The most weird museums which you have to visit

    How often do you visit the museum? How many times you were in a really unusual and unique museum, where there are shocking exhibits that can surprise everyone? If not, then it's time to visit one of the best institutions of its kind. What it will be, you decide. This article will be your best assistant in choosing a site for the most vivid impressions. So, to your attention are the most unusual and weird museums in the world.

Leila's Hair Museum

Independence city, United States

    In the Hair Museum of Mrs. Leila there is a large collection of a variety of different hair products. For example, in her museum are exhibiting 500 wreaths made of strands of hair, as well as in the collection, there are more than 2,000 copies of various decorations that are made of human hair: earrings, brooches, pendants and so on.

    All exhibits date back to the 19th century. By the way, in Cappadocia (Turkey), there is another museum where you can see a human hair. The founder of the museum - a potter named Chez Galip. Despite the fact that this museum appeared not so long ago - it has a collection which consists of about 16 thousand female hair curls.

Museum of phalluses

Husavik, Iceland

    Are you ready to visit one more of weird museums? It would seem to whom may come to mind to create a museum dedicated to the penis? That man was 65-year-old history teacher. The museum has more than 200 exhibits. Different penises are into the glass vials with a solution of formalin. Here you can see various organs, as the smallest sizes - hamsters (length 2 mm), and the largest - blue whale (penis length 170 cm and weight 70 kg). The collection is not full as there are no human genitals, however, one volunteer has donated his "dignity" this unusual museum.

Museum of the Human Body

Laidlaw, Netherlands

    This original museum is located near the University of Leiden. The building itself is a 35-meter figure of a man, where on every floor; you can see the insides of the human body and how operate various human organs and systems.

    The museum is very interactive, it simulates various sounds inherent to a particular organ, showing the various processes occurring in the human body - reproduction, respiration, digestion, injury of an organ. This very interesting and informative place is considered one of the most unusual and weird museums in the world.

Museum of Bad Art

Boston, USA

    On the idea of creating such an unusual museum, antique dealer named Scott Wilson, has prompted the picture of "Lucy in the Field with Flowers", after which he decided that this sort of "works of art" should be collected in one unusual collection. It presents the works of artists who have not been evaluated by any other museum in the world, and by the way, it is unclear what criteria can be evaluated.

    The museum exhibition includes about 500 items. Because of this such kind of museum - is the only one in the world, and it deserves to be called the most strange and weird museums in the world.

Dog Collar Museum 

London, Great Britain

    Museum is located in the Leeds Castle near London. The range of exhibits spans five centuries and includes everything, from strict collars designed to control the hunting dogs, to stylish and shiny accessories made in the 21st century.

International Museum of Toilets

Delhi, India

    A very interesting and unusual museum dedicated to all the well-known subject of hygiene - the toilet. All exhibits in this museum, one way or another, connected with the toilet theme: urinals, toilet paper, toilets, etc. The museum was first established by scientist from India who devoted life to studying the problems of disposing of human excreta and their further processing to produce electricity. In total, the museum, there are several thousand items, the oldest of which is about 3 million years. In fact, it is not surprising that this museum is located in India, because in this country sanitary-epidemiological problem is very acute.

Vent Haven Ventriloquist' Museum

Fort Mitchell, Kentucky, USA

    Mannequins and ventriloquists may seem obsolete. In addition, these items are often perceived as low-grade products, which bring us back to an old vaudeville or carnivals. But look closer - and get scared.

    Of course, a doll that complains about life and even seems has a personality - just a neat trick, but still in these "artificial people" there is something terrible. They tell jokes, roll their eyes and seem to all have their own opinion. Drop a critical eye - and you will feel that each dummy hides something scary inside.

    If even one such doll can be scary, imagine the impression from those 700 exhibits - all dolls sit in chairs and are looking at you with blank frozen eyes. Ventriloquists' Museum in Fort Mitchell - is the only such museum in the world. Here you will find rows and rows of wooden dummies, whose eyes seem to be watching your every move, as if in an attempt to hypnotize you and subjugate their will. Tip one: keep calm and try not to scream in this one of the most terrifying and weird museums in the world.

Museum of Underwear


    In this museum are exhibited not just elements of underwear and pants of celebrities who are placed on the heads of their portraits. The most valuable exhibit of this extraordinary institution - is the pants of the famous French politician Nicolas Sarkozy.

    The owner of one of the most strange and weird museums - Brussels museum argues that in the future here will be exposed underwear of Carla Bruni (Sarkozy's wife) and cowards of the Iranian president.


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