Witches, heretics, church. The 5 best movies about Inquisition

    Middle Ages, namely the 16th century - is the golden time for the Catholic Church, which wanted to keep their power over society and monarchy by any available means. One of these methods was the Inquisition.

"Warrior of God", 1999



    The "Warrior of God" - is a film about a priest, but the priest with the sinful preferences: first, the protagonist of the film decided from the first moment, that everything what was happening were the machinations of evil forces, and secondly, he fell in love. Icelandic beauty Turidur (the name of the object of his passion), his courtship has rejected, and then the priest enlisted the assistance of the Inquisition. Not without a mystic: in the end, he sold his soul to the Devil.



    The prototype for the creation of the film became the novel of the "Saga of the suffering of the martyrs", which was written in the 17th century by Pastor Joni Magnusson. The film, like the work in the first place tells the story of one of the deadly sins - pride. The Inquisition, in this case is only background: the priest imagines himself sinless, and then, for the sake of his pride throws people into the fire. We can easily call him crazy. As for the other characters in the film, they - are the usual normal people, however, have fallen under the influence of the main character. By the way, such cases in the history have repeated many times.

"The Passion of Joan of Arc", 1928



    This film will be of interest primarily to those interested in the history of world cinema, because for a long time the film was considered lost, because all copies were burned during one of the fires in Hollywood. And so, in 1981, suddenly was found a copy in a psychiatric hospital of Oslo. In 1985, into initially silent film, has been added the music, and this picture saw the world nearly 60 years after its creation.

    The main character, 19-year-old Joan of Arc, is played by 35-year-old actress Renee Falconetti.

    Performances of the actors in the film are simply inimitable. The film is not about the Inquisition as a vehicle of the religious persecution, but how the justice system of that time has coasted with by a single person. The focus throughout the film is exactly Jeanne - emotions, have reflected on her face, emotional distress, fear of torture and violence. In front of the viewer appears not the heroine of his time and not brave warrior, but a frightened girl.



    There is a legend that Falconetti so accustomed to the role, that after the filming had gone mad, and did not appear in any other film. As for the special effects, here is more important emotional component, but not video. To us, the people of the 21st century, the picture may seem boring, but if you will peer closely, you can understand much - though not so much about the Inquisition, but much about the human soul.

"The Last Judgment", 2006



    Inquisition's Dawn falls on the 16th century. The film "The Last Judgment" helps to see all the horrors of the middle Ages, even with one point of view: the fact that the church has persecuted not only witches and heretics, but also for some reason undesirable peoples. Thus, there was genocide - in the 16th century Arabs and Jews were persecuted in Spain.



    Those who escaped execution or left the country had to pretend that they are indigenous Spaniards and respect Spanish traditions. But the most interesting thing is that some people fanatically believe in the inevitability and justice of genocide, and in the "Last Judgment" this historical aspect is put at the forefront.

"Inquisitor: Pit and the Pendulum", 1991



    The main character - is a famous inquisitor Torquemada, and the film deserves attention at least as an attempt to highlight his personality. But this story is fictional, because there are too much events in the movie, which could not possibly happen - for example, a happy ending.



    The fact is that those who are not fortunate attract the attention of the Inquisition, as a rule, could not be saved already, but there is a simple man which throws the most powerful challenge of the era, to judicial institutions   - and wins. In addition, the film has obvious historical inaccuracies.  The image of Torquemada in the performance of the actor Lance Henriksen perfectly conveys the hero who owned with the temptation, the fanaticism, or simply the cruelty.

"The Executioner", 2005



    As the name suggests, one of the main characters in the film is the executioner: previously a former soldier, Martin (the name of the main character) is forced to become an executioner in order to protect his family. Society has taken the representatives of this profession is ambiguous at all times: it does not matter whether the executioner cuts the head or presses the button to activate the electric chair, it is important that he personally, with his own hands, It leads the execution of the sentence. Another hero, George Abbot, a friend of Martin - at first glance, a devout man, but it is worth a closer look, and you see that from this piety breathes musty smell.



    And yet the main character in this film is not the executioner, and the dark, eerie, gloomy atmosphere of the Middle Ages. The filmmakers cause the viewer immerses his head in the, frankly, vile customs of the 16th century: all men here are miserable scoundrels that are pursuing their petty objectives. You watch and think: was this really? Yes, there was.


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