For Him and For Her. The best Valentine’s Day Gifts

    Approaching one of the most anticipated and enjoyable holidays of the year - Valentine's Day, which means that it's time to choose a gift for a beloved one. To please and surprise the other half on Valentine's Day you can use not only useful and practical gifts but also symbolic trinkets, which, however, will ignite a spark of happiness in the eyes of your beloved one.

    If love lives in your heart, we offer to get acquainted with a selection of interesting and romantic gifts on February 14 for both men and women. Remember that the most important thing in this day - your attention, affection, and care.

Valentine’s Day gifts for men

    Impressions. If you do not know what to give the guy on the 14th of February - give him impressions. Today, are very popular as a gift, certificates for a flight on an airplane, a parachute jump, Go-Karting, quad bike riding, Rope-jumping, hot air balloon rides, recording of the song in a studio, a romantic dinner or spa treatments for two and many other activities. Your beloved exactly will remember Such a gift on Valentine's Day.

    Equipment. Have you ever seen a man, which does not love interesting gadgets? If you do not know about the preferences of your loved one, you can ask about it directly. If you want to make a surprise, you can find out about his preferences from his friends, or to trust your own intuition.

    Alternatively, Valentine’s Day gifts could be a portable charger, quadcopter, action camera, virtual reality glasses, fitness bracelet, cool headphones and much more.

    Different delicious Valentine’s Day gifts. Similarly, as to the technique, only a few men are indifferent to food. Valentine's Day - a good excuse to include culinary imagination and to please a man with his favorite dishes.

    If you do not want to cook by yourself, you can book a table at a restaurant or order takeaway. Do not forget about the sweets - many pastry shops offer a lot of desserts in the form of hearts for the 14th of February, and can cook a treat according to your wishes.

    A ticket to a concert, a movie or the theater. Among all sorts of Valentine's Day gifts, you can choose for your loved one a ticket to a concert of his favorite band, an interesting show, a movie or to a game of a favorite sports team. Just think about, what your beloved man is interested in, and join in a search for events that he would love to visit.

    Perfume. On Valentine's Day, you can give your loved one a bottle of perfume. It is a versatile gift for any occasion. The perfume will be an appropriate gift for 14th of February too.

Valentine’s Day gifts for women

    Impressions. Just like men, women can be pleasantly surprised by getting a certificate for the impressions. It can be a variety of treatments in the beauty salon or spa, fish-peeling, a dance master class (for example, a tango lesson for the two of you), decoupage lesson or drawing, a photo shoot, and so on. If you have time and budget, excellent impressions and unforgettable emotions on Valentine's Day she will receive after a romantic trip with you.

    Jewelry. Jewelry - is not only a beautiful gift but also a nice gift for the 14th of February. Such a gift shows your deep love, respect, and care on the part of man. On Valentine's Day, you can give to a loved one the earrings, pendant, a chain or a ring.

    If you are not married yet, but you already think about asking for the hand and heart of your loved one, on Valentine's Day, you can give your favorite wedding ring. From such a surprise, a woman will definitely be delighted.

    Beautiful underwear. On Valentine's Day make your woman happy by buying such Valentine’s Day gifts as an elegant lingerie for her. Go close to the selection of a set of clothes with all seriousness which you have. Always consider the size and the preferences in colors of your woman. If you're afraid to miscalculate with the size of the bra and panties, just buy a silk robe or stockings.

    Cosmetics. Cosmetics - is a win-win gift for the 14th of February. This can be a set for the care of the body, a beautiful lipstick, bath foam, scented candles, soap in the shape of a heart, perfume and more. This gift says that a man sees and appreciates female beauty.

    Paintings or photos. If a woman is interested in art, on Valentine's Day it is possible to buy for her a beautiful picture, or a big stylish photo. Such a gift will not go unnoticed and will decorate the interior of the whole house. Two of you can be on this painting or photo. In this case, the gift will be even more unique and memorable.

    Do not forget to give a flower, or a bouquet to your beloved woman (if she likes them, of course). Also, you can give a variety of sweets and cute valentines. On Valentine's Day, you can make a valentine with your own hands: your fiancée or girlfriend will cherish and appreciate this card.

    It is not necessary to give to your loved women the dishes and appliances as the Valentine’s Day gifts. On this day your loved one should not think of the household. Also on the list of forbidden gifts for the 14th of February - scales, epilator, Slimming Belt, and all sorts of things that can cause a woman to doubt that she is the best for you, the most beautiful and desirable.


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