Kraken - scary legends and myths of the peoples of the world

    Perhaps, only few films can match the popularity of "Pirates of the Caribbean". We empathized with the charming and unpredictable Captain Jack Sparrow and his companions, with interest watching their fights with immortal and extremely ugly captain Davy Jones, chief assistant of which, was living in the depths of the sea - a huge monster Kraken...

    In my opinion, the most of the people learned about the existence of this mythical sea demon from the horror stories, though, in fact, this demon - is the evil and cruel monster from ancient Scandinavian myths and legends, which has been known for many centuries. In fairness, it must be said that this monster is also a character in a number of literary works, cartoons and computer games.

    Kraken - is a giant sea monster, about which the Scandinavian and German sailors tell a lot of different legends. The real sources of these legends, apparently, are huge deep-water squids, which are often found in the stomachs of the deep-water sperm whales or discarded dead at sea surface.

    According to the Icelandic legends this demon – is a huge sea monster, ugly like a clam, with a head on which is a plurality of protruding horns from all sides, with large bright eyes (monster has an excellent eyesight) and long tentacles, equipped with a huge amount of powerful suckers. He has a wicked temper, and when combined with great strength, monster that was caught on the way, is almost a certain death for the water vehicles. He easily drags on the bottom the great vessels: some he entangles its tentacles, and some get into a powerful water vortex that occurs when this monster with great speed drops to the bottom. People he eats and treasures from sunken ships he guards like a dragon.

    This monster is so big that sailors often take it as the island, swim up to it, sometimes landed him - and suddenly "island" comes to life and quickly plunges into the abyss, dragging all along with him.

    Monster is very voracious and eats a lot of time, means a lot of crap. According to the legend, this snake is followed by schools of fish which are feeding on its excrement. Perhaps, that is why, if the Scandinavian fishermen come from the sea with a large catch, something about them say that they were caught "on Kraken."

    It is known that in the ocean there are  giant clams indeed, and in ancient times, when on Earth lived the huge animals and humans giants is likely lived in the water even more huge octopus, which became the prototype of this huge snake. In favor of this fact is the fact that, according to legend, this monster to attack ships in the water produces a colorant, as do octopus in real-life.

    Even in ancient Greek mythology, not even once, mentioned a variety of sea monsters. For example, one of them, with the help of the head of Medusa,   was killed by Perseus to release Andromeda, who was given to be devoured by the giant sea monsters and was chained to a rock. And maybe, in this myth is also referred to the Kraken?

    Kraken - is a Scandinavian variant of Saratan or Arab dragon or sea serpent.

    Back at the breadth mile and a half, in its tentacles can reach the biggest ship. His huge back protrudes from the sea, like an enormous island. He has a habit of dimming the sea water by eruption of some liquid. This statement gave rise to the hypothesis that the monster - is just a huge octopus.

    Kraken - is the shape of the article "krake" from Norwegian, means something curved. In modern German language - Krake means octopus.

    According to the stories, this huge creature it was like an island. When he attacked the ship, he wrapped its tentacles around the body, and overturned it. The team was drowning, and then octopus was swallowing its victims.

    The image of the demon not once was used not only in literature and scientific articles, but also in movies and computer games.

    Alfred Tennyson has dedicated one of his best sonnets the fictional monster, which sends the name to the story by Strugatsky, "Days of Kraken".

    Monster is mentioned in the novel by Jules Verne's "20,000 Leagues under the Sea".

    John Wyndham has a science fiction novel "The Kraken Wakes."

    In the novel by Sergei Lukyanenko "Draft" the snake has lived in the seas of the world "Earth-Three."

    In the novel, Jack Vance "Blue World" of people living on giant rafts, terrorizes a huge sea monster - Kragen, the name of which it turns out was due to myths about the huge demon, has changed only on one letter.

    In the movie "Pirates of the Caribbean 2: Dead Man's Chest," Davy Jones is shown capable of inducing the monster from the abyss, and incites him to the ships that he wants to destroy.

    In the movie "Clash of the Titans" is showed a huge monster that lives in the depths of the world ocean, the last of the Titans. Hades calls his huge monster to punish people for contempt of the gods. Here, the monster is not a "classic", and has more anthropomorphic appearance.

    The giant squid is a key character in the novel by Peter Benchley "Creature".

    The giant squid is a key character in the novel by Sergei Pavlov "Aquanauts".


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