Valentine's Day in different countries

    Interestingly, this holiday originated in Europe, where to this day it is celebrated according to the traditions. Let's see how Valentine’s Day is being celebrated in different countries. And maybe this year your surprise will get a special charm and Italian traditions of England, but in any case, not Saudi Arabia.

    Thus, how is noted Valentine's Day in different countries?


    In Italy, this holiday is celebrated only by the people who are in love. Often they spend a romantic evening alone together in a quiet restaurant. The most popular gifts – are all sorts of sweets in packages in the form of hearts, gorgeous roses, various perfumes and expensive jewelry, preferably with diamonds.


    It is believed that Saint Valentine's Day has come to Austria from England with one British officer. The man wanted to congratulate his favorite with a holiday and ordered a bouquet of flowers. However, in Austria, there was not a flower shop with the cards in the form of a heart. The officer explained that he needed, and the clerk came out of the situation by drawing a heart on paper using a lipstick. 


    Armenia celebrates the holiday of lovers - Trndez. It comes on the eve of the Western Valentine's Day. Tradition prescribes lovers to jump over a huge fire, which was believed called up to harden the feelings and bring happiness to the couple. Everyone can jump through the fire - married couples, quarreled couples, unmarried girls. As a result, everyone will find something that will make him happy.


    German Valentine protects not the people who are in love... He is responsible for the mentally ill. However, between them and people who are in love, there is not a big difference. On the feast psychiatric hospitals are transformed, they are usually decorated with scarlet ribbons. All the chapels, necessarily, are holding services.


    Only on February 14 in the Netherlands, women are allowed to offer most men to marry. In the case of refusal, tradition obliges a man to buy an expensive silk dress for a woman.


    In Denmark, on the feast of lovers is decided to give valentines and delicate snowdrops. In the cities, being held various show programs, concerts and other events in honor of the holiday. The favorite choice for lovers on this day – are cozy restaurants, amusement park, or a trip abroad.


    Iceland did not become a country-except; Valentine's Day in Iceland embodies unbridled love. On this day, young girls wear a necklace made of embers, and girls adorn the boys’ necks using small pebbles. This ritual symbolizes the friction of the stones, which have given rise a spark, and after it, and the flame of love.


    Valentine's Day in Canada has a great importance. Traditional gifts are not original - roses, sweets, and valentines. Especially gentle Canadians are giving postcards, made with their own hands.


    In Poland, on Valentine's Day people attend the Poznan Cathedral. It is believed that there are the relics of Saint Valentine. Like it or not, but his miraculous icon in the Cathedral is really there. The Poles argue that success in love can be obtained by making a pilgrimage to the Poznan Cathedral.


    In the US don’t leave the tradition of giving sweets and valentines in the form of a heart. However, initially, marzipan was this delicacy. In those days it was not a cheap pleasure. Today, Americans give to loved ones, friends and relatives sweets packed in the "heart" box.


    In Finland, February 14 is being celebrated as the Day of Friends. On this day, the Finns think about the relationship between people in general, not limited of their statuses. As a result, all people are involved in the holiday. Postcards valentines are popular in Finland, but with each passing year, they are increasingly being replaced with telephone messages and Internet messages.


    In France, the holiday of love is treated with due respect. The most popular gifts are an expensive jewel, often in conjunction with a proposal of marriage. However, the French are congratulating people they really love - family, friends, and, of course, their beloved.


    In Sweden, Valentine's Day has been artificially introduced and promoted to the desired degree. Youth gratefully has grabbed the opportunity in such a gentle way to express their feelings and began to sweep away from the shelves of all that was offered in the form of a heart. Swedes usually give each other roses, cakes, hearts and mermaids.


    In India, the festival came not so long ago, so, until today, they don't have their own traditions and rituals. Lovers traditionally visit restaurants and cafes, give each other flowers, sweets, and soft toys. Postcards valentines, of course, are favorable. The excitement begins a couple of weeks before the holiday. The atmosphere is being created by the print media, TV, and stores which are full of "heart" gifts.

    Valentine's Day is traditionally celebrated by the couples. Of course, there are no certain dates or time frames for tenderness. But February 14 – is a special day, when it is accepted to do surprises for beloved ones.


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