Law of Luck and Faith - Karma

    There are 7 spiritual laws of luck and success. The 3d “spiritual” law of faith or luck - is the so-called Law of Karma. This word is actually means both, the action and also what follows after this action. So we can say that it is cause and effect simultaneously, because every our own move generates a very special power of strong and powerful energy that always comes back to us in the very form of this special magical power. The Law of Karma is for sure not a surprise and nothing special for us from the first sight. Everyone, surely, had heard the expression: "As you sow, so shall you reap." It is really obvious that if we actually want our lives to be full and exciting, we have to learn to sow the seeds of happiness.

    Therefore, karma implies the action of actually conscious selection. In fact, we are making our choices constantly, every second of our lives. At any moment of their existence, we are in this field of all the variants where open access to election indefinitely for us. Some of these decisions, we do consciously, others - unconsciously. But our very best way to understand and to grow the faith law - is to approach your decision consciously, aware of every choice that you make in every moment of your life.

    Don't matter if you like it or not, everything that is happening at this moment, is the result of all the selections and decisions you already have made in your own past life. Unfortunately, many of us make their choices mostly unconsciously, and therefore we do not believe it is a real choice - and yet it is so.

    If I really offended you, you probably would have made your choice to be offended. If I tell you a compliment, you make the choice to experience pleasure or feel flattered. But think about it: it's just your own choice, not karma in her full meaning. I may offend you, insult you, and you can choose not to feel resentful. I can tell you something very nice and pleasant, and you make your decision not to accept my words.

    In other words, most of the people - even though we do an infinite number of our everyday selections - turn into bunches of just conditioned reflexes that are constantly turned on by people and these circumstances becomes the predictable patterns of behavior. These reflexes are similar to the conditioned reflexes which were opened by Professor Pavlov. He showed the audience that if you are giving to the dog the food whenever one of the little bells calls, soon the dog starts salivate when you just ring a really little and small bell, because both stimuli are interrelated.

    Most of us as a result of conditioning acquire constantly recurring predictable reaction to stimuli, acting in our environment. It seems that our responses are automatically triggered by people and laws circumstances, and we forget that it is just a choice we make in every moment of its existence. We just make this choice unconsciously.

    If you have a moment to step aside and watch the choices that you make, just by the very act of observation, you move this whole process from the realm of the unconscious into the conscious realm. This process of a conscious choice and monitoring significantly enhances your chances.

    When making a choice - any choice at all - you have to ask yourself two questions. First of all: "What will be the consequences of this choice that I'm going to do?" In my heart you will immediately know what they will be. And the second: “Will the choices, which I now make, bring happiness to me and those around me," If the answer is "yes", you have to follow your choice. If the answer is "no", if your choice will hurt you or those who are close to you, you should not take this choice. Everything is actually very simple.

    Among the array of choices that will give to you every second of your life, there is only one that will bring happiness to you and those around you. And if you make it the only choice, it will result in the form of action, which is called spontaneous right action. Spontaneous right action - is the right action at the right moment. This is the correct response to every situation at a time when it takes place. This is the action that nourishes you, and anyone else, on whom this action has an impact.

    There is a very interesting mechanism, which the universe gives you to help make spontaneously correct choices. This mechanism is related to your body sensations. Your body can experience two kinds of feelings: a sense of comfort or discomfort. At that moment, when you consciously make a choice, pay attention to your body and ask him a question: "If I make such a choice, what would happen?" If your body sends a message of comfort, then this is the right choice.

    If the body sends a message of discomfort, it is not the one selection that you have to make. Don’t let the word Karma affecting your life and influence your decisions. Some people experience a sense of comfort and discomfort, the area where is their solar plexus, but most people taking the message into their heart area. Consciously translate its attention to the area of the heart and ask your heart, what decision you have to make. Then wait for an answer - a physical reaction in the form of a certain sensation.

    Only our own heart really knows if it's true or not. Most people is sure that our heart emotionally weak and too much sentimental. But this is not the only one option. The heart has the intuition, it is holistic, it contextually, it is correlated with the moment. He does not focus on victory or defeat. It is connected to the cosmic computer - the field of pure potentiality, pure knowledge and infinite organizing power - and takes everything into account. Sometimes it may even seem irrational, but the heart has a computing ability, which provides much higher accuracy than are available to rational thinking.

    You can use the Law of Karma to generate wealth and money, and all your other needs whenever you make this choice. But first, you have to fully realize that your own future is actually determined by the decisions you make in every second of your happy and full of luck life.


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