine's Day Facts

Valentine's Day is traditionally celebrated on the 14th of February. On this day people give each other romantic gifts and cards in the form of hearts. But only a few know how this tradition appeared. What other interesting and unusual Valentine's Day facts this holiday hides?

1.   Celebrating Valentine's Day is associated with an ancient legend. The legend about Saint Valentine dates back to the early beginning of the III century. Priest Valentine secretly from an Emperor Claudius II was helping to Legionnaires and their beloved women to marry. Because of his virtue, the bishop was burned at the stake on February 14, 270 AD.

2.   Not all countries celebrate this festival on 14 February. Spain meets on May 1 and in Brazil - 12th of June.

3.   There is a theory that Valentine's Day has been celebrated since pagan times.   In ancient Rome, the 15th of February was considered as the day of abundance and eroticism. According to the legend, this date became a national holiday thanks to the will of the Pope Gelasius, who, due to the veneration of Saint Valentine, made a decision of celebrating Valentine's Day on the 14th of February.

4.   How appeared the tradition to give each other love cards, the so-called "Valentines"? This custom is also associated with the name of the priest Valentine. Before his execution, he passed a note to his beloved, which was blind. In a letter was a flower, the radiance of which has lit up the face of the girl. And the incredible happened: she has begun to see clearly! According to another legend, during the feast of abundance and eroticism in Rome, young girls wrote letters to the men and put them in a special urn. Whoever pulled the note, had to find the author of this letter.

5. According to statistics, the highest numbers of «valentines» are getting the school teachers, because of the children - who are the main senders of love-letters on the Valentine's Day.

6.   Why the love-letters for Valentine's Day are produced in the shape of the heart? This is also a very unusual tradition among hundreds of interesting Valentine's Day facts that we know. It has long been believed that the feeling of love is born in people's hearts. By sending a message to a beloved, everyone wants to share a piece of his heart. There are several versions of why people began to create love-letters in the form of a heart. According to one theory, it is connected with ivy leaves. The ancient Greeks and Romans had personified this plant with affection. Another version goes back to a swan - a symbol of love and devotion. When two birds are leaning their heads to each other, their necks form a heart shape. This beautiful picture is known to all.

7. Red valentine - is the main symbol of the holiday. This color is associated with blood color. In ancient Egypt, before to start mummification, the human body had to be exsanguinated, except for the heart. The Egyptians thought that the deceased will not be able to go through eternity without a heart. In addition to the beautiful cards, which are made in the shape of hearts, men present their ladies bouquets of red roses. Every year, on the 14th of February, people buy hundreds of millions of these gorgeous flowers.

According to another legend, the author of one of the first Valentine cards was Charles, Duke of Orleans, who, in 1415, sent a love message his wife from the prison tower, where he was kept in custody.  This love note is being kept in the British Museum.

8.   The tradition to give gifts on Valentine's Day came from America. The most popular gift on the 14th of February – are sweets. In Japan, exclusively men can get such a present. Polls have shown that every year in the United States about fifteen percent of women buy flower bouquets and gifts for themselves. Disappointing statistics, but getting gifts on the 14th of February is so nice! According to the same study, about nine million inhabitants of the United States of America on Valentine's Day, every year give gifts to their pets (cats, dogs, birds and so on). This is another unusual tradition among hundreds of interesting Valentine's Day facts.

9.   In some countries, there are certain gifts that are customary to give on Valentine's Day. For example, in France, people give to each other jewelry and valuables, and Danish men give to the women dried white roses.

10. In England, unmarried girls are looking forward to this day. Early in the morning, they have to sit by the window and watch the passers-by. The first man, who noticed the girl, will be her betrothed.

11. Germany is different from other countries. Here, St. Valentine is the patron saint of mentally ill people.

12. In Finland, February 14th is considered the day friends. On this day, the Finns congratulate not only their halves but also their best friends.

13. In Iran and Saudi Arabia, this holiday is quite different. The celebrating of Valentine's Day is simply forbidden here. Eastern countries are categorically not accepting Western trends.

14. Into Verona - one of the most romantic cities in the world, every year comes more than a thousand letters which are addressed to Juliet. The authors share their love stories and declarations of love to the heroine of Shakespeare's tragedy.


And which interesting and maybe shocking Valentine’s Day facts do you know?


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