What kind of witch you are?

    From ancient times people have a subconscious fear of the women who possess extraordinary skills. In a present time they are called in different ways: wizardsorcerermagicianmage. Most of us are not even aware of the possible neighborhood with the special powerful woman. It is believed that witches are a Devil Servants that play only a role of harbingers of calamity and misery. But let's start from the very beginning.



    The word “witch” is probably derived from the word "manage" or "Veda". The origin of the word gives few different grounds to assume that originally witches have been called Sage Women. Usually those women were healers that have used naturally made medicaments.  People asked them for help from the ancient times because it was believed that such women used the ancient magic wisdom to heal and help to other people.



     A witch is not always the personification of evil and dark spirits, she can choose and the right path: to help people, to give advice, to prevent misfortune. Also it is attributed to witches the ability to heal, to predict the future, to bewitch.  Whatever it was and is now, the witches act as some kind of the connecting link between our world and the underworld, the world of evil spirits, while continuing to bear the status of mystery and aloofness.



    In many different cultures, types of witches were usually divided into three categories: innate or natural, voluntary or taught and involuntary.




Innate (natural)

    Innate is a woman that was a born from a witch or the one that received the magical gift of witchcraft with birth. There are many reasons that can lead to the birth of the woman with abilities. For example, it was believed that witches are the girls that were born in the third, ninth or twelfth generation. The mother of the girl was damned while she was pregnant or just before pregnancy. The girls were born on the "evil" hour on the eve of major holidays or during the last moon phase.



    A natural born Innate often at birth was endowed with incredible beauty or ugliness what in ancient times was considered as a sign of manifestation of the Devil and demons. Sometimes even at birth witches received small horns, tail, and other signs of demonic presence. At the time of Ancient Russ witches were called those girls and women who were similar in appearance to Baba Yaga. Natural born witches also were good witches. It was felt that the innate good witches often do good things, and can even correct the atrocities committed by taught witches.



    In spite of the many reasons for the birth of witches, folk beliefs say that the innate is much less common than a taught. And also noted another paradox – an innate witch, as a rule, did not want to learn the secrets of the witchcraft and to develop her gift, as she believed that she knows everything from nature. But this led to the fact that as time was running, taught became much stronger as she studied and developed on her own.

Voluntary (taught)



    A taught – is a woman who received magical skills and magical powers from the other witches during the learning process; those who decided on their own initiative to learn from knowledgeable people or books.

    Also voluntary witch could get her knowledge and power through a contract with the evil spirit. For this kind of witch essence of this contract is as follows: during the life of the taught woman evil spirit supplies her with magical abilities but after her death she arrives at his disposal.



    According to other sources to get the magical gift, followed by night she had to come to a crossroad, and there calling Satan, renounce Christ, family, earth, sun, moon, stars and to promise to believe in the spirits of darkness. The voluntary looks almost the same like the ordinary woman. Only after the conclusion of the contract with the evil force there could appear some strange features.




    Involuntary witches – those women who have received their gift of witchcraft against their own will, for example, a witch who gave her supernatural abilities and witchcraft before her death. This could happen if a woman accidentally takes something out of the hands of a dying one. So with this special thing magical abilities can go from one to another.



    The people believed that a powerful woman, feeling that her own death is coming, usually as soon as possible tried to look for a successor, and only if she finds a suitable candidate, she tried to get rid of the cunning of her strength. Evil involuntary witchcraft is that people will be “sentenced” to practice magic not to be killed by evil forces, which “goes” to him in the service of the deceased magician.

    It should be noted that for the kind of  involuntary who became unwitting there was a small “privilege” - the possibility of repentance and salvation, that is, the priests were allowed to let their sins and to fully support the purification of the way of the Lord. With all the other categories of witches Christian church led a relentless struggle.



    In the context of the universal rejection and antagonism witch could be described as a social outcast. However, Sage Woman today such a situation is absolutely not worried, the witches do not suffer from nervous disorders and complexes because of prejudice against themselves. Often women despite their belonging to the world of evil spirits paradoxically balanced, cheerful and optimistic. They firmly believe in themselves and their power and the relationship with the Devil consider another opportunity for respect.


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